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My photography story

Over the past few weeks i have been working on in class taking photos. Why, you might ask,    Because we where learning how to take photos to represent emotion and to communicate it was a really fun project because one of my favorite things is taking photos so learning tips for it was very interesting. When we started I was pretty confident in my photo taking skills and was happy when we went on photo walks to try new things. My favorite photo from the project would be.

I really like how this one turned out it is also unedited (I think). At the start of the project we got to learn about things like the rule of thirds where you put a grid on your camera and try to line things up on a line of the grid. After we finished learning about tips for taking photos we got top try making animated gifs which was really fun because I didn’t think it was so easy. once we did gif making we had to make a blog page( you can see it on my front page it’s called about me ). After we finished the page and finished everything else we now are moving groups to the other groups where half the class was where we learn about drawing I will make a post about that soon.







Escape the plates my scimatics project

For the last month and a have in our classes we have been working on a project called tectonic chances where we have to make a game using 10 key concepts of tectonic plates.

At the start of this project we spent most of the time building our knowledge on tectonic plates and layers of earth. We did some fun works over the course of the project for example a project mind map at the start of the project during the building knowledge stage for this we wrote down questions we had then went around and built more knowledge and then at the end of the project we answered the questions we had written down and added more.


After we finished The building knowledge stage we started work on the game! When we started work for the game we had to first learn what type of game to make because we didn’t want one to short or one to long because at the end we wouldn’t have all class to play one game, a example for a game not to make would be a game like monopoly because it takes a few hours to play. After learning about games we started work on ours. Our game escape the plates ( its name ) started as the idea that maybe one person could play as the earth trying to eliminate all the other players before they escaped the planet. After some thinking we decided to make it so all the players of the game are trying to escape the earth because it would not be as fun if you wanted to be a certain thing and did not get it. After we diced how the game was going to work we had to make rules, a board, game pieces and  ten key concepts of tectonic plates. Then once the game was made and finalized we got to around the other class and see other peoples games all the ones I played where all very fun and interesting.


Accomplished ☀️

In our game we made sure we had at least ten key science concepts by having a lot of the cards based of tectonic plate concepts for example continental drift or hot spots cards did something that made scene based of what that thing dose in real life . We also made some game pieces with the idea of tectonic plates in mind for example fault lines if you got the fault line card you would places a fault line on the board. Another example of our visual  representation would be volcanos and mountains because if you got a card that told you to place a volcano or mountain you would place one on the map as a obstacle.


In class i used my class time effective and smartly because every class we had to work on something for our game and i wanted it to be project that i would be proud of so I tried to use my time to make it as good as possible. A example of how i used my class time is our board game because we all used our class time well we had a good board game that we all liked.this project was very interesting and I really like the theory of tectonic plates because it involves pretty much everyone on earth because it is what causes earth quakes and tsunamis which no matter where you are i think everyone has heard of and might be in danger because of them so i think it was a interesting topic to learn about.


in our game we had to use probability for each turn in some ways it was pretty difficult thing for me at the start but then i was able to use it well and i got me head around the concept. After i under stood it i could easily put probability chances in our game. Some examples of probability in our game was that we had multiple dice so the probability of rolling certain things where a thing to keep in mind for the game. We also had cards that had a different probability of making a mountain or fault line or volcano appear on the board. There also where cards so the probability of getting a certain card was something we thought about and we decided to make one card have a higher chance of being pulled because there would be more of that card in the deck.


My opinion on the project

I really liked this project and the things we did in it i do not think there was i time where I thought “this is boring “ because every thing we did in this project was fun and interesting. One of my favorite times during this project would be when we got to play our board game with other people and we got to try other peoples games. I think the project was very interesting and I learned a lot of things over the course of it to!



Things to check out!

The people in my group probably also have super interesting blog posts about the project to make sure to check there’s out!








My advertising journey

                          Dylan Wooles

Over the past few weeks we have been working on a project where we are trying to be able to question things we see, and hear in the world around us.

the way we learned these things is by working with business to make a add for their company. I was given the company Deep Cove Music, my group and I had to make sure we had a add that they could use in the real world.

at the very start of the project we had to build our knowledge to learn how to make a real add so we started by learning the basics of adds and the techniques they use. More importantly we had to all know WHY we where learning it!

My individual add:

When we started learning about techniques advertising company use we where tasked with making a individual add that we would work on throughout the entire project.

   This was my first draft for my individual add, it I thought was not bad but I definitely felt like I wanted to make it better . at the time when it was made we hadn’t had the chance to compare and critique our adds with other students to improve.




After a lot of feed back i made this draft which I think is a lot better. As you can see i went for a completely different look than the past one.


I decided to change the wording because it was hard to read so i made this draft with white text so you can read it better.


After another round of feed back and using the techniques I recently had learned I made this it was a lot more eye catching and interesting yet simple. A lot of people who gave me feedback liked it a lot.



The last critique i got was to make it look more like a music company’s add so I decided to change the color to a more musicicy color.





Middle of the project;

In the middle of the project we started making a group add and finishing our individual adds together. Around the middle we had a good grasp on how to make a good add.  We definitely had a lot more to learn and a lot more steps to take before finishing the project. During the middle of the project we where finishing a lot of project and starting a lot of projects like having a interview with our business on what they wanted in their add. it was also in the middle when our groups had to form a rough idea of the add they wanted to make based on their individual adds


Historical media analysis:

Historical Media Analysis Template


We where tasked with choosing a add from the past and we had to analyze it. I chose a kool aid man add to analyze after choosing it we had to answer the questions based on what we knew about the add and its techniques.


Design workbook:



In the design workbook we learned about different techniques and how to use them with 25 pages with some instructions tasks and more things to help us learn. Because of the workbook i was able to help my group make a final add and perfect my individual add. We learned about a wide range of useful techniques like how to use proximity and alignment and many more things.




At the end of the project i think i could definitely answer the main idea of it all. I think some of my strengths in this project where my creativity and how i improved on all my works.  If i had to improve somewhere I would work on my groups amount of discussion out of school but ether way i think we did a good job.

Answer to the main question (In what ways did this project allow you to question what you hear, read, and view the world around you?)

it allowed me to question what goes into making a add and if I should judge a company based on its advertising quality.

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