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Case Studies for Health

patient’s case The patient I chose was 48 years old person and had severe arthritis in their and due to this, it’s debilitates their work as a hand person. They have been medication for the pain however, has found the… Continue Reading →

Time is Money

How can we predict our finances for the future?  Introduction  What to record? Thats the investigation I have been myself these past few days as I stare into the abyss of a pages document. Anyways, in this project we leaned… Continue Reading →


    Introduction  The exhibition taught me how to present mine and the work of others to a large audience. This spring exhibition was the first ever exhibition I participated in and taught me how to host an event.  The… Continue Reading →


Why do you feel you are read to advance to the next grade level? “Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own… Continue Reading →

Your First Film

How can I engage and entertain an audience using my video and storytelling skills? Introduction  The your first film project was all about using our filming skill and editing skills to create a documentary. Before doing this project, I was… Continue Reading →

Meiosis Models

How is the reproduction of cells essential to the survival of organisms? Introduction This project has taught me how life comes to exist and more specifically, how I came into existence. This entire project was about mitosis and meiosis, types… Continue Reading →

Think like a Moviemaker

Introduction This unit was all about how to make your own movie. The main apps we used was iMovie and Clips. We created with these apps a bunch of different movies using different editing techniques, angles, effects and filters. Before… Continue Reading →

Believe in Good

How can I be my most effective self? Introduction:  I believe this project has helped me grows as a person in many different. This project was all about the Seven Habits. The Seven habits are meant to improve your way… Continue Reading →

A War to End All Wars

How might we use graphic novel to understand Canada’s involvement in WW1? Introduction: This project helped me understand how it felt like to live during the time of WW1. This is due to the hard work of the teachers and… Continue Reading →

Metaphor Machine

How can we represent the scientific method? What factor affect the function and efficiency of electric circuits? Introduction: This project was extremely long and challenging however, at the end I had both a good understanding of the scientific method and… Continue Reading →

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