How does what we hear, read, and see influence us?

Summative reflection time!

Finally, the end! Hopefully you have read my earlier post on my reflection so far. If you haven’t read that, I would suggest you go read it before you finish this. My previous reflection was based on the technical aspect of the process of creating the individual advertisement drafts.

But wait, what about the DRIVING QUESTION?! Ah yes, the driving question. “How does what we hear, read, and see influence us?” Where to start, where to start? Advertisers use a variety of techniques to engage their target audience in buying something, doing something, going somewhere, supporting something or someone, etc. All ads we see are created to catch the attention of a specific group of people. Sometimes media uses something that you can relate to to influence you. You can also be subconsciously influenced if you don’t recognize the appeals that you are connecting to. In my opinion, I think that in this case, ignorance is not bliss and that it is better to be aware of how you are being influenced. That I guess is the answer to the driving question.

All of the project was basically ramping up to milestone 6, the final advertisement!

“Wow!” “Oh my goodness really?” “That’s so cool.” “Yayyyyyy!”

But seriously, north groups were scrambling to get the best collaborative advertisement finished and sent to the business ASAP. We had to take all of our feedback that we have received and refine it all down to one amazing advertisement that is ready to be seen by the public eye. Are you ready to see my north groups ad? Drumroll please! *Cue dramatic drumroll*



My favourite part of this whole project would probably be any work I did with my north group. We had such good times and shared many laughs XD. A big thanks to Gabi, Dylan, Sabrina, Erik, and Judah

I learned a lot about advertising in this project and how media is used to influence me. I know that I have gained knowledge that I will carry with me for a long time.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed!

As always, Brooke.

The medium is the message- My Reflection so far.

Wow I can’t believe that it is already almost the end of this quarter. Time has flown by since the beginning of this new project we started. In PLP we always start the project with a driving question. Our driving question was “How does what we hear, read, and see, influence us?”. My first reaction to hearing that was “Oh it’s probably going to be something about media and advertising.” And I was right. 

As per usual, we kicked off the project with the Launch. We were told that throughout this project, we would have 4 separate teams to work on things with. The teams were North – our main project group, East – design/photo group, South – analysis group, and we had our West group – advertising. One of the first things we do in a project is develop our ‘need to knows’. For this, we were in our north groups because these are the people we will be spending the most time with on the actual project. We had a whiteboard-sheet-thingy and our group had to sort the NTKs into three categories: 

Product – What will we make to share our learning?  

Process – How are we learning? How are we gaining new knowledge? and

Content – What are we learning? 

We would be coming back time and time again to this sheet to add more questions and park the questions that we already answered.

Each north group got to choose a local business establishment to create an advertisement for. My north group chose to do The Raven Pub & Liquor store. We contacted them via email with some questions about their business to help us when we create the advertisements. We got a reply back with answers so we were ready to start preparing for our drafts. We learned about what makes a persuasive ad, layout and composition, advertising techniques and appeals, images and copy. The first drafts were made that night and then we went back to school the next day and continued to learn more about how to make a professional ad. We would get time to share our drafts with our north group to receive feedback and critique to then go make another draft. At this point I have now made 4 advertisement drafts.


Draft 1 ⬆️ – This was my first advertisement draft. I did NOT like how it turned out. I didn’t like how the ravens feet were lost in the title, I didn’t like the layout, the text was all mismatched, it just wasn’t working for me.

Draft 2 ⬆️ – I tried to change it up a bit from the first draft by adding a actual photo from the raven. I also changed the copy.

Draft 3 ⬆️ – After lots of peer feedback I rearranged the text boxes and yet again Changed the copy text.

Draft 4 ⬆️ – I wanted to try to do something completely different with this draft and I think it paid off. I chose a completely different layout and background. This is by far my favourite draft because I love the minimalistic tone to it while still representing the rustic raven. I wish I had made more of the text match though. (Definitely will do that for my next revision.)

  • Draft 1. My individual ad for the Raven pub.

It has been especially cool to relate this projects learnings to my everyday life. I can now look at ads and try to gain further knowledge of how they are influencing me and what techniques they are using. I can think questions like: Does this ad use pathos, ethos, or logos? What is the message this ad is trying to send? Who is the target audience? Am I the target audience? 

Anyways thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed!

As always, Brooke.

Project “My user manual”- a summative post.

Our first English project this year was to create an iPhone user guide but for ourselves. We also had to create a Memoji of ourselves with laptop stickers. Our driving question was “How can I creatively communicate who I am?”.

Here is my User guide 2020.

Reflecting is one of the best ways to really understand what you have learned so we were of course asked to do a reflection of the project.

A reflection of My User Manual:
We started off with the launch to answer the question “How can I creatively communicate who I am?”. One of the main things I needed to know was who I was. During the building knowledge phase, we did a lot of exercises trying to describe who we are. I found that I was pretty ok at describing myself but sometimes I was at a loss for words. We learned lots of iPad and app tricks that I found really helpful. When choosing the stickers for my Memoji laptop, I think I did well at finding symbols that represent who I am. I liked doing the peer critique because I enjoy receiving feedback on my work. My favourite parts of the user manual were writing the settings, warnings, and tips to maintain optimal performance, because I kind of liked making fun of myself a little bit.

Sticking with the theme of communicating who we are, everyone choose/designed laptop stickers to put on our Memoji. The stickers had to uniquely represent you in such a way that someone may be able to tell who the stickers belong to. This was mine:


Despite the fact that this was my first PLP project, I feel I did relatively well and I am ready to take on the next project with more confidence and new-found knowledge.

As always, Brooke.