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World war 1/ summer exhibition post

Hi welcome to another blog post thanks for coming.

This one is about my World War One and spring exhibition project named Dulce Et Decorum Est which is based on a World War One saying that means “it is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country”.

Urban Arts Architecture

For our first keystone project, we studied museums and exhibits. Then we answered questions reflecting on our research, using what we learned about museums and how they present information. To gather more information, we visited the Museum of North Vancouver. The people there were really nice and gave us a guided tour, which helped us understand how museums work. Before going to the museum, we also studied other museums and stories to make our exhibit flow smoothly.

Our second keystone project was on the contrasting narratives in World War I. We learned about the causes of the war, Canada’s involvement, and specific topics assigned to us for presentations. I got the topic of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), so I researched and talked about that. We also studied contrasting views on propaganda, conscription, internment camps, and ethical judgments. This helped us think critically and discuss these important topics in class and in the exhibition and will continue to help us in life. 

For the final keystone and the public spring exhibition, we formed groups based on our chosen topics. I decided to choose the theme destruction versus creation. I decided to  build a model howitzer cannon. It took a long time to make because I had to solve many problems along the way. At first, I planned to use buckets, but they didn’t look good when I put them together at the store. Instead, I used a material called flashing, which is like thick aluminum foil. I taped two pieces together to make a 5-foot-2 barrel. Then I bought a box from u-haul to build the stand. It was a bit annoying, but I made it sturdy. I added some things inside the box to keep it stable and used a pole as an axle. I tried to make a fan shoot ping pong balls, but it wasn’t strong enough. So I made a cover for a hairdryer and attached a long tube to the barrel. After painting the cardboard, my howitzer was finally done after two weeks of problem-solving here’s the final product.

The exhibition went well, and lots of people enjoyed shooting the howitzer. I received many compliments and questions, and I answered all of them. It was a great experience, and I had a lot of fun at the exhibition.

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TPOL 2023


Here’s another blog post thanks for coming

this blog post is a TPOL post if you don’t remember what that is its a transitional presentation of learning where the driving question is about if I’m ready to go to grade 10 and i think i am but here is some more words to prove it and to talk about the year so far.

During the second semester, I decided that I would really try to change and improve how hard I worked and how dedicated I was to my school work. So, as a first step, I started going to tutorial time if I had any work that I needed to do. I worked on getting my tasks done during class and ignore more distractions than I had before. But there is one area where I really struggled – doing work outside of school. It’s hard because I started to have things to do after school and I also would easily get distracted at home. I decided to start to look for a quiet space at home where I could concentrate better. I also started to figure out different ways to avoid distractions. I wanted to try new strategies, like managing my time better and using apps to stay focused. My favourite strategy is using the clock app and setting timers to help moderate my work and attention and using alarms to remind myself to do homework.

Currently, as I’m writing this blog post, I realize that I’ve only managed to make two blog posts throughout the entire year. This is quite impressive, but it’s also a big reminder that I’ve been falling behind as a learner. However, I really want to change that. I’m focused on completing all the very late work to prove to everyone that I’m ready for grade 10. This blog post is the most important for me right now. It’s my main priority, so I want to finish it before working on my other posts. I believe that by doing all that, I can show others that I’m prepared to face the challenges that grade 10 will bring and that I’m fully capable of overcoming them.

I looked back at the beginning of the school year, I can really see how much I’ve grown and improved. To prove that I’m ready for grade 10, just take a look at my grades. They were terrible at first, but now they’ve gotten better. A big reason for this change was my MPOL. It made me think about my work and how to do better. Before the MPOL, I definitely wasn’t a good student because I was behind and gave poor work. then I decided to buckle down and put in the effort to get good grades.

Out of all my classes, humanities is where I feel like I’ve made the most progress. As I already said, I used to be a bad student. But I worked on myself and I found some strategies to help me improve I think I really picked myself up. I started using different study techniques and had a positive attitude. I re-read my learning plan to keep myself on track. Now, I could say that I’ve made big improvements in humanities and all my other classes.

