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I Designed a Truck

Our most recent Scimatics project was called The Ultimate Design Challenge. The driving question was a little bit of a fill in the blanks question. It was “How can I design a _______ with maximum (surface area/volume)?” In this project… Continue Reading →

Destination Improvisation Part 2

For the past six months, we have been preparing to compete in the Destination Imagination BC Provincial Challenge 2022. To learn what DI is and more about what we accomplished, read my previous DI blog post. Click here to read…. Continue Reading →

Atom Escape!

Our most recent Scimatics project has been titled Chemistry Coding. The driving question was “How can the behaviour of matter be explained by the kinetic molecular theory and the atomic theories?” In this project we created a coded game using… Continue Reading →

Historical Significance During the Renaissance

Recently in Humanities, we have been working on a project called The Renaissance: a Change Engine. The driving question was “What significant developments emerged from the past and how do they impact us today.” In this project we explored historical… Continue Reading →

Our Trip Loon Lake

A few weeks ago, PLP 8 and 9 went on our first field study. We went to the Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre for three nights and had a great time. We wanted to be amazing learners on our… Continue Reading →

Mid-Year Presentation of Learning 2022

Welcome to my grade 8 mPOL (mid-year Presentation of learning). This post is my reflection on everything I have done in grade 8 thus far. I’ll be talking about my core competencies, some of my projects for each subject, some… Continue Reading →

Destination Improvisation

For the past few months in Maker we have been preparing for Destination Imagination (DI) 2022. Now that we are around halfway through preparations, we have decided to make a reflective post on how DI is going so far. What… Continue Reading →

I Made a Book About Potery

Over the past couple weeks in Humanities, we have been working on a project called Working With Worlds. The driving question was “How might I construct text that shows who I am right now?” In this project we would create… Continue Reading →

I Made a Triangle With a Laser

Over the past few months in Scimatics, we have been working on a project titled Laser Laws. The driving question was “How can we test the Pythagorean theorem and the law of reflection.” In this project we worked with a… Continue Reading →

My Favourite Movies of 2021

For my final post in this series, I am ranking my top five live action movies that I saw in 2021. My ranking of 2021 animated movies is in a separate post. Spoiler warning for some of these movies (especially… Continue Reading →

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