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Communication Through Drawing

This month in Maker, we have been working on improving our creative communication abilities through a project called Constructing Creative Communication. The driving question was “How might I use technology to create and communicate?” The class was first split into… Continue Reading →

Humans vs. Aliens!

Over the course of seven weeks we have worked on a scimatics project called Tectonic Chances. The driving question of this project was “How are thematic and mathematical elements used in game design?” We were also focusing on gaining a… Continue Reading →

How I Became a PLP Learner

Our first project for Maker was all about becoming a PLP learner. Our goal was answering the driving question “How Do I Build and Strengthen the PLP Learning Team?” This project focused on defining who we are, what we want… Continue Reading →

How Influential Is Media?

For the past five weeks we have been working on a project called Medium is the Message. The driving question for this project is “How does what we hear, read, and see influence us?” In this project the main thing… Continue Reading →

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Hi there. My name is Silas and this is my blog.

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