Poetry Month

April is poetry month!  I’m excited for another month of poems, stories and fun activities.

Cove Cliff Students will be hearing, practicing and reading poems all month long.

Poem in your pocket day is April 28th!

Teachers can check out my links on the Resources page for Poetry ideas from K-7.  If you have other sites you love let me know and I’ll link them!

-Mrs. F.


New Library Software – Destiny

The new library automation software has arrived and it is fabulous.  If you want to have a look at what you can do with it, please follow this link which will allow you to search our catalog, the resource lists that I have created for different curricular areas, and Destiny Discover which will give you links to the databases that our district subscribes to.

Go to:  https://sd44.follettdestiny.ca and select Cove Cliff from the list.

Happy Searching!

Mrs. Fraenkel

Welcome Back!

Pile-of-Books-2I’ve been busy over the summer, reading and getting ready for a new school year in the library.  I’m very excited this year that we will be participating in the Global Read Aloud.  It sounds like it will be an awesome way to begin our school year with everyone reading the same books we should be able to have some great book talks – both live and online with other classes as well as authors.  Here are some books that were on my summer reading list,

what did you read this summer?

Great Websites for Kids to learn to Code

code“Like reading, …Coding gives children a creative way of looking at the world. It empowers them to make, rather than passively consume. It encourages them to work together.” – Sylvia Aguiñaga

Why should kids learn to code?

  1. It teaches them how things work.  Kids are naturally curious, they want to figure things out.  Learning some basic coding makes them appreciate how all the electronics that are part of their everyday life work.
  2. It teaches them math is not just something you do at school.  Coding requires mathematical thinking and logic.
  3. It is fun to make things and see how they work instantly.
  4. It is a great career path with lots of jobs and opportunities.

Some great websites for kids.

Bears, Bears, Bears

We are all busy learning about bears! Our school wide bear theme began with a visit from Maggie deVries, author of Fraser Bear – A Cub’s Life.  Maggie led us through the ideas, research and publishing and editing process of her books and shared some writing tips with us.  Now we are all busy learning more about bears, reading bear stories and novels and coming together as a Cove Cliff Community. 

Upcoming events:

  • the North Shore Black Bear Society will be coming to talk to us about bears in our neighborhood
  • we will be having a Teddy Bear Picnic with buddy classes
  • primary students will have a bear activity day


The Big Weed

We are in the process of weeding out books that have not been checked out of the library for several years to make room on the shelves for all our new books.  If there are any parents with time to help, this will be an ongoing project for the next few weeks. Please drop in to the library or leave a comment below if you can help out.