Surviving Year 1 of High School (tPols)

“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

This year, I’ve worked really hard and made a lot of progress in my learning. I’ve collaborated, shared ideas, communicated with groups, and created some amazing things that I am very proud of. I would like to share with you how I have grown as a learner and am ready for the transition to grade 9.

Reflecting on my Learning Plan and my growth as a learner


In Scimatics, I forecasted earlier in the year that I would reach a sun as a level of accomplishment. I feel like I have met the bar that I set for myself. I continued to show that I could be a productive and reliable group member when given the opportunity, and always completed my portion of the work. I felt like I made a strong effort to bring ideas to the group for the different projects.

I can continue to work on submitting my work on time. For Scimatics in particular, I struggled to manage my time with assignments and often underestimated how long it would take me to complete the work. I may not have submitted them on time, but I always completed the assignments and tried to do the recommended revisions.

– Chemistry Coding

With the Chemistry Coding assignment, I learned that we will almost never get things right on the first try, and that it will take many revisions to achieve the product that you set out to make in the first place. For example, for this assignment, I had to keep going back into the game to fix bugs and glitches and to make sure that it met the criteria.


For Humanities, I think one of my greatest skills was in understanding new ideas quite quickly. For example, during the Working with Words project, we learned a lot of new types of poems and I was able to grasp the major concepts in a short amount of time and come up with my own examples of these poems.












We used the App Book Creator to create the poem ebook for Working with Words, and I feel like I learned some valuable new skills from this app. Some of those skills include creating background photos and adjusting colour schemes to complement the poems I created.

Some of my stretches for Humanities are related to writing. These include writing longer blog posts, especially reflections. I think I could organize more of a plan before beginning to write. I also need to work on putting in my best effort rather than putting in a mediocre effort and moving on. A great first step would be to go back and review the assignment criteria to check if I have met all of the requirements. Argh Matey is a good example of an assignment where I could have put in greater effort by using more descriptive words in the Pirate Story and could have organized my thoughts a lot more clearly so that the story flowed more naturally.



In Maker, I developed a ton of skills based on the new programs we were introduced to in Maker 8.  One of the new apps that I now use all the time is the Sketches Pro app, and I first discovered it when I participated in the “Power of the Pencil” Carr unit. One example of how I’ve applied it is the cell biology comic creation in Scimatics that we just completed.







I also really enjoyed all of the photo walks and the tutoring on new photography techniques that could expand our creativity in taking photos. I look forward to using those techniques in grade 9 and seeing what photography challenges lie ahead. I feel like I am already very comfortable photographing nature, but I’d like to work on photographing people and experimenting with different angles and lighting.

Another example of work that I am proud of from Maker 8 is the Geek Out blog post challenge in which we had the freedom to write about our own interests. During this blog challenge, I used my skill of drawing to create a tracing of a photo from the December choir concert, and now I’ve expanded even further on this skill in creating several comic panels in a much faster period of time. Looking back, I think I found the Geek Out challenge a lot more enjoyable because when I’m limited to a particular subject, I feel frustrated by how it squashes my creativity and I can sometimes suffer from a “brain block”. Going into grade 9, I think I need to continue to look for ways that I can express my creativity even when I’m given a specific topic.


I think my work in grade 8 reflects that, as a learner, I may lack motivation and become easily distracted, but in the end, I have the knowledge and the technical skills to get things done.  I’ve grown a lot in terms of my group work skills. I know that I need to continue to work on time management and will find strategies to motivate myself instead of relying on others to help to motivate me. I will take my new iPad skills, group skills, and knowledge with me as I move into grade 9.

No Beginnings

Explanation for Visual 1

– The money sign; I chose the money sign because I wanted to use it to symbolize the currency and supplies (e.g. medicinal herbs, new foods, supplies native only to Europe, blueprints, etc.) given to the First Peoples in exchange for beavers and their pelts, which was in high demand at the time.
Bow: I chose the bow because I wanted show people that they were hunting (if “Hunter’s POV” doesn’t do it for you) and I thought that a bow and arrow would be the best thing to symbolize that. The bow could also hypothetically show the fact that things weren’t exactly peaceful between certain First Nations and European groups.
Shaking Hands: I chose the shaking hands emoji as a symbol of agreement between the Europeans and the First Peoples. It was meant to symbolize the trading of beaver pelts and supplies between the 2 groups.