It’s hard for me to talk about the other classes because humanities has been my only PLP class this semester so I only have some foggy memories about science, maker and PGP. That’s why I wanted to dedicate a big part to humanities because I’ve grown the most in it but I can say that in all those classes I was an ok – bad student but if I had the chance to do them all again I would be a good student who does all their work. I mean I had fun in all those classes but I had a big problem with procrastination so I had a lot of work that was late.

To answer the driving question directly, “Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?”. I feel that I can openly face any challenge that comes at me and use all the skills that I have learned over the year to do, work, ask questions, talk about difficult subjects and have ethically conscious discussions. Some skills that I’ve learned to be more specific are, that I’ve learned strategies and got out of a habit of procrastination, I learned how to ask good and thought-provoking questions and set goals in maker, I’ve learned how to show all sides of the story and consider them in the winter exhibition. And I learned how to think and talk using the information the had at the time in humanities. I have many more skills that I didn’t have in grade 8 and in grade 9. I mentally am ready for the challenges of grade 10 and I truly think I can handle everything that happens next year.

I want to talk about my statement of learning intent because as you can read and have read I would say that I didn’t follow it for most of the year but over these last few weeks I think I have achieved it and if I was to put the same thing for next year I think I could follow it well.

I want to show that I followed the goals that I set for myself so here are the competencies that I set for myself for this year I think the best evidence that I did all these things is the project I did for the spring exhibition this year where I made a world war 1 howitzer that shot targets

This project shows my communicating rating because I felt comfortable and proud while presenting it and didn’t feel that anyone was confused when using it. It shows my collaboration because even though I made the cannon by myself the actual exhibit was a group effort that I think turned out really well and that I help build I also helped give feedback to my other group member’s work. It shows my creative thinking because I came up with the idea and most of the solutions which I think shows lots of creativity and thinking skills. My critical and reflective thinking skills are shown by all the problems I needed to solve for example I originally had it using a big fan that was hidden in the barrel but it wasn’t working so instead of giving up I put a hair dryer and made a plan for it to work. My personal awareness and responsibility is shown by me knowing my skills for the exhibition and making something that would be fun for me and that I have the skills to do an above-average job. My personal and cultural identity is shown by me choosing to make a howitzer because that is what my family did in the war and I wanted to do something that would tie me to my family’s history in a sense. My social awareness and responsibility is shown by the fact that I helped others when I can I tried to recycle everything that I could and I tried to reuse anything I could to not harm the environment. I try to do work to this standard most of the time but I thought this would be a good example because there is a chance that the person reading this went and saw the work that I did and so it would be easier to understand without my going into great detail as to not spoil the blog post for this project.


Thanks for reading this i hope you have a good one.

Mpol 2023

Howdy and welcome back to my blog guess what I’m doing again, an MPOL or otherwise known as a mid-year presentation of learning where ill talk about my growth as a learner and more

At the start of the school year, I wasn’t sure if the school I was at for the past year of high school was the right school for me. I treated everything I did with the idea that I wasn’t going to keep going to that school which affected my learning and the way I treated people. And then at the start of this school year, I went to a different school that had lots of my friends. to make sure if I wanted to go to school at the previous one or the one with most of my friends. I really wanted to see which school would be best for me and if the pros outweighed the cons of each school. For me, the pros of each school were quite different where one of the schools had lots of my close friends but the learning I would be doing there wouldn’t be as effective as the previous high school. So it was important to see which aspect I valued more friends or education. In the end, I decided to go back to the school where I could learn more and have a better chance at an effective future and if I wanted to I still can hang out with my friends outside of school. The choice I made was obviously an important decision because I wanted to decide where I would go for the rest of high school and what I wanted to prioritize but I feel like I put a good amount of thinking behind my decision and am confident in my choice. Because now I can treat everything like ill be there for a long time and be less distant but most importantly I can have a better education and enjoy the learning I do.

