The Doors (TPOL)

“BrUH” That just about sums up the year, thanks for reading! Nah just kidding. I actually had a really interesting, educational, and growth filled year this year. From podcasts to DI to PGP, this year was extremely effective in growing both academically and personally.   [GREATEST GROWTH] An example of my greatest growth this year […]

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To Grow A Beanstalk

“There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking” -Brian Tracy This year we were introduced to PGP, our Personal Growth Plan. PGP has been an extremely helpful and interesting course for me this year.  PGP is about learning how to be a successful, productive, organized […]

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Stay Safe, Don’t Get Hurt.

“ew eW EW” Don’t cut your fingers off. That’s all I’m saying. Did you know that one young worker is hurt in BC every hour? How about that 34 young workers are hurt every day? As a teenager, you enter the workforce with mainly the idea that you need money. I would know, I have […]

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A Leap Of Faith

“Who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. Xoxo, Gossip Girl” I am myself. When someone asks who I am, I respond with “I am just me”.   In Maker 10, we have begun our Career Life Education course, and for our very first project, we took surveys and did a presentation……. on ourselves. […]

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Hold Your Head High

“You are valid, you are loved, and that’s just the truth. Be proud of yourself and who you are” It starts with a microphone and ends with a message. In our most recent humanities project we have been using audio to share our newly learnt knowledge of minorities within Canada.    [THE JADE PEONY] We […]

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We Have Reached Our Destination

“Guys guys guys guys THERE’S NO WIFI HERE” On Saturday April 6th, I woke up at 6am, picked up some friends, and headed out to Collingwood to participate in Destination Imagination’s Provincial Tournament. I, alongside Maggie, Morgan, Alivia, and Emily, participated in A Medical Mystery- The Scientific Challenge. After Regionals, we had a few things […]

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Saltier than The Dead Sea

“It’s Dead” This most recent unit of Scimatics 10 was based around linear equations and bodies of water changing.  In the video above, Jessie and I explain why a 15 year old should go visit the Dead Sea in another 15 years, for their 30th birthdays. When presenting this video to our class we also […]

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There’s Chemistry In The Air

“I’m the match, she’s the kerosene, she’s gonna burn down everything” Chemistry. The danger, the excitement, the colour and the flames. In our most recent unit, we have learnt all about Chemistry. We were split into groups and each created a project based around a reaction type; Combustion, Decomposition, Acid Based Neutralization, Synthesis, and Single/Double […]

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