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Hi everyone! Today I’m doing a little post about music. Specifically one of the most popular artists in the past few years for teens, Juice WRLD. Ive researched a bit about him and know that he is a rap artist that started to make songs in 2015 then blew up in early 2019. Since

then he has always been a teen favourite music artist, and one of my personal favs. His most popular songs include Lucid Dreams, Wishing Well, Robbery, and All Girls Are The Same. His most recent songs had very good background music that was more on the pop side of music, and younger kids got interested in his music which gave him a pretty big popularity boost. Many people were sad because Unfortunately he passed late 2019 six days after his birthday. But some positive came from the negative, people heard about his death, found his music, and got hooked. Luckily he recorded hundreds of songs before his death so his producers will keep on coming out with new songs from him to keep his clout and please fans. His favourite number was 999 because 666 in the bible is the mark of the beast but 999 means taking whatever bad situation and turning it into something positive. Most of the older audience will not know about him but for the teens who do, here’s a little quiz to see if you really know him


I hope you learned a little bit about Juice WRLD from this and if you want leave a comment for hope you did on the quiz. Sorry they were a little bit hard but I will now know who the true fans are. I will leave a link to a playlist I made of my favourite songs from himso you can check out his music if he sounds interesting, and another that takes you to his professional profile on Spotify. Check out the links down below and have a good day everyone.

Professional Spotify profile: 


My playlist:

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