Learning plan

Here Is the learning plan I made earlier in the year where I plan what my learning is going to look like and set goals with plans to achieve them. Feel free to read them

I’ll quickly explain what this is. The statement of learning intent means in simpler terms that I want to aim for an A and how I will do it. The section below pretty much shows what and who I want to be in a kind of level format with the higher numbers being more effective at the main task
Unfortunately, I think for this first half of the year I kind of missed my mark a little bit and struggled to hang things in on time because I wasn’t organized enough and wasn’t using all the strategies I put in place for myself but I am really going to try to get the level of work that I think I can produce and I will use any strategy I can to do it


I want to talk about a project I really think I struggled with which would be my humanities project called the power of geography here’s the link to the blog post about it
But I think that it was a real struggle keeping up with all the work I had because kept piling work until I had almost everything late and a book I had to write that needed all those projects done. A big part of lots of the things being late was that guy wasn’t at school for the start of it and I wasn’t paying attention to what was happening while I was away which really didn’t help and then to be able to finish I ended up having to spend almost all my time working on the projects just because I let them pile up which was really a bad idea and all my fault, but because of that happening, I have a better idea of how to deal with it in the future.


For maker, I wanted to ask myself what goals did I have to change as I worked on a project and instantly a project came to mind called first film, which was also my winter exhibition project where we studied. The movie avatar chose important themes from the film and made short documentaries on our provided themes. The theme I was given was racism and I had to find someone to interview for my documentary. It was very hard trying to find someone that I thought was a good fit for my documentary. The way I changed my goal while working on the project was that my original goal was to have someone very high up be interviewed for my documentary, but as the due date became closer, I had to change my goal into something that would still be helpful and makes sense for my documentary. So after going through multiple people, I eventually ended up with someone I thought would be a perfect fit, but still far off from my original plan. which was very good because I learned how to be more flexible as a learner.


Grade 9 was the first year where science was not also part of math, so I got to learn just science. But anyways I wanted to talk about my project handle with care where we talk about life and animals and how they behave I think I used a large variety of Skills for this project, but I also liked quite a large variety of skills. The ones I used were mostly technology-based and how I efficiently and properly made the work. but unfortunately, the skills that I liked made most of my work invalid and didn’t get graded because I lacked proper time management with every project being late and often written down as incomplete even though I eventually finished it.

Disposition and habits

Obviously, some of the spelling is wrong, but even more importantly, to be completely honest, I totally failed with this section of my learning plan, I almost completely forgot that I wrote it which really isn’t great because these are the things that I need to work on the most so this is something that is going to be taking up most of the rest of my year in the program I, even if I don’t need to I’m going to use Things, reminders and calendar to help me stay organized for the rest of the year just to get in the habit of using it.

Thank you for reading the blog post goodbye

– Dylan


We went to Alberta?

