Spring Exhibition!

The spring exhibition much like the winter exhibition is a presentation of learning and projects for the world to see. In this exhibition us grade eights had three things open for presentation, the blue sky project(the main thing), the science project and the time machine project. I am going to split this blog into three […]

Colonizing in a Tempest!

colonizing in a tempest is the last humanities unit that we will do for PLP eight. This is a very interesting unit and it is very cool. This is the driving question. How can we use Shakespeares “The Tempest” and the history of New France to stage dramatic tableaus that help an audience understand the lasting […]


The TPOLS are highly scary meetings with your one or two of the PLP teachers interview about the entire year. This if you have read some of my other posts you would have seen the MPOLS. This TPOLS is exactly like the mPOLS but it is about the entire year. This blog will be a […]

PGP Reflection

what is PGP you may ask well I tell you. PGP is the personal growth plan. This is a new course in PLP and it helps us plan for the future. This taught us things like the seven habits and goal setting. That is the rundown of the year of PGP. The first thing we […]