All about baseball

Hello again this blog post is all about baseball I am a catcher for gathering North shore Minor League I just tried out for the highest league in North shore on Monday so I am waiting to see if i made it or not

I love baseball i have been playing it for so long and found a love for playing it and watching it. My favourite player are Jose Bautista who is retired, Galvin Bejooi who is the 2ed baseball for the bluejays. I love BackCatching it probably is my favourite position because your always in the game and you have presser to do the right thing and all of that. This YouTube link right here is the catcher and the pitcher just bullpening the video is at the bottom. So the video to me is so satisfying the snap on the glove is so satisfying, the pitcher is Clayton Kershaw one pod the best pitchers in the MLB in the past 8 or 10 years. I also really love baseball movie like the sandlot. My favourite Baseball clothing brand is baseballizm and lids I like  Basebalizm little better because it focuses on more baseball clothes where lids has ever sport in it. One last thing here is me hitting in my backyard



Thank y’all for reading another blog post 


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  1. It’s about time someone ads the sandlot movie into a post! Cool post, I liked the topic and did you mean Cavan Biggio?

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