Fun With Photos!

Hi guys! Today I took a fun little photo that I thought would be cool sharing with you guys. In the photo, it is a picture of me pretending to swing a baseball bat. I did this because baseball is my favourite sport and I wanted to show my passion for the game here on my blog. I wouldn’t be as cool if I found a picture from the web, because I’d have to watch out for copyright, it wouldn’t tell the story as well, and it wouldn’t be FUN. I got to take advantage of the timer on the iPad camera which was fun to work with. I’ve loved baseball my whole life as you can see in my worldview collage but if you haven’t seen it here you go. My worldview shown in this picture is Values and knowledge. To value and love the sport you have to know quite a bit about it. The more you know about baseball the better it seems, and the more you will value it. I have played and watched it for 10 years and enjoyed it the whole time. Watching the sport I’ve gained so much knowledge about teams, rules, and so much more which has made playing the sport a lot more fun. Baseball has helped me stay fit, gave me a reason to go outside just to practice, and playing it has helped me make friends and get through hard times. Its amazing how much one photo can tell someones life story, you just don’t know that yet.

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