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Hi and welcome back to a blog post, guess what this is going to be about, you probably already know because of the title of the blog but it’s about di so you are only going to get one of these per year now let’s get into it.

what is di

di is a National competition for kids of almost all grades where they are in teams and get to choose a challenge to work on. In the challenge, they have to solve the problem given to them using the required methods from the challenge they chose. Some of the challenges are technical, scientific, improv, and fine arts. Then they present them to adult appraisers and an audience that later in the competition can be almost a thousand people or more after their performance then they have to do a insist challenge that they have no time to prepare for. And they need 2 team choice elements that represent their team. they also can get no help from people outside the team so not even the teachers or else it could be counted as interference and get them disqualified. Also, the competition is at the start of April

DI for me


Ok now that’s more clear I can talk about it better
so we started this project near the start of winter break so December if you don’t know when that is somehow. It seemed strange that we started it in December when we started it but I think that it was a good time to start it now that I look back. My challenge was the technical we had to make 2 technical devices that means things that use robotics, mechanical aspects chemicals, mathematics and more we also had to have 3 hazards that our devices had to overcome in a story that we had to make about escaping a hazardous situation. So when we started it our first priority was to sort and choose ideas for everything and work on our teamwork because we were put in random teams by the teachers. So once we thought we had all our ideas we researched them over winter break but when we had to work over winter break my team was super confused and researched things we were not even going to use because we made too many ideas. But we di ceded that we would roughly have a story about people trying to steal a secret pizza recipe from an abanded pizza restaurant with a remote-controlled car and an undecided for a long time other object in the restaurant the need to overcome a tunnel moveable object and uneven terrain. Then after lots of procrastinating and scriptwriting which I proudly wrote a lot more than I meant to when I wrote some of it. But then it was a month and a half and we had most of our car and the other device was a bit unclear we thought an extendable hand would work when I thought about it I don’t think it would work so I suggested that a pullback car would work better for everything so we switched to that then we decided to meet every Wednesday to work on what we needed to do dress rehearsals our teachers set up where we practiced and showed them what we have done. Then we had a month left with everything made but not painted, besides the pullback car which had not been worked on because we wanted to 3d print the spring but the 3d printer had trouble printing it. Then after a few weeks where we came early almost every day and stayed late after school, we had everything done besides the pullback car we even had our team choice elements which were wood burnt signs and spooky sounds. For our performance, I was a ghost because I can kinda sound old which I thought was cool but also I was kinda the villain of the story. We tried a few run-throughs on our own and it went maybe not so great but ok because we at least got to practice and real more confident.
then the presentation.
we all got there on time and did a few run-throughs without the script in front of us and it went well so we felt pretty good when we were called in at 1:00 we felt good about ourselves and we did a good job improvising anything that was messed up during the performance and during it, we barely messed up then it was over or at least the performance was then we did the instant challenge which I thought would go well because we normally do good at them but we messed up the time for it so it wasn’t to clean overall then on April 11 we saw the score and we got 4 for the provincial tournament which I was happy about. That’s about it so thanks for reading bye


A atom game project

hi and welcome back to a scimatics post. We have been working on a project for about two months or to be more exact we started on February 1 and ended on April 6th during the project in which our main goal was to learn about the kinetic molecular theory (heat gives particles kinetic energy) and the atomic theory.

when we started this project I don’t think I had a clue about what was being talked about but as we progressed learning I think I got a pretty good understanding of it here is my MindNode from the start of the project for a reference of what I knew about what we where learning and also my questions about it later I also will show my updated mind map with some other stuff I added at the end of this project.

After we made the mind node we were told that we were going to make a simulator or game on a game-making studio called scratch. I thought that that would be fun because I had some practice with scratch before but never made an actual game so I was a bit curious about how it really worked. But right after we were told about the final product of the project we then were put through the more boring part of the project for me the workbooks and the textbooks of course. I don’t actually think it’s bad but definitely not what I wanted to do after hearing about the fact that we get to make a game, but we wouldn’t know anything if we didn’t do it. Once we learnt about everything we got to have a test on them locally it wasn’t for grades just to see where we were all at knowledge wise. I’m pretty sure that we aren’t terrible because we got to start thinking about our game/ simulator based on what you wanted to do I personally chose a game instead of a simulator. Once we did some in-program tutorials of the game we were allowed to start making the final product I decided I would do a game where you click molecules or atoms to raise then temperature so they get harder to click. After I made my idea I have to actually create it from scratch which was quite hard and took a lot of classes but I got it done in time to present to the class on our arcade day where we got to try everyone’s game and leave feedback. Once we did that we got to update our mind node with some of the things we learned and then finally we finished the project after 2 months.

overall I think I did well but I’m going to go over in detail how I thought I did

1: Questioning and predicting:
Demonstrate a sustained curiosity
about a scientific topic or problem
of personal interest.

