Maker Project 2 (Carr)

For the past two weeks, I was learning about the power of the Apple Pencil and believe me its powerful. While we were working, I also got to learn about why our class is called Carr. The reason is because there is famous artist/graphic designer named Emily Carr! Here are some of here paintings:

  • Most famous one!

Fun fact about Emily Carr. Her paintings sell for an average of, 2.16 million dollars.


I want to show you how creative communication is included in my drawings with the Apple Pencil. Creative communication is the core competency for this project by the way. The first thing I learned was how powerful and insightful a sketch note is. We watched a ted ed video basically explaining why kids should doodle and while we were watching the video we were writing and drawing a sketch note, so here it is! I learned that sketch notes are a good thing for creative communication because they express more feeling and ideas and they give you different point of views for whoever you’re working with!

This one doesn’t really show why it helps with creative communication but it is my personal favourite 3d shading, for this project we took a picture of a coffee cup and drew the coffee cup in 3d and copied the same shade it had in the picture. Here are the results.

The second example of creative communication in Carr was the assignment perspective landscape, in this assignment we drew a landscape that has shades and lots of different angles and stuff. Here is an example.

So basically there is a point where everything disappears that is called the breaking point so basically you start off with a do in the middle of the page and that where the end of your road or sunset or water line is.

Here is my example of it.

As you can see, it is a staircase going down to a hallway and the end of the stairs is where my breaking point is. This helps with creative communication because it gives people a different and more realistic example of anything your trying to explain.


The last example is a cool one as it represents creative communication because it shows my interests and my moral. For example, if it’s confetti colours it means I am fun or if its blue it means cool or, calm. Thanks to the graphic designer who helped us out, Chloe Devine she was a great help to make us understand the method of how you make an original logo. Here is a KWL chart that I wrote about her.

Know, Wonder, Learn – Chloe Devine Edition

Here is my personal brand/logo!



Thanks, CameronBR


Tectonic Chances (Board Game)

Hello Friends!

For the past month and a half our class has been learning about the theory of tectonic plates. Everyone I have talked to in my class has learned so much in this unit, they knew almost nothing from the start and now they have mastered the theory.

After we had learned enough about tectonic plates and the theory of them we started on a new milestone make you’re on game on tectonic plates first it started off with our game rules. By the way I switched groups after the first two milestones but go check out there blogs at



Here is the game rules first attempt Milestone one

For milestone two we did science vocabulary choices where we chose ten words about the theory of tectonic plates and natural disasters for example Tsunami, Earthquake, and subduction etc.

Milestone 2


On milestone we did khan quizzes where I learned more about natural disasters more specifically volcanoes and earthquakes this milestone was great because it was advanced questions that made me think and learn. So this milestones was very helpful for the game. Here is what I got on the two quizzes.

Milestone four final game rules. My new partner for this project is Keenan

Here is our Game rules! That will show probability in the game!

Rule Book

Now, the moment you all been waiting for the final milestone the final product. ⬇️


Here is my mind node that we did at the start of the project. But, we added some stuff at the end.

Core Competencies

Core competency #1  Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of evidence

I think I demonstrated a solid understanding of the theory of tectonic plates. I showed evidence by making a game about it. But, something I can work on is showing more evidence physically and mentally.

Core competency #2

Questioning and predicting: Demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest

I demonstrated a interest & curiosity for this project by engaging in the class discussions and by using my time efficiently.

Core competency #3

Understanding and solving: Develop, demonstrate, and apply mathematical understanding through play, inquiry, and problem solving.

I demonstrated a understanding of probability in the game by writing down the probability in the game rules and by using it in the game.


Learning Portfolio

The Driving Question For This Project was :

How do I build & strengthen the PLP learning team?


Hi welcome to my blog I will be talking about my most recent Project that I have finished 🏁

For this project I made a Keynote Guided Tour that I presented in front of my classes parents. It started off by creating our first chapter of our Big Life Journal the first chapter was about our mindset in life. the next task was our second chapter which was about exploring my life and getting know who I really am. We then started on our Memoji Laptop Sticker


and continued on with my Big Life Journal on chapter 3 Dreaming Up Your Life which has all of my dreams and passions in there.  The next part of the process was starting on our I Am’s. For one of the I am’s we did a digital selfie which is a picture that we took outside of our school showing what we love or what we are.

The other I am was a WordPack image that shows what I love and who I am as a person.

We Also finished up our Big Life Journal chapter 4 and 5, chapter 4 was about Dreams To Reality and we had to write out how we can pursue and accomplish those dreams, And then The final chapter was about Key To Success which was talking about how to be successful in life and the challenges that will come with it. In the chapter I had to answer question like When is it a time to quit or the most important resin why you should not quit or give up.

Then next task after that was mostly building knowledge on the biggest project on my Keynote Guided Tour, My Teamwork Page which you can see on my blog which your on right now. This was a very fun and stressful project and I learned, quite a bit about using Keynote and posting on my blog and presenting in front of people. These are key things I took away from this project without a doubt!



Strengths & Stretches


A strength for me was my confidence and progressing through          the project.


Another strength was my listening and focus on the project I did that by not losing focus and listening in class every time.


A big strength was my talking and presenting in front of an audience which I think stood out in this project.


I only had one stretch and that was definitely not finding enough time to do my work.


I can answer the driving question now for this project!

I can strengthen the PLP learning by being organized and responsible and I can also, help my peers to be organized and responsible.


Medium is the message

For this project I made a advertisement for a local company called Covert Cafe & Market and for this project I had to make the ad completely original. The driving question for this ad is how does what we hear, read and see influence us?

We started out getting a business then calling them for an appointment to talk about the ad they want and they wanted a original ad with there colour skims and they wanted the ad to show there marketing products and the target audience they wanted was locals!

 After that we got to work and planned out what we would do And we made individual ads which took many drafts but in the end it was a great thing because we took specific stuff from all of my group members ads and made it into one which took two drafts to make the ad you see Above.

Go Check Out My Peers Blogs

Ronan     Julia

Jackson    Luca

Here is slideshow on my individual ads and my group ads


The individual ad project was a lot of 🔄 and not a lot of ✅ But in the end like I said it was all worth It because our final ad had parts of the individual ad that were used in the final group advertisement.

For the final ad it was difficult and stressful but once we got feedback from teachers and a professional graphic designer named Derek Hepburn we had it in our head of what we were going to do for our final ad. 

This is my advertising photo journal. For this project the goal was to find 5 to 10 advertisements outside of school for example an advertisement at a bus top a billboard or just a branded t-shirt at home

Now I can answer the driving question almost everything you see is an audience for example you see a pro athlete and he is wearing  the newest shoes by Nike it makes you want to buy them.


#Best quote

This has got to be the best quote in the world 

and it is a quote for everything in life!



By: Cristiano Ronaldo