How It Started/How It’s Going Project Reflection

Hey everyone! Happy to announce that me and my piers have finally finished the how it started/how it’s going project. Our task was to create a meme about worldview that relates to the Renaissance or medieval times. On the how it started side we had to pick a piece of art from one of those two times that represents one of the seven worldview aspects. Those aspects are society, economy, values, time, geography, knowledge, and beliefs. On the how it’s going side we had to recreate that photo by putting our face in the photo, and changing a few things in the photo to show how our worldview has changed over time. My specific aspect was geography, so I had to change geographic aspects in the photo. Talk more about that later in the proof of learning section. The biggest part of the project like always is the driving question that I had to answer. The question was what can we learn from the past, and why does it matter to us today. There are plenty answers to this question, and because of that everyones will be different. Here’s a bit more proof that I’ve learned about enough to answer the driving question and make the final product.

Evidence of my learning:

All of the learning that’s happened in this class was straight from Petra and Emily but I’ve taken the knowledge they’ve given me and put it into stepping and milestones. I’m not going to talk about every one which I have don’t int the past, but here’s a few key things from them. We had to make a collage for milestone 2 and that played a big role in the whole project. That’s when we first learned about worldview and attempted to share our personal worldview on different aspects using mostly pictures. That was good practice for the final meme we had to create. We also had a little test along the way which was a challenge. We had to use all the cornell notes we took which is just writing down stuff you learn in an organized way. It was sort of an open book test because we could have our notes open, but if we wrote out notes poorly it would be a bit harder. The notes were just all of my learning written down so I wouldn’t have to remember, I just had them. There were many other important things but they were all related to those one way or another. 

Curricular Competencies:

Empowered Learner: How might I use technology to construct knowledge? PLP is very technology related but during this project we learned to use a few new apps and editing software. My favourite was SuperimposeX, it was a little like photoshop but a little different in many different ways, and I liked those ways. It made the final edits flawless and it was easy and fun to do in the process. I will definitely use this in the future.

Establish Historical Significance: How do we make choices about what is worth remembering?Normally when I read something I pay very close attention and think deeply about it. When researching about those people, places and events, and write down the significant info down in my cornell notes so I don’t forget.

Responding to Text: Have I constructed an original personal, critical, and creative connection between myself, the text, and the world with supportive credible evidence? This competency was definitely more on the challenging side of the three but the cornell notes saved me again. What I do is taken my knowledge and opinions from there and transform it into a text for whatever topic were on. I often write the source in my notes so I have credible evidence.

The final product:

The final product/goal for this whole project was to make a museum that showcases our art on the worldview aspects we were given of our worldview. As I mentioned at the start it was almost a before and after picture from the Renaissance times to now showing how my worldview on Geography is and how it’s evolved from then. I was a room designer so I got to design the geography rooms 3D objects, the floor, the wall colours, painting placements and much more. I gave them to the techy and they executed the blueprint. Every other aspect did the same thing and that’s how the museum was made. The museum also shows everyone’s art that’s in PLP 8 I’ll leave a link so you can go check it out. Also here a picture of my personal art that you can fin in the geography section. Hope you all enjoy the museum and have a great day.

Check out the museum here:

PLP 8 Museum

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