I think I did an accomplished job of showing what I was interested in over the project an example would be my game because I chose the things that interested me while I was making it

2: Scientific communication:
communicate ideas, findings, and
solutions to problems using
scientific language,
representations, and digital

I think I also did accomplished on that because I wanted to show people what I found by making my game and by showing people what they could do in their game that I found

3: Reasoning and analyzing: Use
logic and patterns (including
coding) to solve puzzles and play

I think I did an accomplished job at this because I think my code was quite complicated but mostly logical and had patterns to

here’s a link to check out my game in case you are curious


The historical significance of the renaissance

guess what I’ve been working on, I’ve been working on history or to be more exact the renaissance and why it’s historically significant. The full name of this project is renaissance a change engine because it was an engine of change for humans.

at the start of the project, I didn’t know much about the renaissance all I knew was that it was near Italy and a lot of famous painters and paintings were from that time but now at the end of this project I know so much more about the renaissance. At the end of this, we were tasked to make a triptych gallery so over the course of the project we built up skills to make one. The first thing we worked on was a timeline of the renaissance so that we could build up our knowledge of it after that I kinda forgot about the project because we were going to loon lake for a field study so I didn’t think that much about it until we were there and we got to work on our superimpose x skills which is a photoshop type app that we hadn’t used before so we got to learn how to use it for our triptych one of my favourite features was the number of things in the masking feature I also liked how there were layers so I could stack images to be more detailed I even put small nails and staples on some things so it made sense on how it was on the wall here’s my triptych for reference

Once we finished building skills for superimpose we started working on building our opinions on the most historically significant thing to come out of the renaissance and to do this we had to do research and figure out how to identify something as historically significant and we did that by using a sheet full of important things from the renaissance including people, art, inventions, and big changes in society. once we could decide what we think is the most significant then we wrote a paragraph about it I chose the Reliance on Observation + Scientific Inquiry because I think we couldn’t be where we are today without it because its result made so many things that we use daily now. After that, we just pieced together with other things we thought were important on the triptych. in the middle is the present and on both sides, there are 2 things we thought were important once the triptych was made we did a gallery walk around the class to see how everyone’s turned out.

Now that the project is over I think I can answer the driving question of this project which is ‘What significant developments emerged from the past and how do they impact us today?’

I think that a good example is the printing press because its a significant development and it affects us a lot today because if it didn’t exist we wouldn’t have many public books and they would be extremely difficult to make many but there are so many other developments that still affect us today as well.

thanks for reading

Loon lake

Hi welcome back here I will be talking and showing a book about the loon lake pop field study that I went on

what is loon lake

Loon Lake is a place in maple ridge bc fully called loon lake lodge and retreat centre the rest of PLP including me and went on a field study where we do school work and special work in a different place outside of school

here is a book that I made during and a bit after the Loon Lake learning advance


I hope you read all that but now you might understand loon lake and what we did more but I will still talk about it. Loon lake was a very pretty place and it perfectly reflected the light at any hour which was super cool. Another cool thing that we did is that we played laser tag outside and it was the coolest game of laser tag ever because we had a big gun strapped to us and we had a lot of settings so we could have a lot of different guns to try like healing weapons that heal your team or maybe a flamethrower is another thing to consider. And then after that, we played battle archery where it is simply dodge ball but the balls are arrows that you shoot I was a bit worse at it because I first off held my bow upside down without noticing for a bit too long but other than that it was super fun. I also did a good amount of progress on my di work and my work for a new project we started

final thoughts

my cabin group was super cool and let me sleep well so I want to thank them and the teachers who made the trip possible

ok thanks for reading goodbye



Working with words or in other words, poems!

Hi, welcome to my blog since you’re here I guess I should tell you about a new project I have been doing its called working with words where we make poems and learn, about poems to be able to construct texts that shows who we are. The final project of this project It’s a book of some of our poems which I’ll share later in this post.


add the start of the project I was sick actually for the first week but throughout the project, after the week that I was sick I figured out how some of the poems worked more than I did while I was sick but I still knew quite a few. in addition to making poems we had to study terms of poems and example of that would be imagery Imagery is, in short, the senses of an image. One of the most interesting parts of this project is that we had to share our poems with her classmates which I thought was quite fun. after we made and revised all our poems we started the book which I mentioned earlier, the book had to include all the poems, a biography, and complementary texts which are your text that add to the poem. the texts can be drawings or photos in quite a bit more I decided to do mostly drawings because I thought it suited my texts I’ll leave my book for you to check out here

After the book is finished we had to do something called the coffee House which most people probably already know what it is but if you don’t it’s just presenting poetry at a coffee house but since Covid, we had to do it online or people could join a meeting and listen to our poems which was really interesting my group for the coffee House was a sign to make three haikus and present them. Presenting them wasn’t that bad it actually was quite fun as well.

