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My Learning in 2023 (MPoL)

Halfway through each year in PLP, we complete a celebration of our learning called a Mid-Year Presentation of Learning (an MPoL). This is where we reflect on what we have learned over the course of the year. At the start… Continue Reading →

How Sustainable is Our Electricity

After tinkering away at my circuit for the sixth time, I was unable to figure out why it wasn’t working. I was thinking of giving up, but I knew that if I pushed through I might be able to get… Continue Reading →

Is It Worth It?

What were the consequences of the Industrial Revolution? I was tasked with creating a slam poem about this very topic. I knew nothing about the Industrial Revolution, and nothing about slam poetry. How would I accomplish this task? What process… Continue Reading →

The American Revolution On Trial

For our second Humanities project of the year, we were tasked with exploring famous revolutions and arguing their effectiveness or ineffectiveness in a simulated court of law. Our driving question was “How did revolutions bring down empires and change societies… Continue Reading →

Exploring the Deeper Themes of ‘Avatar’ through Film

In 2009, James Cameron’s epic film Avatar was released after four years of production, pushing the limits of visual effects and grossing a record-breaking $2.9 billion at the box office. But beyond its impressive action scenes and special effects, the… Continue Reading →

How Do Living Things Reproduce?

How is life sustained and passed on through cell division? This question turns out to be more complicated than I thought. Many complex processes are at play in allowing life to continue. In our newest science project, titled Life As… Continue Reading →

I Started a Revolution

Disease was spreading, war was starting, the economy was collapsing, and I was right in the middle of it. To kick off our next Humanities project, Storm the Barricades, we participated in a simulation about revolutions. In this simulation, we… Continue Reading →

My Goal For Maker 9

What is my goal for this year in Maker? How can I achieve said goal? Keep reading to find out. Our goal in Maker 9, is to learn about moviemaking. But, how do we effectively set, follow, and achieve goals…. Continue Reading →

How Has the Geography of the West Shaped Who We Are

How has the Geography of the West Shaped Who We Are? This was the driving question of our first Humanities project of grade nine. The project was called The Power of Geography and it pushed my questioning skills to the… Continue Reading →

How Do We Affect Our Local Ecosystems?

Welcome to my first post of my grade 9 year! This year, Scimatics is no longer a PLP subject. Now, its just Science. For our first Science project, we took a look at ecosystems and our affects on them. This… Continue Reading →

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