Hi, I’m Dylan and welcome back to my blog today I’m gonna talk about a trip to Alberta, the west, and a mini-exhibition. our driving question for the project was about the geography of the west and how it shaped us and continues to shape us. And for our final project, we were working to make an e-book about our driving question and showing some of our trip to Alberta. Ok so at the start of the project I was away for a week and was behind and almost didn’t get to go on the trip but luckily I was able to go. I got back to school on Monday and left on Thursday to go to Alberta. One of the most important parts of the entire project that we talked about every day was the five themes of geography. The five themes of geography were made up of, movement ( people, products and ideas), regions (formal, functional, and vernacular), human-environment interaction ( humans adapt, humans modify, and humans depend), location (absolute, and relative) place, (cultural and physical). Now that I have told you about the five themes I can get into talking about my trip to Alberta I will be highlighting some of my favourite parts with photos and talking about how they show the five themes of geography. our trip was nine days and eight nights long on the first day we didn’t do much at the start besides bus for hours and stopped at Costco but before we reached our final destination we stopped at a place called the last spike if you want to see and read more about the last spike I have a page going over it in my book. My favourite part of the day and maybe the entire trip because everyone had tons of energy was everything we did was fun. when we got to our final destination of the day the three valley gap hotel where most of the things that made the day so fun happened. The hotel had made a ghost town full of old buildings and strange things and we had to go and take photos and make a video which is both in my book but after that, we got to go in the hotel and go in the titanic themed pool and that was also pretty fun and then we had dinner and went to bed. But in all the day was pretty fun. Then the second day was more of the same on our trip to Calgary in Alberta then once we got to Calgary we stayed there for three days and did some really cool stuff then headed on back for two days and all of the cool stuff that was mentioned in this post can be found more in details in my ebook. My answer to the driving question ” How has the geography of the West shaped who we are?”
Was focused on the diversity of the west because I think it was the most influential part of the west and how it shaped who we are. My reasoning for my answer is based on all the research I did over the course of the project. In my opinion, there are three main parts of my reasoning for my answer so ill go over them. One of the reasons was the diversity of the resources found in the west. Because from what I think resources are a big part of where people live and the west having so many different resources helped it grow, still helps it grow, and most likely will continue to help it grow. A way the resourceful diversity of the west helps the west grow is by having the ability to trade so many different resources back and forth for example Alberta can give bc oil while bc gives Alberta big tree logs to be able to build houses and so on. The resources can also be traded to different countries helping everyone in the west so the resources are one of the biggest and most diverse backbone of the west. Another big part of the diversity of the west is the geological diversity. The geological diversity of the west is the most influential part of the wets and how it shaped us it also Ties in with the first example of my reasoning because the diverse land found in the west also provided us with natural resources but also allowed us to live as we do but that’s not just it the geological diversity helped shaped us by the regions we live in because if you live on the coast of British Colombia your life will be a bit different then a person in Albertas which shapes us with different skills for the region we live in an example of this is the natural diversity of the First Nation people found in the diverse areas of the west because the First Nation people of Alberta for a more specific example ill use the Blackfoot people who would have to move With the bison and the weather compared to the First Nation people of the bc coast like the Tsleil-Waututh nation who’s people lived in one spot and was less nomadic then the Blackfoot people. And the reason these people lived as they did was because of the geographical diversity of the west and yet they were still both in the west and yet living completely diverse lifestyles. In short, the geological diversity shaped the diversity of the people and resources. A few of the many different areas found in the west are the Rocky Mountains the prairies the coast Vancouver rainforest and that’s just a few of them there are many more that have shown proof of how their geography has shaped us. That mostly wraps up my answer to the driving question so I want to quickly recap how I think I did on this project and then put my e book in so I think for all of the project I did a accomplished job even if some work was quite a bit late I still think the quality of the work that was done was either accomplished or extending I think that mostly because of how I liked the work that I did expesially the e-book and the presentation I did for it made me really proud that just about wraps up this post but just before you go I hope you take the time to look and check out my e-book.

Good bye and thanks for reading

Time for Tpol

Hi, welcome to my blog this time I’m doing one on something that I’ve done almost before. A tpol! A tpol is a transitional presentation of learning. So I will be talking about my growth as a learner for the most part. And projects I think I did good on or badly on and more and how they affected my growth as a learner.

so at the start of the year when I started PLP 8 I was definitely still like I was before I would never raise my hand and always zone out. but during the mpol presentation, I did earlier in the year I set goals for myself to do for example I wanted to raise my hand in class more often even if nobody had theirs up and to pay more attention in class and catch myself when my mind would wander. when I actually did the things I wanted to do it felt pretty good because I would be showing My growth every time I did it.

During some projects, I had more growth than others or had a challenge that let me grow more in the future. 

