Community Impact Makers

For my final project of PLP, we focused on impact. Specifically community impact makers that we have some type of connection to. We worked to refine our definitions of impact, primarily through studying what made a “crazy one”, a term from an apple ad that seemed to be a big inspiration for this project. We […]

Reading Journal 2022 (Capstone Project)

Reading Journal 2022 By: Alex O Forward: A goal I set for myself this year was to, broadly put, read more. Specifically, I compiled a reading list for this year with the goal of learning more about a variety of themes and topics through literature. In order to expand my view of the world. I’ve […]

Macbeth Madness

The most recent PLP project is (almost over), and as I march ever forwards towards my graduation these blog posts become more and more valuable to me. A chance to take a step back and reflect, -albeit for only one course- is a needed pace change, in these hectic last months of my highschool journey. […]

mPol 2022, Half a Year in Reflection

If anything, this year has really, truly, concretely taught me how to implement the skills I have cultivated through reflection over my 3 years with PLP. To quote my conclusion from the “Playlist of my Life” project: “being able to strongly support our choices of interpretation not only with just music is the core learning […]

Perseverance, Presentation, and Perception

The Winter PLP Exhibition 2021 took place last Wednesday. The PLP class and I presented our conceptual art pieces, and like most of the exhibitions I’ve been a part of, it went surprisingly well. That’s awesome! We were tasked with creating conceptual art pieces that explored the historical significance of the atomic bomb through a […]

A Ethical Critique of “Hiroshima”

Like any great piece of art or literature, John Hersay’s 1946 new journalism novel “Hiroshima” raises more questions than it answers. Mainly, it challenged the western view of the Japanese population at the time. To me, this asks: does the decimation of a mostly civilian, an arguably innocent, city justify the end of the bloodiest […]

A Ubiquitous Reflection

“How Should We Govern Ourselves?”   This, the driving question of my latest PLP project. During this project we learned about ideology, Canadian government structure, and about political strategy in general and we were tasked with creating our own unique political party that could run in Canadian elections, the Zettlekasten system used to take notes […]