Overall Summary of the “Hunter’s POV” Visual:

Explanation for Visual 2

(Editor’s Note: the beavers probably weren’t actually this smart but if they were human this would most likely be their reaction)
– People: I chose to do a picture of multiple shadows of people to symbolize the “giants” that were invading the beavers home (Europeans and First Nations hunters). I also wanted it to convey the sense of the beings that came there being larger than the beavers and so i tried to make them a big as would make sense in the photo and also make more of them to make them look bigger.
– Ripped Map: I chose to do the ripped map to show how the beavers home was in a way invaded and destroyed and their life was disrupted.
– Skull and Crossbones: I chose to do the skull and crossbones to show how the beavers were hunted and killed off just to be made into hats.
Overall Summary of “Beaver’s POV”: A slide meant to show the beavers perspective on the fur trade and how they might have felt.

Now, it’s time to reflect.The first thing I’d like to touch on is the fact that this project was closely related with the “Arghh Matey” project because they were both partially about the research and discovery of the “New World.” This project took a lot of time and I personally found it a bit uninteresting but I really like the idea of sliding into 2 different perspectives. Something I think I’ll do differently next time is choose a different perspective like the buyers instead of the beavers (the Europeans). I want to do that instead because it was harder to think of things for the beavers POV.

Now to answer the driving question:

What did the establishment of New France mean for all people involved?

From what I’ve learned this unit, I think the answer to this question is that it meant that they had a home in the new world and somewhere to trade, but it also meant that sometimes they would be under attack, and there was a lot of poverty.

No Beginnings Blog Post Draft 1

Explanation Part 1

– Money Sign: Meant to show the currency/supplies you would get for trading beaver pelts.
– Bow: The weapon used to kill beavers and get the, their rewards.
– Shaking Hands: Meant to symbolize trade and agreement between the First Nations People and Europeans.

Overall Summary of “Hunter’s POV”: A slide meant to show how the First Nations people interacted with Europeans and hunted beavers.

Explanation Part 2

– People: Showing the beavers land being invaded by strange people.
– Ripped Map: Meant to show their home being destroyed.
– Skull and Crossbones: Symbolized the death that beavers had to face
Overall Summary of “Beaver’s POV”: A slide meant to show the beavers perspective on the fur trade and how they might have felt.

Clarion the Pizza

I’d like to start out this blog post by saying that this was one of the most open projects I’ve done all year. You could choose to create any item you want, in your own unique way. Now, these posts I’ve realized are not supposed to be about explaining the project, they are about reflecting on it. I’m not really sure how to reflect very well, so I’m gonna try my best and show you what it means to me to reflect.


This project was very engaging and gave us lots of creativity and influence on the final product. I decided to do a duo partnership with Kai (blog link below). Me and Kai decided to make a pizza, but since it didn’t have many shapes, I realized, Kai made a pizza box for the pizza. It took awhile to get the volume and surface area measurements down but it was worth it (see end for measurements)

Here is the photos of my Pizza and Pizza Box:

  • Top View of Pizza
    Top View of Pizza
  • Side View of Pizza
  • Bottom View of Pizza
  • Top View of Pizza Box
  • Side View of Pizza Box
  • Bottom View of Pizza Box

I put a lot of effort into my slideshow prrsentation and the design of the pizza and i feel like I did a great job overall. Here’s my presentation slideshow now:

Scimatics Design Challenge

Surface area

Top of pepperoni A=πr2=π·1.912≈11.401 x 7 = 79.807
Side of pepperoni
C=2πr=2·π·1.91≈11.969 x 0.1 = 1.197 x 7 = 8.379
Pepperoni 79.807 + 8.379 = 88.186

Top of Cheese A = πr2 = π·11.052 ≈ 383.457 – 79.807 = 303.65

Bottom crust A = πr2 = π·11.052 ≈ 383.457

Pizza 88.186 + 303.65 + 383.457 = 775.293


Pepperoni V = πr2h = π · 1.912 · 0.1 ≈ 1.14 x 7 = 7.98

Cheese V = πr2h = π · 11.052 · 0.3 ≈ 113.887

Bottom Crust V = πr2h = π · 11.252 · 0.89 ≈ 354.269

Ring of Crust V = πr2h = π · 122 · 2.38 ≈ 1074.425 – 944.319 = 130.106

Pizza 7.98 + 354.269 + 113.887 + 130.106 = 606.242

Surface area

Top of Bottom of box 27 x 27 = 729 – (13.5 x 2 + 26 x 2) = 650 (squared)
Sides of bottom of box 27 x 0.375 = 10.125 x 4 = 40.5 (squared)
Bottom of box 27 x 27 = 729 (squared)
Bottom of box 650 + 40.5 + 729 = 1419.5