One of the first projects I want to cover is one that I found fun and I grew a lot while doing it is DI aka destination imagination because it was hard at some parts and fun at others One of the reasons I feel like I really grew and doing destination imagination is because of the teamwork skills I had to use leadership skills as while A better example of how I grew During DI was The quality of work from the start to the end for example if you looked at the first instant challenge my group did as a team and then looked at the last one you would see a very clear difference in skill level I also grew in responsibility because I tried to write a lot of our script even though I did not need to end it was not my job but still worked out when I did. In short, I really think that the atmosphere of DI let me grow and change as a Lerner.

A project that is similar to this but a bit different and very clear in growth is the exhibition projects because one has happened recently and I can clearly see the difference in girls from the first to the second in the first one I was really panicky and didn’t understand what to be doing but is the second exhibition I really understood how to position myself and how to speak to my audience and I wrote The script going to my audience in a more natural way did the first one also the environment from the first one to the second one was huge in a good because, in my opinion, it was quite better because we transformed the room using everybody’s idea Also during this project I got to show some more of my skills by making a stick bow.

One of the most memorable projects I worked on was the scimatics Project because I struggled a lot with it the project was called The ultimate design challenge where we had to do the math to figure out the area and volume of an object that we bed during this project I had lots of struggles because I couldn’t figure out how to do the math and if I learned it just left my brain. I did really bad on this project because I didn’t understand it and couldn’t hand in the work on time because I wanted to do a good job and hand in work that I was proud of. Because the final product as well was very difficult calculating shapes I had no clue how to calculate but I kept trying to do the math and never worked when I tried again it was always a different number so I really struggled with this project in short But by doing so I got used to not always doing work I was proud of and just sometimes understanding that work needs to be done

 But the work I am least proud of would probably be working with words where we make poems and works of literature. I didn’t think I did a good job because first off I was sick and had a hard time catching up and second of all I didn’t really have a good track record of poems so I had a few poems that I think are good even though they all met the criteria and at the end of this project we made a book and I felt like I may be rushed it but I didn’t necessarily like it so if I had a chance to do something like it again I would think I could show a lot better work than before

for the last project, I think I’m going to talk about a project where there is a clear line of growth and that would be one of my first projects the medium is the message because in this project where we had to make ads for companies out in Deep Cove there is a very clear line of how I grew as a learner by using and learning a whole bunch of skills to improve our images to the final level I’ll show you some of my images       

Second                                                                           First

Third                                                                             Fourth

During this project at the start of the year, I didn’t know much about POP but it was something I wanted to try so I decided to give it all I could during this project there were definitely a few troubles whether it would-be teammates, myself, and many different things But we ended with dad I think most of the people in the group are happy with

Here I’m gonna be heading away from some of the projects and be talking about a habit that I want to try and get for the next year because I did not utilize the skill during my year. I didn’t really decide to use organizing apps I’m not really sure why it just never seemed nice in my head to do so I never did use them but I think now I will try and use them to help myself Stay on top of my work When does the reason I wanna try to do this because I kept seeing that students that I thought were successful were using it so I think it will be a good skill to use next year

For next year I think I’m quite ready to try and use all the skills that I’ve learned and continue growing throughout grade 9 even if it’s harder than grade 8 I think I’m ready to deal with those problems

thanks for reading and goodbye 

  • Dylan

New beginnings post or something


Hi and welcome back to a blog post, guess what this is going to be about, you probably already know because of the title of the blog but it’s about di so you are only going to get one of these per year now let’s get into it.

what is di

di is a National competition for kids of almost all grades where they are in teams and get to choose a challenge to work on. In the challenge, they have to solve the problem given to them using the required methods from the challenge they chose. Some of the challenges are technical, scientific, improv, and fine arts. Then they present them to adult appraisers and an audience that later in the competition can be almost a thousand people or more after their performance then they have to do a insist challenge that they have no time to prepare for. And they need 2 team choice elements that represent their team. they also can get no help from people outside the team so not even the teachers or else it could be counted as interference and get them disqualified. Also, the competition is at the start of April

