About the Super Bowl!

Hey everyone 👋 Today I’m going to talk about the biggest thing in the sports world thats happened in a while which was the superbowl. This happens once a year and it is the biggest final game of any sport do it should be pretty fun to talk about. I’m hoping to divide this post up into sections like the actual game, who preformed at halftime, and what people’s opinions were.

Let’s start it off with the biggest sports event that’s happened in February 2021, the SuperBowl. These two teams were probably not the ones most Canadians were cheering for since the start but people had completely different opinions about who they think were going to win the game. The halftime show was presented by the weekend which had a few good songs, and again, some people liked it and some did not. The quarterback duel was between Tom Brady the one with a ton of rings, and Patrick Mahomes the raining champ. It was a very close game at first and there were many great plays made by the both of them. The first quarter seemed very close but in the second quarter something clicked between Gronk and Brady and they went on fire. At the end of the game the final score was 31 to 9 for the buccaneers. Here’s a short recap video before I talk about the halftime show.

The halftime show by the weekend was also cool. Lots and lots of colourful lights and pop music. It was a little less hype than other Superbowl performances because the stadium was only a third full so there wasn’t much cheering going on. In my personal opinion there were  a few bad bits that were just funny like when the weekend started first person vlogging and zooming up into his face while singing. The props at the start were cool and then the dancers were all men in red wearing diapers on their heads which was a funny joke to make. The weekend has made a few viral songs throughout the past year so for the NFL it was a good choice for the show. The one thing that disappoints me and anyone who knew, is that he said he would bring out a special guest to preform with him but he never did. Many thought it would ether be somebody popular from a boy band or Ariana Grande. At some points of the performance when he went inside the gold room the dancers had no idea what they were doing and it looked pretty bad to be honest. If the nfl planned out the halftime show and included that, then they kinda messed up but if they didn’t I feel kinda bad. Well all of that summed up, it was a good halftime show but I think and many others think as well that there has been better and longer ones.

All and all it was another entertaining sports event but for the fact that it went on during covid, I bet more people watched it than normal because they were stuck at home and had nothing else to do besides work. People probably threw some insane protocolled Superbowl parties at home, ill try and find one for you guys. Just want to say thanks for reading this post, hope you learned something new if you didnt know about it already, and also please don’t hate my opinions on the halftime show or the game. Hope you all have a good day!

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