Day 11, the grand final of the SBC 2021!

So, today is day 11 of the blogging challenge and this is the very last one! I can say I’m exited because I’ve learned so many skills through the past few weeks. Ill talk about what skills I’ve learned and how I put those skills into play later in this post. Today was a free choice challenge so we could’ve picked anything we wanted to write about, but I couldn’t think of anything so I decided to write about everything I’ve already wrote about. Ill talk about each day like a summative post and what unique techniques I used in those days. Before I get started I’d just like to thank the creator of this challenge Kathleen Morris for making this possible and giving us fun new challenges to put our own ideas in and share to the world on our blogs. I’d also like to thank Emily Maxwell my teacher who has helped me understand the blogging world and gave me the knowledge to complete the challenges. Here’s a video of Kathleen telling us what its about and a few students thoughts on it.

Day 1: Updating our blog. On this day we learned a lot about grammar and how to make paragraphs look professional. We already wrote something that we had to edit which was an all about me page. I included a photo of myself and talked about my hobbies, personality, and much more. I embedded the picture in a nice spot so it helps you understand that story better.

Day 2: Quality commenting. We learned how to communicate with grade 9’s who seem like elders by professionally commenting on their blog. We learned that you should introduce yourself and say hi, tell them something that you liked, and maybe ask a question when commenting on a post. TO help inform other people about this technique we made a 3 step poster on how to comment and posted that too!

Day 3: Embedding content. This day was all about pictures, PDF’s, links, and videos. To be completely honest I do not like the blog editor but we learned how to use it today. We had to write about a current event and leave a link to something in it, a YouTube video without a link, and embed a PDF. I wrote it about the Super Bowl so I put a link to the NFL insta, a highlight video, and a pic of the halftime show. I used these skills in almost every other post since.

Day 4: Fun with photos. We were learning about worldview at the time so the task was to pick a photo that connects to an aspect of your worldview, and explain how in words. I chose a picture of me playing baseball and said it connects to values and personally explained. This definitely was a challenge but I got better at describing things using words.

Day 5: Appearance and widgets. As you can see while reading this there is a menu at the top which is a widget. Up there it has all my post titles and they act as links that take you right to the post you click on. You can check out what I did for all these days by clicking on whatever title. All we had to do for this day was add a widget. Most people did a cool widget but I decided to do a useful good looking widget which helped clean up my blog.

Day 6: Music. I did this post on one of my favourite music artists who is juice WRLD. We had many options for this day but I decided to research and inform you guys about him and make a new playlist featuring a bunch of my fav songs that he made. This page took a lot of research so if you ever want to know about him or maybe take a quiz to test how well you know him, go to that day.

Day 7: Emojis. Today we had to work on our storytelling with what we know or have. We got the opportunity to use a website that produces random emojis however many times you want. I did it five times, took those five emojis and made a picture that told a story out of them. This gave m,e a lesson to make the best of what I got.

Day 8: Blog like a boss. We wrote a post a bit like this one with all the skills we had learned at the time in the post. We summarized the how it started how it’s going project which was pretty fun but at the same time a while lot of work. This is where me and many others thought the blogging challenge was going to end but no, it ends now after clarification.

Day 9: Holidays and festivities. This one was another multiple choice day where we got to choose from a few options. I chose to make a photo collage of my family during Christmas since my family is pretty normal and does not do anything unique. We didn’t learn any new skills for the last few days but we got to apply out learning in all of them which was fun.

Then it takes us to today. If you stuck around for this whole things thank you and I hope you learned a bit about the student blogging challenge 2021. As I said in one of the other days feel free to go check out my actual posts on those days. We also got a certificate of completion which is right down below ans also go to my Home Page or click my menu to do so. Can’t wait for the SBC 2022!

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