MPOL 2023🎯

Already halfway through grade 9! You know what that means! It’s time to reflect on my growth as a learner in the first half of the year! Yep, you guessed it: time for another Mpol (Midyear Presentation of Learning). Let’s begin! Declaration of learning: “Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am […]

🎢The Rizzard Of Oz

A new rollercoaster for Screamorama Amusement Park just got approved for further engineering, development and construction!! This is exciting. My creative design team designed and created a working prototype of this rollercoaster, to pitch it to the CEO’s of Screamorama (aka the teachers). There was about a dozen rollercoaster pitches, and ours was the first […]

Storm The Barricades

How did revolutions bring down empires and change societies around the world? Welcome back! For this project we dove into revolutions of the past, specifically The Russian Revolution, the French Revolution, the American Revolution and the Haitian revolution. The original plan was to put your chosen historical revolution on trial, to determine if the revolution […]

Life As We Know It!!

What is life on Earth? How do living things sustain life? How do we achieve genetic diversity in living things? Well, lucky you, we pondered all of these question in our latest science project, about biology. This post isn’t like a regular summative project post, because to sum up most of my learnings, I made […]

Let’s Start a Revolution!!

Once upon a time I lived in a kingdom far far away. In this nation, the society was divided into 4 social classes; including the king and royals, the law enforcement (Nobility), the merchants (Store Owners) and the peasants. Each had a different hierarchy status, living conditions and wages.  The rules and laws were imposed […]

Vibrant Goals and Vibrant Videos!

Hold up! Let me just get my videographer glasses on. Ok, all good. Now I can see like a videographer! This helped me create 4 vibrant videos through the course of my most recent project. This maker project took me about 1 month to complete, from early October to early November.  To kill two birds […]

Ecosystems and our Impacts

Well hello again! I’m back, it’s been a while since my last post.  Quick catch-up: This is PLP Science 9. Yeah you heard me correctly, it’s just science instead of last year’s Scimatics, which I’m super happy about. Now science and math are separate classes, like mainstream (non-PLP) students usually have. And we have welcomed […]

The Battle Of ALS

Hello everyone! This is my blog post reflection on our last science project of this school year, called Comic Cells. The end goal for this project was to make a comic about how cells and diseases interact. But first, we had to learn more about cells. To learn about what classifies something as living or […]