My Thoughts On Award Shows

Hello everyone today I want to convince you, the reader that celebrity award shows are increasingly unpopular, biased, unreliable and an overall waste of time. While right off the bat that sound very harsh and personally biased, I am here to convince you that this is the truth despite what the die hard fan base tells you. 

Yes I know that this sort of show has been a tradition for some families for many years. Imagine it’s Oscar night and you walk downstairs. On the TV is the worlds biggest film stars. The rare occasion of seeing the best of the best in acting and movies together celebrating the biggest accomplishments in film. Flash forward to today, you now want to see less of celebrities. You see them every day online and they have sort have lost their mythical status. The everyday person doesn’t want to listen to out of touch celebrities talk about what they think for hours. This sentiment has been expressed clearly by the declining viewership of these award shows. With this, declining viewership has sent the people in charge into a desperate hunt for viewers. This trend-chasing scramble for views has lead to even more viewers leaving. With the declining viewership the amount of money spent has increased. The gifts, food and locations have gotten increasingly extravagant. With all this waste and dwindling interest why is this still happening?

As I have mentioned before there is a clear downward trend in viewership. There is just no more market for award shows in people lives anymore. As the viewership continues to go down the money spent on these shows are ridiculous. $40 million dollars were spent on the 2021 Oscar shows. Not to mention the after party with a $80,000 entry fee per couple, the thousands of dollars in clothes that will only be worn once and the massive gifts that come with a ticket such as $25,000 dollars worth of home renovation. All this money spent on people who are already millionaires and potentially billionaires just for them to waste it or not even use it. Why is so much spent just to lose millions of viewers each year? Supporting this unnecessary wastefulness is just a waste of time and not the morally correct thing to do.

Point 2: The difference of opinions from people in charge to general public

Point 3: The award shows straying away from original purpose

Now with these three main points in mind its time for me to offer solutions. Since I mentioned three problems its fitting I offer three solutions. My proposed solution to the problem of waste is to just simply stop watching the show. Stop supporting The waste. When numbers continue to fall the people in charge will have to face the music and stop airing the show or at least scale back the money spent. Solution to problem two is to start looking at what the general public has to say. Instead of taking what the people in charge have to say as the best views, you could possibly look at regular people thoughts on the piece of media. Finally with the last problem in mind we look to the last solution. Seeing how far the shows have strayed from their original purpose is kinda sad. One solution to this is to be vocal about fixing the problem. Communicate with the people in charge that the shows should return back to their former glory.

Thank you very much for reading my argument against award shows. I hope that I have at least partly changed your mind about these event. I only wish that the organizers can get their act back together or face the music and shut down.

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