DI for me


Ok now that’s more clear I can talk about it better
so we started this project near the start of winter break so December if you don’t know when that is somehow. It seemed strange that we started it in December when we started it but I think that it was a good time to start it now that I look back. My challenge was the technical we had to make 2 technical devices that means things that use robotics, mechanical aspects chemicals, mathematics and more we also had to have 3 hazards that our devices had to overcome in a story that we had to make about escaping a hazardous situation. So when we started it our first priority was to sort and choose ideas for everything and work on our teamwork because we were put in random teams by the teachers. So once we thought we had all our ideas we researched them over winter break but when we had to work over winter break my team was super confused and researched things we were not even going to use because we made too many ideas. But we di ceded that we would roughly have a story about people trying to steal a secret pizza recipe from an abanded pizza restaurant with a remote-controlled car and an undecided for a long time other object in the restaurant the need to overcome a tunnel moveable object and uneven terrain. Then after lots of procrastinating and scriptwriting which I proudly wrote a lot more than I meant to when I wrote some of it. But then it was a month and a half and we had most of our car and the other device was a bit unclear we thought an extendable hand would work when I thought about it I don’t think it would work so I suggested that a pullback car would work better for everything so we switched to that then we decided to meet every Wednesday to work on what we needed to do dress rehearsals our teachers set up where we practiced and showed them what we have done. Then we had a month left with everything made but not painted, besides the pullback car which had not been worked on because we wanted to 3d print the spring but the 3d printer had trouble printing it. Then after a few weeks where we came early almost every day and stayed late after school, we had everything done besides the pullback car we even had our team choice elements which were wood burnt signs and spooky sounds. For our performance, I was a ghost because I can kinda sound old which I thought was cool but also I was kinda the villain of the story. We tried a few run-throughs on our own and it went maybe not so great but ok because we at least got to practice and real more confident.
then the presentation.
we all got there on time and did a few run-throughs without the script in front of us and it went well so we felt pretty good when we were called in at 1:00 we felt good about ourselves and we did a good job improvising anything that was messed up during the performance and during it, we barely messed up then it was over or at least the performance was then we did the instant challenge which I thought would go well because we normally do good at them but we messed up the time for it so it wasn’t to clean overall then on April 11 we saw the score and we got 4 for the provincial tournament which I was happy about. That’s about it so thanks for reading bye


A atom game project

hi and welcome back to a scimatics post. We have been working on a project for about two months or to be more exact we started on February 1 and ended on April 6th during the project in which our main goal was to learn about the kinetic molecular theory (heat gives particles kinetic energy) and the atomic theory.

when we started this project I don’t think I had a clue about what was being talked about but as we progressed learning I think I got a pretty good understanding of it here is my MindNode from the start of the project for a reference of what I knew about what we where learning and also my questions about it later I also will show my updated mind map with some other stuff I added at the end of this project.

After we made the mind node we were told that we were going to make a simulator or game on a game-making studio called scratch. I thought that that would be fun because I had some practice with scratch before but never made an actual game so I was a bit curious about how it really worked. But right after we were told about the final product of the project we then were put through the more boring part of the project for me the workbooks and the textbooks of course. I don’t actually think it’s bad but definitely not what I wanted to do after hearing about the fact that we get to make a game, but we wouldn’t know anything if we didn’t do it. Once we learnt about everything we got to have a test on them locally it wasn’t for grades just to see where we were all at knowledge wise. I’m pretty sure that we aren’t terrible because we got to start thinking about our game/ simulator based on what you wanted to do I personally chose a game instead of a simulator. Once we did some in-program tutorials of the game we were allowed to start making the final product I decided I would do a game where you click molecules or atoms to raise then temperature so they get harder to click. After I made my idea I have to actually create it from scratch which was quite hard and took a lot of classes but I got it done in time to present to the class on our arcade day where we got to try everyone’s game and leave feedback. Once we did that we got to update our mind node with some of the things we learned and then finally we finished the project after 2 months.

overall I think I did well but I’m going to go over in detail how I thought I did

1: Questioning and predicting:
Demonstrate a sustained curiosity
about a scientific topic or problem
of personal interest.

I think I did an accomplished job of showing what I was interested in over the project an example would be my game because I chose the things that interested me while I was making it

2: Scientific communication:
communicate ideas, findings, and
solutions to problems using
scientific language,
representations, and digital

I think I also did accomplished on that because I wanted to show people what I found by making my game and by showing people what they could do in their game that I found

3: Reasoning and analyzing: Use
logic and patterns (including
coding) to solve puzzles and play

I think I did an accomplished job at this because I think my code was quite complicated but mostly logical and had patterns to

here’s a link to check out my game in case you are curious


The historical significance of the renaissance

guess what I’ve been working on, I’ve been working on history or to be more exact the renaissance and why it’s historically significant. The full name of this project is renaissance a change engine because it was an engine of change for humans.

at the start of the project, I didn’t know much about the renaissance all I knew was that it was near Italy and a lot of famous painters and paintings were from that time but now at the end of this project I know so much more about the renaissance. At the end of this, we were tasked to make a triptych gallery so over the course of the project we built up skills to make one. The first thing we worked on was a timeline of the renaissance so that we could build up our knowledge of it after that I kinda forgot about the project because we were going to loon lake for a field study so I didn’t think that much about it until we were there and we got to work on our superimpose x skills which is a photoshop type app that we hadn’t used before so we got to learn how to use it for our triptych one of my favourite features was the number of things in the masking feature I also liked how there were layers so I could stack images to be more detailed I even put small nails and staples on some things so it made sense on how it was on the wall here’s my triptych for reference

Once we finished building skills for superimpose we started working on building our opinions on the most historically significant thing to come out of the renaissance and to do this we had to do research and figure out how to identify something as historically significant and we did that by using a sheet full of important things from the renaissance including people, art, inventions, and big changes in society. once we could decide what we think is the most significant then we wrote a paragraph about it I chose the Reliance on Observation + Scientific Inquiry because I think we couldn’t be where we are today without it because its result made so many things that we use daily now. After that, we just pieced together with other things we thought were important on the triptych. in the middle is the present and on both sides, there are 2 things we thought were important once the triptych was made we did a gallery walk around the class to see how everyone’s turned out.

Now that the project is over I think I can answer the driving question of this project which is ‘What significant developments emerged from the past and how do they impact us today?’

I think that a good example is the printing press because its a significant development and it affects us a lot today because if it didn’t exist we wouldn’t have many public books and they would be extremely difficult to make many but there are so many other developments that still affect us today as well.

thanks for reading

Loon lake

Hi welcome back here I will be talking and showing a book about the loon lake pop field study that I went on

what is loon lake

Loon Lake is a place in maple ridge bc fully called loon lake lodge and retreat centre the rest of PLP including me and went on a field study where we do school work and special work in a different place outside of school

here is a book that I made during and a bit after the Loon Lake learning advance


I hope you read all that but now you might understand loon lake and what we did more but I will still talk about it. Loon lake was a very pretty place and it perfectly reflected the light at any hour which was super cool. Another cool thing that we did is that we played laser tag outside and it was the coolest game of laser tag ever because we had a big gun strapped to us and we had a lot of settings so we could have a lot of different guns to try like healing weapons that heal your team or maybe a flamethrower is another thing to consider. And then after that, we played battle archery where it is simply dodge ball but the balls are arrows that you shoot I was a bit worse at it because I first off held my bow upside down without noticing for a bit too long but other than that it was super fun. I also did a good amount of progress on my di work and my work for a new project we started

final thoughts

my cabin group was super cool and let me sleep well so I want to thank them and the teachers who made the trip possible

ok thanks for reading goodbye



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