Thanks for reading goodbye

DI, what is it?

Hi today I will be talking about destination imagination
(or as much as I can say)

First I should explain what designation imagination is it could be considered a competition between many different ages of children and teenagers where they are given a task to complete that requires an in-depth understanding of their challenges Specifics. The challenges specifics can range from learning about hydraulics to improvisation and a lot more. After getting an understanding of their challenges specifics the children must then make the answer to the challenges question using their challenges rules. Also, the people participating or the children are not allowed interference from adults friends family or anybody so it is very challenging because you have to do all the research.

My challenge is the technical challenge called daring escape we have to use technical methods To make two devices that overcome hazards that we made we also have to incorporate a story into the answer of our challenge there are a lot of specifics that we have to go by for Example we have to make two devices but only one can use electricity and the other cannot. Another thing is that we have to have two team trace elements which are elements of the project that the team members choose and it makes it more unique.


I can’t say much more other than that my team is doing quite well so far because of the rules of the challenge Because we can’t have anyone steal our ideas on accident just from reading this.

I can say that my team is doing a good job because we’ve come up with most of our ideas for our story, script, devices, and hazards.

thanks for listening goodbye.


MPOL post

Hi and welcome to my blog today I will be talking about quite a lot of things. Because it is for a presentation where I have to go over the work I did over the year and how I could’ve grown, and compare my learning plan to how I am right now, now let’s start.

Learning plan

Here’s my learning plan and so far I think I’m doing quite well for what I was aiming for. First ill go over the communicating section. I think I’m almost nailing this section as you can see I in short want to be able to communicate what I want in a good manner. I also want to be able to contribute and help in group projects and I think I am doing both of those well or even better than I aimed for originally. A good example of both of these is my outsiders project because I used my communication to present and I helped out by helping quite a lot throughout the project. Now time to discuss the thinking part of it, I think I am doing good for this part as well I think I can gain ideas and incorporate them for sure now but for the other one I kinda still suck at asking questions but otherwise, I’m good at using my observations and experiences to make judgements. Now the final section personal and social. For the first part, I think I can for sure take responsibility for my actions but the other part I’m a bit worse at. Now the second part yes I do this I am doing just fine. And finally, I can interact with others respectfully for sure I definitely feel like I am doing well on this part with others and the environment. Now that that part of this post is over time to talk about some subjects.


The projects that I have done in humanities are, the medium is the message, the outsiders and working with words. I think I did the best work in humanity’s when we did the outsiders project first off I thought that it was a super fun project and I really enjoyed the exhibition. Now I think I did a good job in many ways one was public speaking I thought I did a good job even though I was a bit nervous. How also everything was put together was exactly as I thought my group envisioned was nice as well.
Insert photo
an opportunity for growth I think would be my acting skills when presenting it to the exhibition in the outsider’s project.


in maker the projects I have done so far are becoming a PLP learner, constructing creative communication geek out blogs and destination imagination. A project I am proud of in this section would probably be
constructing creative communication Because a learned a lot of cool things and got to make things that I already find fun.
An opportunity for growth I think would be the geek out blog post because I was a bit behind so if I did it again I would try to keep up.


the scimatic projects that we have done are factions of your time, tectonic chances and, laser laws. I think that the tectonic chances project is a good example of my work because it was a cool concept made through good teamwork but was a bit too ambitious because it would have been a really cool game but we made it way too big and long to play but never the less it was very fun.
an opportunity for growth for scimatics would be making sure that everything is going to work and not take too long or break apart during the presentation of projects.


Disposition Habits and Systems


Here I will be going over the things in the photo above and reflecting on how I’m doing in the school year so far

my habit of thinking of something then doing it is going kinda ok because when I think of something 50 percent of the time I will do it but the other 50 I will do it after some time. I am trying to use some of the systems fun fact I am currently writing this on Grammarly, other than Grammarly I am also using other systems as well.

demonstrations of revision, teamwork, responsibility, and
production of high-quality work

A good example of this would be my advertisements for deep cove music because I had to do all the things above to do a good job

<=First draft                                               Second draft=>




<=Third draft forth draft=>






as you just saw I definitely did all that expect teamwork but I assure you that teamwork went into these.

