The Medium Is The Message Final Reflection

Hi everyone, I’m just going to write a little reflection on what we did in the Medium is the Message project. This project was really fun because we learned a lot about advertising, but lots of work comes with learning. This time it was good work and actually really informational about the topic. I actually learned a lot in the milestones that we did and now I’m kinda a advertising pro. Me and a couple others worked together in a group to create a advertisement for a candy store in deep cove, that was pretty fun. Getting to the serious stuff, there’s a simple answer to the main question how does what we hear, read and see influence us. A good example of it is just reading an interesting text that’s powerful and getting affected by it in a positive way. It stays on our mind and we change a bit from it like what happened in Larry. I talked a bit about this in my previous blog post but it’s basically about how The book The gospel according to Larry simply answers out driving question.

You can see that I learned to write texts a bit better in milestone 5. In that paragraph I went deep into why the medium is the message and you can see how I supported my thoughts on it with quotes from a different text. I learned a lot about advertising in some stepping stones and a couple of our guests. On my blog it shows how my ads got better because you can see my first ad drafts and how they progress from feedback and advice from pros and the business itself, and where it ended up in my last post. I’m happy and proud of it because I think it turned out well after I took the professional feedback and put it into the ad. Coming into this project my first couple assignments were the cloud or the cloud with the sun. I didn’t know what I was doing half the time and it showed. Its great that we get to revise and show that we actually understand what we are doing, and it gives us a better grade like the sun or the rainbow. When revising I learned to support ideas, focus on the message more, and really learn stuff. Overall I’m happy with this project and cant wait what Scimatics has in store for us, and I hope your exited too.

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