Top of front wall .5 x 27 = 13.5 x 2 = 27 (squared)
Front of front and back walls 27 x 2.5 = 67.5 x 2 = 135 (squared)
Back of front and back walls 27 x 2.5 = 67.5 – (2.5 x 2) = 62.5 x 2 = 125 (squared)
Right and left of front and back walls 0.5 x 2.5 = 1.25 x 4 = 5 (squared)
Front and back walls 27 + 135 + 125 + 5 = 292

Top of Left and right walls 1 x 26 = 26 x 2 =52 (squared)
Left and right of left and right walls 26 x 2.5 = 65 x 4 = 260 (squared)
Left and right walls 52 + 260 = 312

Bottom All flaps 0.2 x 26.576 = 5.3152 x 3 = 15.946 (squared)
Right and left of all flaps (front and back for front) 26.576 x 1.284 = 34.124 x 6 = 204.744 (squared)
Front and back of all flaps (left and right of front) 0.2 x 1.284 = 0.257 x 6 = 1.542 (squared)
All flaps 15.946 + 204.744 + 1.542 = 222.232

Top of top of box 27 x 27 = 729 (squared)
Sides of top of box 27 x 1 = 27 x 4 = 108 (squared)
Bottom of top of box 27 x 27 = 729 – (5.3152 x 3) = 713.036 (squared)
Top of box 729 + 108 + 713.036 = 1550.036

Pizza Box 1419.5 + 292 + 312 + 222.232 + 1550.036 = 3795.768


Front and back walls 0.5 x 27 x 2.5 = 33.75 x 2 = 67.5 (cubed)

Right and Left walls 26 x 1 x 2.5 = 65 x 2 = 130 (cubed)

Bottom of box 27 x 27 x 0.375 = 273.375 (cubed)

All Flaps 0.2 x 26.576 x 1.284 = 6.825 x 3 = 20.475 (cubed)

Top of box 27 x 27 x 1 = 729 (cubed)

Pizza Box 67.5 + 130 + 273.375 + 20.475 + 729 = 1220.35

Me, DI, and me “wanting to die.”

Destination Imagination. A unique and cool experience for sure. I really like this creative program’s idea of inspiring creativity in a new, fun and collaborative way for students. The thought of having multiple different types of challenges was also really interesting to me because you weren’t all stuck with the same challenge, and it provided a bit of variety into the mix.

Atom Dodger is Broken (somewhat)

This unit of Scimatics was by far the most fun so far. We were assigned with coding a game/simulation related to the molecular theory, the subatomic theory, atoms or anything of the sort. I found this idea really fun because I really like working with technology (one reason of why I joined PLP) and I used to be in a coding camp too. Now without further ado, time to talk about my game.

Atom Dodger 1.0

My game was really fun to code because I had recently been getting into coding again and I like to test my abilities. It was a fun challenge to try and code, fix, and play my game. So in the game, the goal is to get 3 atoms/states of matter researched. You do this by completing 3 levels of dodging atoms flying at you each at different speeds. Use arrow keys to dodge.

What the Hell is a Triptych?

The Renaissance was an important time period in history, and I’m here to reflect on what I learned the Renaissance project that we did in Humanities. Just a reminder of what we did in this project; created a triptych (a picture or relief carving on three panels, typically hinged together side by side and used as an altarpiece) includes —>, wrote a paragraph about either an innovator, an artistic accomplishment, an innovation, or a societal chance, triptych also included a photo of us (Memoji, Bitmoji, photo), and the most significant development that you chose from Renaissance era. First off, I’m going to show my triptych, then reflect on it, show off my specific paragraph, then reflect on that, then draw a conclusion. Now, time to show you what I did.


My Triptych

I put a lot of work into my triptych, and as you can see I chose some pretty unique things. For my innovator, I chose William Shakespeare because he directed and created many famous plays that affected lots of people. For an artistic accomplishment, I chose the Mona Lisa because personally I think that most people know this famous painting and this was a very significant item of choice. I chose the parachute as my significant invention because I wanted to challenge my self by proving a less significant invention to actually be just as significant. Lastly, I chose access to knowledge and education as my societal chance because I feel like those two things are key in a person’s successful life. I had a lot of fun making the triptych because the whole idea of the triptych to me was new and I thought it was really cool show things off in that sort of style.


The Paragraph

”The parachute; a safety invention that turned into so much more. What started out as a thought  is now something used by military specialists. I find that the parachute has been a very significant invention from the Renaissance era and this invention matters it me.

