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People and The Environment

How do people and the environment affect each other? Introduction: This project taught me a great deal concerning how little we take for granted how much we need our environment. This project was completely centred around the question of how… Continue Reading →

Game of Exponents Laws

Game of Exponents Laws  Introduction  The game of exponents educated me on how exponents work and how to create an engaging game. For this project, our main goal was to have had created a game that incorporated exponents heavily into… Continue Reading →

Comic Cells Summative Post

How do cells and deases interact? Introduction  This project taught just how complicated our immune system is compared to what I thought. In this project we were tasked with creating a comic book concerning a cell. In this comic book… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Design Challenge

Introduction: This project really allow me to be extremely creative with the final product. For this project I had to create an object that had maximum surface area or volume. We were allowed to do this project in either groups… Continue Reading →

Chemistry Coding Summative Post

The behaviour of matter can be explained by the kinetic molecular theory Molecular Simulator Introduction: This project taught me how complex science can be when concerning atoms and scientific theories. For this project we were tasked with using scratch to… Continue Reading →

The more things change

What did European settlement mean for all people involved? Introduction: This project helped me to gain a further understanding of the relationship between First Nations and Europeans. I found this project to be quite difficult however, extremely enjoyable and educational…. Continue Reading →

Destination Imagination Final Reflection

Destination Imagination Reflection Introduction: Destination Imagination was an amazing experience and I’m ecstatic to share my experience with the class. I was in the technical challenge, my team, The Troublesome Tech Team, consisted of six member including myself that had… Continue Reading →

Argh, Matey Reflection

What is the impact of global exploration? Introduction: Argh Matey taught me about what really happen during the age of exploration and the history of pirates. This unit was all about why European exploration happened, how did happen and what… Continue Reading →

Student Blogging Challenge Reflection

    The Student Blogging Challenge has taught me how to blog properly and how to use certain blogging tools. If you haven’t been following my blog, the student blogging challenge is a challenge where teachers give students a topic… Continue Reading →

Growth Mindset Journal

Growth Mindset Journal Click to read this book, made with Book Creator My Growth Mindset taught me how to start having a growth mindset and stop getting fixed mindset when struggling to solve a problem. In the past I… Continue Reading →

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