Long live the king yo

Sick proj start!

We did a simulation that went over three real time days, and five simulation days. It was a completely surreal experience. The whole point of the game was to experience 1800s life in different social classes, and to create a revolution, which we certainly did. It was controlled chaos the whole way through. The universe, AKA Mr. Harris settled any problems that occurred. 

I started off as a member of the lowest class. I had to clean up for the higher class, and made a simple one dollar a day. My goal was to stay out of jail, steal money and appeal to the higher class as a lawful and helpful person. This plan worked as on day three I was promoted to class c, the second highest class. This helped my success as a person in the simulation greatly. The day started off by planting money traps to catch thieves. This worked well, and we arrested three people. I later found out that Keaton in group B, the merchants, had stolen close to a hundred dollars from the king, but I didn’t arrest him. Instead I blackmailed him for money, so whenever I needed money I would go to him and he’d be forced to comply.

As of day 2 each group got rumour cards, and they were all about turmoil. “Group A wants to overthrow the king” or “you MUST ally with group C”. We also heard from the universe, Mr. Harris, that nation Y is coming in a not so friendly way. There was a lot of tension in the later stages of the simulation. Every faction had plans to take out each other, and mainly group D. I spent the days then selling out information for trust and money. Through this the king found out who wanted to kill him, group B found out that we wanted to kill the king with them and so on. 

The tension grew onto day five, as everyone was conspiring to something. We were introduced to weapons, our first chance to kill. Fictionally of course. There were three weapons granted to each member of group D and the King respectively. I was expecting them to keep their weapons because of the power they held, but they were too greedy and instead decided to sell one of them for 90 dollars! To put that into perspective, the peasants made two dollars a day, paying one dollar to taxes and I made five dollars a day, and a sixth through Keaton. The only person who could pay that much by themselves was Keaton, and he was trying to stay a pacifistic. So, the only way to obtain this powerful weapon was to group together and share their money, or to steal one. Lucky for me group D was very occupied with selling their weapons and left one lying around with no-one looking over it. So group C had a weapon, and group D sold another weapon, so they only had one weapon, leaving them with much worse odds than before. They knew that a revolution was incoming, so charlie and mackenzie decided to disappear.

Now we were in the endgame. Our letter contained information about another possibly aggressive nation, which scared me because we were barely able to stay safe with each other. Many deaths would occur, especially to the higher end of society, if we were to be taken over. 

This isn’t the end of the project,  I’m reflecting on what I have done already and what’s to come. I wanted to clarify that since most of my posts are about the end of projects.

I talked with a two of my friends that have already done this project, and they only had good things to say. We’re going to be in faux court rooms, and work out cases based on revolutions. 

Great start, loving the realness of the games. I’ll have to pay attention in class to make sure that I understand what’s going on. I don’t like sitting through lectures, because even if they are interesting, lectures don’t provide enough engagement for me to keep actively listening. Taking notes is a way for me to stay engaged, since then I would know whats happening, and be able to check what I found important during the lecture in my own words. I am looking forward to  staying focused during lectures and hopefully staying up to date with my work!

Hope you liked reading this as much as I liked writing it.