The ending

I hope something here was interesting for you if not sorry

thanks for reading and goodbye

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Lazers And My Project With Them

Over the last few months in scimatics, we have been learning about the Pythagorean theorem which is a type of theorem used to measure angles
At the start of this project, I was quite confused because I honestly didn’t know pretty much anything about the topic
(here is a photo of a mind map I did at the start of the project)

after I wrote down all my questions and everything I thought I knew we started going through some textbooks and doing some worksheets to further understand the project. One thing I should mention is that you might see me talk about lasers on the mind map that’s because we were told at the very start of the project that we were going to make a laser display using mirrors and math to make a shape with one laser. Now back to the work part of this project during some of the textbooks I was a little bit confused because it might seem pretty simple and I mean your right it does seem simple but I learned that it was confusing at least for me but after a little bit of time I figured out pretty much everything. one of the more complicated parts of this project is when we got to try out a website where you can make a laser display simulation it even has more things that we used in the final part of the project like circular mirrors, light beams glass tools a quite a bit more. If you want to check the website here’s the link
The reason we were trying this website out is that it was first of all good practice to use what we learned and because it lets us measure the angles and then use them for an example to use to make our display work better. At this point in the project, I got covid so I had to take a week off of school and this was right after winter break ended so I did not have school for three weeks straight. After I got back and started going back to school again I forgot a few things and my group had started making our display lucky for me it was just some writing/ math on a piece of cardboard so I got to help paint it black and I mostly worked on putting up the mirrors to follow the path we made. and it often the mirrors would move or the laser but I wanted to be able to move the mirrors so that I could fix them if the math was wrong. A fun part of making the display is that we got to give it a theme or make it look however we want we made it plain black so that during the display the laser would be the centrepiece and not the surroundings we also gave our display walls so that the laser would not go to a wall or in someone’s eye. After the process of glueing and painting even going over our math with a white marker we finished and got to present in a gallery walk.
(If you don’t know what a gallery walk is it’s where you go look around at other people’s work.)
here is my project image during the gallery walk.

(The laser is a bit off because I angled the mirrors wrong)

the finale
I really enjoyed this project because we got to play and do work with lasers which is cool for a school project and I feel like I learned a lot from this project as while after all of the work during this project, I feel like I can confidently say that I understand and feel like I can use the Pythagorean theorem. Also, I think I could answer my questions from my mind map from the start of the project.

curricular competencies

Questioning and predicting:
for the whole project, I didn’t get distracted or very off task a example of this is the quality and how I work because I think I did quite a good job.

communicating and representing:
I did a good job representing my work even if I was a bit off sometimes a example of this is the final project in the photo earlier it was a bit off because we had the mirrors angled wrong after I moved them it was a lot better but the math I did earlier was quite good as well.

Applying and innovating:
everyone in my group helped a lot during the project and our laser triangle was quite accurate and planned well.

My Art Process

Hi welcome to my blog today I will be talking about more wood-burning today I will be talking about what I think about while making a piece. And some of the processes of making a piece. At the very start of making something I first have to figure out an idea, I start by thinking about something I like mostly animals or something a bit stupid and funny also possibly cute. Once I have a picture of what I want to make I draw it out on paper to get a sketch down then I refine it to a clean drawing then I trace it onto the wood. Now the fun part burning, I will be talking about some things that are wood-burning exclusives to think about. One of the things that are most present in my mind is if the design I drew is in my skill range for burning because I need to be able to make the design on the wood and this time it would have details it didn’t on the sketch, like shading and actual depth to the piece so I need to be able to do. Then finally after finishing the burning the piece is done unless I want to paint it but otherwise it is finished.

A Explanation Of Wood Burning!

Hi and welcome to my blog again this is my 3rd geek out post (a challenge I’m doing) today I will explain wood burning a bit more in detail than the other post on.

wood burning or pyrography as it’s formally called is a art form where someone uses a poker, a super hot pen (I think there’s a few names I just like this one) and burns a dent into a piece of wood which then makes a dark line or a light depending on how hot the pen is and how deep the burn. Because of how it works if you make a mistake you can’t really fix it because it’s engraved so if you do you have to restart of the back of the wood or on a new entire piece of wood which is kinda fun especially when you’re almost done the piece.

here’s an attempt at me describing how it works with a drawing I made with the photo from the other post as an example. One thing worth noting though is that the piece in the drawing is painted. Normally pieces don’t get painted because all the shading is done with heat and paint can get in the dents and shading, but I wanted to try painting it. That’s all I can think of for a more detailed explanation so goodbye for now!


You can find the person who got me into wood burning from an art class here. I even made the goose in their class over the summer

(Here’s a fun challenge see if you can find the goose that I made on their instagram)

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