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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to be doing another weekly blog post. This week was filled with lots of fun and exciting work. We recorded another podcast episode, we did multiple stepping stones and we finished the movie comparisons of Romeo and Juliet 1968 and 1996 versions. Those movie comparisons are going to be today focus for my weekly blog post.

*This blog will contain potential spoilers for both movies*

This post is going to be a little less of a review rather that a comparison. I will be talking about the general reactions to both movies from me and my class as a general census. I will also be talking about a couple of plot elements and comparing major points in both movies.

Act 1:

Act one was extremely similar for both movies, they had similar if not exactly the same main plot points and ideas. The big thing for act one was the general reaction of the class. I would have to say the the class throughly enjoyed the fast cuts and exciting imagery of the 1996 version.

Act 2:

Act Two was the same thing all over again. Extremely similar at most plot points. There was one noticeable difference. The major difference was the balcony scene. The 1996 scene took place in a pool and not a balcony.

Act 3:

Act three was when it’s starts getting a little more different. The main point of this act was the duel between Tybalt, Mercurtio and Romeo. In the 1996 version Tybalt kills Mercutio in a fight but Romeo kills a undefended Tybalt after ramming his car of the road. The 1968 version of this duel takes the traditional sword fight approach.

Act 4:

Act 4 was very similar in both versions. Both versions had the same major plot points and ideas. I saw no real major differences in reactions between both versions.

Act 5:

Act 5 again was very similar. The main difference was Baz Luhrman (the director of the 1996 version) made the decision to make everything A lot more dramatic then usual. There were a lot of close calls and towards the two deaths some really dramatic scenes. The class generally thought the drama in the 1996 was a bit overdone. The 1968 version really didn’t differ from the main play except for the princes speech at the end which was a smaller detail.

This Blog post has been very fun looking through the scenes of the movies and talking about them a little more. Thank you very much for reading this blog post. I will see you next time.

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