My name is Silas and this is everything that you need to know about me before we work together.

First of all you must know that I work best when everybody is doing the same amount of work. I get frustrated if I am doing most of the work while everybody else does nothing. I also would like for you to make sure that you include me in everything so that I can stay on top of what I have to do. I would also like it if you listen to my ideas and suggestions and make sure that my ideas are used in some shape or form.

In return, I will make sure that you are doing the amount of work you feel comfortable doing and include you in everything. I will not be bossy nor will I be anti-social. I promise to read your team contract page so that I know what I should do to work with you.

Here are some excerpts from my user manual that may help you while working with me:

I have also made a story about a person who is forced to work with me on a special mission. Click this link to read: Working With Silas

The three main things I have made for this project are my Memoji, my user manual, and my short story. My Memoji went through a couple phases of revision. I have seven stickers; one is my dog, two are my artwork, and the other two are things I like. The Memoji itself looks like me and I think I did a good job of creating an emoji that represents me. For my user manual I have lots of categories that I used (not all are shown here for personal reasons). The thing that I am especially proud of is my modes because I think it does a good job of explaining me as a person. For my creative representation I chose to write a story because that is something I enjoy doing and I had fun making it. In the end, I am proud of all three of my creations and think they do a good job of explaining me as a learner.