The original idea behind the creation was noble, and this idea is what sparked creativity in many others, and saved many lives. The idea that Garnerin thought of when he attempted to create this invention was to slow an individual’s fall when jumping from a high altitude. This was a good idea for lots of reasons. One of my favourite examples is as follows: (Scene: burning building upper floor) you could put on your parachute and jump out a window to safety without injuring yourself too much.

In 1783, Leonardo da Vinci and Fausto Veranzio invented the very first parachute, although a vague drawing idea for a parachute was discovered all the way back in the 1470s in Renaissance Italy.

The parachute was used for both military use, and for thrill, and that has continued to the present. The parachute may not be the most significant invention, but it sure is up there.”

My paragraph was inspired by the under-appreciated parachute. I think it was an important invention because:

One reason I find the parachute to be so significant is because with it, people experience the thrill of their lives that would not be possible to experience without this invention. What I mean by this is skydiving. It would not be possible to, without the parachute, experience such a thing. I mean, imagine tying to skydive with a hang-glider (P.S. that would not work out great). Another reason why the parachute is so important to me is because you can do so many cool things with it. One thing you can do is ride a bike off a cliff and survive! ( Another thing you can do is go skydiving (really cool [definitely something I want to do in my lifetime]). ( ( Skiing is another cool thing you can do with parachutes, and it looks really beautiful ( My final reason on why the parachute has been such a significant invention is because it has helped people get from air to ground safely without injuring themselves. This has become especially useful in the army when they are doing covert missions and need to sneak behind enemy lines. It is extremely helpful in the military as well as just in the regular world. That’s just a few reasons why the parachute is important. It is extremely helpful in the military as well as just in the regular world. The parachute is unparalleled in the significance column in my opinion.


In conclusion, this project as a whole was a really enjoyable experience for me and a very pleasant project.


Thanks for Reading My Blog!

The End

Staying at Seycove: The Novella

Hello and welcome to my Learning Advance themed blog post. The Learning Advance was something I didn’t attend and yet I still learned a lot in my week at Seycove.


The Learning Advance:

This was basically outdoor school but PLP themed. I heard that they did a lot of fun games but also did a lot of boring school work. The goal of the learning advance was to “advance” our learning by giving us some fresh air.

My Book:

My book was about what the week was like during the learning advance while I stayed at school. I shouldn’t spoil much about the book yet since you are about to read it but all that I will say is that it was a really chill and fun week.


A few things I want to let the reader know about:

– I didn’t go on the PLP trip to Loon Lake

– I worked in the library

– Originally the link wasn’t working so that’s why there may be some improv sections in it where I did my best from what I had that day


“At Seycove” Learning Experience:

Extra Detail:

One other thing that I was able to do while I was at the absent week was make word art for both my Destination Imagination group (top) and the group that the remaining PLP created (The Remainers [bottom]).



Overall, the Learning Advance was a really cool idea and I would have really enjoyed going. I heard from friends that it was a unique experience for them. From the sound of it, this experience is a new way to learn and an effective one at that. I think that in the week that I stayed at school was a perfect time for growth as a learner. I learned a lot of new skills while the trip was happening and I’m sure my classmates did too. In the future, I plan to work on my collaboration skills so that I can work better with my tea

Halfway Through Surviving Year 1 of High School (mPols)

Welcome to my presentation!

Today, I will be talking about every subject so far this year and highlighting the most fun projects I did in each subject.


The Medium is the Message AKA Creating Ads:

For the first project, we were assigned a local business and were tasked with creating an ad for them.  Me and my group were assigned a local real estate agent (Patricia Houlihan). We went through multiple stages before achieving a final design that both the business and our group liked. At the start, we were just creating our own personal ones that we thought the business would like. Then, we combined ideas with our group members to make a rough draft group ad.  We all got a turn to get a group interview with David Hepburn, an ad creator agency. We ended up choosing Ruby’s comic book theme and Makai’s mountain background. In the end, this project was a pretty fun startup to a first year of high school.

The Outsiders:

For this project, we read a classic novel both at school and at home, and partook in book discussions every 2-3 chapters. Near the end of the project, we got assigned a scene from the book and started practicing making that scene into a tableau (a group of models or motionless figures representing a scene from a story or from
history) to perform at the winter exhibition. We were then supposed to transpose the scene into what it might look like in 2021. Me and my group got the Darry slapping Ponyboy scene. We had a lot of fun practicing the tableau. This was a fun project and I gotta say that this was the highlight project of Humanities so far.

