The Ultimate Design Challenge

Welcome back to my blog! We have reached the end of our ultimate design challenge!  So, what was this project about? The goal for this project was to be able to design a 3D object with basic 3D shapes, and then confidently be able to calculate the total surface area and volume of the design […]

Chemistry Coding

Hello readers, and welcome back to another blog post. In this post, I am going to be talking about the scimatics project we just finished, called Chemistry Coding. The final product for this project was a coded and interactive game or simulation that included the Kinetic Molecular Theory and Atomic Theory. I encourage you to […]

The Renaissance: A Change Engine

  Hello readers! Welcome back to my awesome blog! This post tells the story of my learning through our most recent Humanities project on the Renaissance and some of it’s everlasting effects on the world today. Don’t know too much about the Renaissance? Follow along and you might learn something you hadn’t known before on […]

Loon Lake 2022

Hello everyone! It’s time for another blog post, but this time, instead of reflecting on a project, I’ll be looking back on the trip we recently went on!  What type of trip do you ask? This field trip wasn’t just your typical one-day field trip to the aquarium, or to an art exhibit or something […]

Working with words!

For our final project of Humanities this semester, we explored poetry. The project was called working with words and our driving question was “ How might I construct text that shows who I am right now?”. I loved this project because you could be as creative as you want with your poems with the exception […]

Epic Laser Displays!

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my 2nd summative post for scimatics on my blog. The final task for this project was to test the Pythagorean Theorem an the law of reflection by creating a laser display! Our driving question for this project was: “ How can we test the law of reflection and the […]