TPOL’s 2022

Hello parents, teachers and potential blog viewers and welcome to my blog. Today we are doing something special, my grade 11 tPOL or transitional presentation of learning. As I reflect on this turbulent and important year of learning I have really thought about what I accomplished as a PLP learner. Surprisingly as I reflect on […]

Spring Exhibition!

The spring exhibition much like the winter exhibition is a presentation of learning and projects for the world to see. In this exhibition us grade eights had three things open for presentation, the blue sky project(the main thing), the science project and the time machine project. I am going to split this blog into three […]


The TPOLS are highly scary meetings with your one or two of the PLP teachers interview about the entire year. This if you have read some of my other posts you would have seen the MPOLS. This TPOLS is exactly like the mPOLS but it is about the entire year. This blog will be a […]

The mPOLS!

The mPOLS are the mid year presentations of learning that the entire PLP does. I have to cover all PLP subjects but… The first subject I will talk about is humanities. The socials and English portion of the first half of the year. The first unit of humanities was advertising. We started of the year […]

The Winter Exhibition

The winter exhibition is the one of the biggest PLP presentations of learning all year. For the exhibition we did weeks of study’s and assignments and it all came down to me going on vacation and missing the exhibition. So this blog post is based on the work it took to get to the winter […]