Working with Words AKA Poems

For the latest project, we were charged with creating multiple different types of poems over the course of a few weeks and then told to make it into and eBook. It was supposed to be centred around our worldview personally. Not only were there poems in the eBook, but also complementary text (e.g. photos, videos, or drawings that complement the poem) and meaning statements (audio recordings telling the reader, in relation to the driving question [How might I construct text that shows who I am right now?], the meaning behind the poem). At the end of the project, as a presentation of our learning, relatives and friends were invited to watch a live stream of the “Coffee House Performance”, where we would show off the poems that we created in class that same day to show them how neat poems can be. Overall, Humanities has been a really fun subject and I can’t wait to do it again next semester.



Fractions of your Time:

This was the probably the easiest Scimatics project so far. We were told to track our screen time and make note of the different devices and subjects on that respective device. We then made a graph/diagram showing the different types. Even though I could easily understand all the data, others had a hard time figuring it out, probably due to them not being the ones recording the info. Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable starter project to begin the school year with, with easy to follow instructions that most new grade 8s could probably understand.

Tectonic Chances:

We started off by learning more about tectonic plates, mid-ocean ridges, and other things to do with plate tectonics. We then started brainstorming how we could incorporate these vocabulary words into the board game or card game that we’d be creating for it. Me and my partner ended up making a tectonic plate quiz game. We were supposed to include chance in it but I ended up forgetting.

Laser Laws:

Laser Laws has to be the best project in Scimatics so far. It was really cool to experiment with the different angles of lasers and how it could make a cool shape with the right measurements. My group members and I made our laser display space themed, with a funny spaceman reaching out, and our battery pack hidden inside a NASA spaceship. I thought that was pretty clever. One problem that appeared near the end was the fact that our battery pack was dying! This was a BIG problem because we couldn’t remove the batteries from the spaceship without knocking the laser and messing up the trajectory. Luckily, a classmate was able to give us a second battery pack, which I quickly thought to us to just move the wires and connect it to that instead of moving the first battery pack. It didn’t look as good but at least it worked! After that, with the help of no lights and spray smoke, we had one of th most powerful lasers in the room! This was definitely my favourite project so far in Scimatics.


Becoming a PLP Learner:

Introducing us at the start of the year to PLP, we have this project. The end goal of this project was to show what you learned so far and prove that you were worthy of the title PLP learner. We learned a lot of cool techniques to making things and used a lot of fun apps. We also learned a lot more about ourself and the world through this first project. At the end of the day, everything went great and we learned a lot.

Constructing Creative Communication:

This project had 2 parts. We were split up into 2 groups: Herzog and Carr. Two famous people with two different talents. Carr people would practice drawing and learn new tips and tricks. The Herzog people practiced their photography skills and worked on new angles and approaches to photo taking. Half way through, once you were finished with that topic, you would switch to the other group. Overall, we learned a lot of things about both subjects and learned some really neat techniques that will definitely come in handy in the future. Personally, I liked Herzog the best, because I want to be a professional photographer, even though i already knew most of the tactics they were teaching us. This was my favourite subject for Maker.

Geek Out Blog Challenge:

This project was a fun and easygoing one. We got to choose a topic that we are really interested in, write blogs about it, and then let people read it online. I chose to write my blog on music; for example, the songs I like to listen to or play on instruments, my musical history, and much more. This was a pretty open project where you could just ramble on about your interests without hesitation.

Destination Imagination:

This is an ongoing program that I can’t spoil much about. All I can tell you is that we are each assigned a challenge and compete by creating inventions, making stories, and then doing an unknown instant challenge. At the end, I’ll definitely do a blog post detailing everything, but until then, adios!

Thanks for Reading!

Poems, Poems, Stop Making us do Poems

A fun topic to end off the first semester: poetry. There are many forms of poetry. It’s a cool subject to learn about. I find poetry as a way of letting out emotions, feelings, and opinions.

My favourite poem that I created was my self-portrait poem. Here it is:

Who am I?

This is the poem where I explain.

Draw you a picture of myself out of words.

I like green.

It is a clean colour.

It shows new life.

I like cats.

They are very fluffy and adorable.

I love my family.

They are with me every step of the way.

They have shaped my worldview greatly.

I like showing memes to people.

I like this because I also like to make people laugh.

I like making people happy.

I like poems.

They are a way of letting out emotions and feelings through words.

I find poems as a sort of coping method for some people.

I dislike war.

War is a terrible thing that uses violence as the solution to a problem.

I hate racism.

Racism is a terrible thing.

I like experiments.

There are so many things to learn.

A baking Soda volcano, a non-Newtonian fluid, or anything else your mind can come up with.

I like school.

School helped me make all of this.


Now for my eBook: