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Who Will I Be?

“Who are you?” It seems like an easy question to answer, but if I told you to really give it some thought and give me a deep answer on who you are, most likely after you gave it some thought you’d agree that it’s not as easy of a question to answer than it sounds. Even for me, when I was asked that question, I got stuck, and then we were told that we were going to do a whole project going over the questions like “who are you” and “What kind of person do you want to be?” I thought that this project would be a cakewalk and I would be able to do all the work without ever really needing to think about it. But then we watched (Michelle Obama who are you gonna be?). And I realized how important and impactful these kinds of questions really are and especially just how difficult they would be to answer.

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How Should We Be Sorry? (Winter Exhibition 2023)

Over the course of the past month or so in PLP, everyone has been getting ready for the winter exhibition, and this year our project was about apologizing and what an apology is. We studied the history of discrimination towards three different Asian groups in BC, and then we were each tasked in groups of three with making a memorial to remember one of those groups and what happened to them.

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New Year New Me

This year, I’ve been trying to get more organized and hand in all my stuff on time. There’s a new class called Personal Growth and Positivity, or PGP for short, which focuses on exactly that. This is my first PGP blog post of the year. ‘New Year New Me’ was the name of the project that the PGP teachers introduced to us, posing the driving question, ‘What strategies can I use to maintain balance in my life and support my own well-being?’

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WW2 And Canada

Welcome back. In this post, I’m going to talk about my most recent humanities project: Save Juno Beach. The project was about the importance of Canada’s role in World War II and why we should learn about it, as well as learning about World War II in general.

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🇨🇦Canadian identity and conversation 🇨🇦

Bounjour and welcome back to my blog guess what I’m in grade 10 now and  todays project is “This is us “  a project about Canadian identity and conversations 

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World war 1/ summer exhibition post

Hi welcome to another blog post.

This one is about my World War One and spring exhibition project named Dulce Et Decorum Est which is based on a World War One saying that means “it is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country”.

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TPOL 2023


hi welcome to another on of my blog posts

this blog post is a TPOL post if you don’t remember what that is its a transitional presentation of learning where the driving question is about if I’m ready to go to grade 10 and i think i am but here is some more words to prove it and to talk about the year so far.

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Mpol 2023

Howdy and welcome back to my blog guess what I’m doing again, an MPOL or otherwise known as a mid-year presentation of learning where ill talk about my growth as a learner and more

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We went to Alberta?

Hi, I’m Dylan and welcome back to my blog today I’m gonna talk about a trip to Alberta, the west, and a mini-exhibition. our driving question for the project was about the geography of the west and how it shaped us and continues to shape us.

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Time for Tpol

Hi, welcome to my blog this time I’m doing one on something that I’ve done almost before. A tpol! A tpol is a transitional presentation of learning. So I will be talking about my growth as a learner for the most part. And projects I think I did good on or badly on and more and how they affected my growth as a learner.

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