Growth Mindset Challenge!

Hi everyone! As you may or may no know me and my peers have participated in the growth mindset learning challenge. In this challenge we developed so many new skills which has made a massive positive impact on our other work, and I’m about to explain why. First and foremost we had to learn what a growth mindset is, develop one and go from there. Here’s what we learned in the process to creating the challenge finale product, the growth mindset selfie.

First of all as I said we have to learn what a growth mindset is along as what a fixed mindset is. A fixed mindset is someone who is not open to new ideas and will just think that they can’t do whatever task they’re trying to do and will just give up. A growth mindset is the exact opposite than the fixed. It is being open to new ideas and when they are struggling they might think they can’t do it, YET. Those people lean from mistakes and come back stronger when they fail. Those people also find the positive in the negative like when Tennis player Vitas Gerulaitis lost to the same person 16 times in a row, and when he won he said nobody beats Vitas 17 times in a row. It is also linked with Grit which is another mindset term. That’s the definition of a growth mindset right there, and we had to fit that into school. 

Another big part of this was learning how to deal with and learn about failure. Having a growth mindset will help you learn from your mistakes and make a better product or attempt the next time. Our class read a book on that and it told us to take the best part of all our failures to make one big and great thing that is what you were trying to make the first time. There are also certain things that cause failure that you have to learn from like distractions and mistakes. Personally spelling mistakes and distractions are the two big things I had to learn from to succeed. Things like those are great to put on the growth mindset selfie, as you can see I have. 

We’ve done many reflections on this project that help our learning make sense and make sure that we Are learning in the first place. All four of them were sports related so that shows that playing sports is a great way to develop grit and have grit.

After learning and mastering all those skills we made the growth mindset as you can tell I’ve been talking about. I took a few skills I learned in maker and mastered them by having grit. I used them to trace a picture of my face and make a portrait out of that instead of using my face. In the top bit I put my growth mindset goal which I made from my failures. This has been a very fun and educational experience and will help me accomplish goals in the future by using the growth mindset I’ve developed, although I still have to work on those skills on my selfie.

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