Have you ever thought of creating a podcast? There’s a lot of work that goes into it. You have to create an idea, find a targeted audience, and create a podcast that other people would find interesting. You have to think, why would others want to listen to my podcast? We had to answer all of these questions and more for our new project, Project Podcast.

The driving question for this project is “How Might I Create A Trailer For My Podcast Which Informs, Inspires, And Entertains.” For this project, we could make a podcast about whatever we want. Whatever we’re interested in learning more about over the year or a hobby that we want to share our knowledge about to the world. Before we could start thinking of ideas for our podcasts, we had to learn more about what will make our podcasts special and different from other podcasts out there. What do we bring to the table that no one else has? For that, we need to take a look into identity.

Milestone 2 – What Is Identity?

I already talk a lot about identity on my milestone 2 blog post for this project which you can find here, but I’m going to talk more about how identity helped us with creating my final project. For this milestone, we had to take a look at identity and talk about our identity and what we learned from the activities we did. These activities included readings of other people’s identity, activities about how our name shapes us, and gifs that show off our identity. Identity was an important thing to learn about this project because we need to find a reason why people would listen to our podcasts instead of others. Most of us haven’t thought about our identity.

From this milestone, I’ve learned more about myself and my identity, and also being a stronger creative communicator. I showed this in my work by constructing a creative gif that represents my identity. I used applications such as Snapseed and tools such as double exposure to create my image. I then briefly described the image in my milestone 2 blog post and how it represents me.

Milestone 3 – What Makes A Great Podcast?

For milestone 3, our job was to start gathering podcast ideas to make a plan for our podcasts. For my podcast, my original idea was to make a podcast about coding. My idea was to do little coding lessons and look at other people’s projects and trying to break them down. I called my podcast CodeCast. After getting some critique, I realized that idea had some flaws in it. One of the flaws was that it would be very difficult to teach people programming through audio. I then thought about making my idea broader and maybe making the main topic about tech. I decided that my podcasts will be about what’s happening with technology in the world and how it impacts other teenagers. I called my podcasts bandwidth. This is because bandwidth is a certain amount of data transferred across a given path. I’m trying to give data and information about tech to my listeners so the name fits with what I’m trying to do. Below you can see my first project plan for my coding idea and my second one for my tech idea.

  • First Draft

I’ve shown through my work that I can be a creative communicator by creatively constructing two different podcast plans. Even though one of my ideas failed, I was able to learn from my mistakes and create an even better podcast plan. For both of them, I was able to create a name for my podcast, find a targeted audience, and create a plan for what I want my podcast to look like.

Milestone 5 – Podcast Trailer

Milestone 5 was our final milestone for this project. For this, we had to take our final podcasts plans and use that to create a script for our podcast trailer. I started doing some podcasts takes and chose the best one. I also had to create my music using live loops in GarageBand. Overall, the final product came out well. After some critique, I was able to see my flaws in my first few drafts and created a great final product.

After completing this milestone, I have strengthened my ability to be a better creative communicator in many different ways.  I have learned to create an audio trailer using applications such as GarageBand and voice memo.  I have learned how to edit audio clips and balance out music to audio.  I also learned how to better enhance audio to make myself sound more clear.

This project overall has taught me a lot of things. I love listening to podcasts, but I’ve never really thought about creating my own. It’s also taught me more about myself and my identity. This isn’t the end of podcasting in PLP for me. Our podcasts are going to be used throughout the rest of my time in grade ten. That’s the end of this blog post, make sure you watch out for the first episode of my new podcast bandwidth.