The Script!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today we are doing another weekly blog post. This week has been the beginning of the end.  That may have sounded a bit dramatic but this week we have started the final phase of the project, the play. This live action audio play is going to be live streamed on Thursday. This play like all other plays needs a script, sound team, creative directors and producers. I was placed in the script group. Today I’m going to talk about some more failed ideas and plans.

Idea 1:

This idea was to completely change Romeo and Juliet plot and characters and setting. The main idea for this plot was to have two opposing gangs or cartels. As much as our group liked this idea we couldn’t do this for obvious reasons. We tried to reinvent the idea but it just took to much work.

Idea 2:

This idea was definitely a lot better for school. The main idea for this was to have two opposing groups who have different modern opinions. This idea was good but it had way to much refining to do to complete it. This was ultimately rejected.

The final idea has worked out quite well and we have run with it. It has everything needed to be entertaining enough for a modern audience. Stay tuned for my final project post and for the live production of our Romeo and Juliet.

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