Scimatics 8 Fractions of My Time Reveiw

So far Scimatics had been very fun. It had been a lot of math related stuff so far as of the 3/20 mark (Week and a half). The main project the screen time tracker worked with percentages, numbers, and fractions. The biggest impact of it is that the pie charts exposed that I’m on screens way too much. It said I’m on a screen on more than I’m no with a 53% on and 47% off ratio. I’ll include a picture of my project so you can check it out. This was a very independent project so i’m not going to leave anyones blog links. This was a very much review project because we did a lot of fractions in grade seven. The math textbook pages had those kind of fraction questions like adding fractions with different numerators and denominators but it was a little bit harder which is expected in a higher grade. We had use those skills in the screen time tracker project..

We used lots of decimals too so we could be more accurate and calculate the minutes. Percentages were a big part of the project too because they are related to fractions as you can see the % of day on screens is calculated from the total time on screens and total time off screens. You can also take any percentage and make it a fraction. So cool how they’re so related, I’m learning stuff everyday. Basically what we did its the Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages worksheet that where I learned that. I was really good that we used pie charts to represent the fractions and percentages because its the easiest way to represent and visualize fractions and percentages in my opinion. Ill leave a couple pictures of the pie chart so you can just see how easy it is to understand. The data in the tracker is the data in the pie charts and really understand.

I don’t really care what anyone else says pie charts are so good for data. There wasn’t big question in this project but we did learn a lot more math skills then I thought we would coming into this class. The Curricular Competencies also remind you of what you did in the project while reflecting on them. I showed Applying and Innovating because I’ve helped other in this class understand what to for this project, and helped with math. For example Ariane is sitting next to me and after the test when I was grading it and I saw a question that was completely wrong so I asked her how she got it. I gave her a half mark because it made sense then explained how to do it properly for next time. On the next quiz there was a similar question to the one she got wrong but when I graded it, it was correct and done the way I explained how to do it. It definitely made me feel good and she got a better mark that time.

 I showed Understanding and Solving in many but simple ways. You can see my progression on understanding the topic we were focused on just by looking at daily math sheets and stuff like that. You can also see it in the pie charts and the spreadsheets. I already had a rough understanding but thing really just started to make sense in the past week. Ive gotten suns and they’ve progressed into rainbows recently so that shows that my understanding has growth to it. Math is very straightforward unlike humanities so it makes the questions and tasks more easy to solve.

 Communication and Representing: This one is a little bit hard to explain but I do communicate with classmates about work very well. No matter what I represent I think aI do quite well I’m probably going to need some feedback from others on this one. When I communicate with others I try to understand what they are thinking before I give my opinion so we can communicate better. I’m just a get that you can always get along with and talk normally with and never gets awkward. If I have a strong opinion about something I stay firm with it and represent whatever it it well. I was going to add photos to explain the first and second paragraph but the blog editor was glitchy and wouldn’t let me do it. I tried for an hour but there was nothing. Ill add the most important part, the draft, right below because it will let me add that. Thanks for reading bye.

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