Humanities Blog post

The more things change🧅🦫

Hello everyone this thing I’m writing about is Humanities and the finally blog post. 

Driving Question 

The driving question was ( What did European Settlement mean for all the people involved ) this meant that we were learned about Europeans and how the settled in New France. For the Past couple of weeks we have been very into this thing called an info graphic here is a picture of one if you don’t now   Anyway my group member was Mateo he has a blog to so you can find him at he was a very good teammate.

Milestones and Practices

So we started of are whole project by doing Milestone 1 which was a deep cove reflection, we went outside to right about what are some continuities and change what I did was answer my own questions like what has deep cove changed and what not. The 2nd Milestone was Continuities and change of New France, to make sense we have been doing lectures with ms.Maxwell so we now i pretty good amount of stuff. So what we did was we had to go into a group and read or remember all thing we had on this little piece of paper one of my was conflict and war, after we were done that we had to share to other people do they could get knowledge as well. Are third Milestone was facts and graphics so kind of self explanatory we had to do a little practice graphics to get to know Canva and to learn more about Infographics. So after that we had milestone 4 which was a develop and critique of are new infographic, so basically the teachers and classmates ripping us a part lol. Well it was not like that but then told us what to add and not to add. The finally and last Milestone was Milestone 5. Which was putting up your info graphic. 


So this infographic thing we had to work on was about New France and how did France, First Nations and the British were affected by New France  i think are Infographic was very good because it is very neat and very Aesthetically pleasing. I forgot to say that we had to make a YouTube Video and tell the people watching what it meant. So hear is the big video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Thank you for reading/watching see ya

Argh Matey

Argh Matey blog

Hello everyone this blog is about a project that I did before spring break this blog was all about the Columbia exchange and pirating.

Intro to this project

So we started this project with a movie in the vortex yes it was actually my first time in there and it literally feel like a movie theatre the seats oh boy let me tell you about the seats man they are so comfy its crazy, y’all ore probably like ya right its a school, but they are so comfy for school man. Anyway lets get to the movie part and the worksheet. So after the movie which was actually a great movie we went back to class to get a worksheet on are iPad and did that at home because it was the end of the day. 

What is the impact of global exploration 

This hading right hear was the driving question for this project, why you ask its because this project for one was about global exploration and also pirates and global as well. How I met the driving question? Well I met it because I did everything that needed to be ask and I also was very interested is all of the lectures and presentation that Mr. Hughs, I never realize how i hard pirates life’s are they had so much stuff to deal with like survey highly suggest to look it up I would put i link in this but right now the wifi in the school is not working but you can search it up. Pirates also had to deal with other pirates going to kill them and way other sicknesses. Also I want to ad that I’m not a pirate fan because thy were murders, sex offenders, thief’s and all of that.

  The actual project

So the project is you have to go into AR maker and create objects for a story that you had to right. So my story was about Prince Henry the Navigator so i had to make objects my self I did like a lamscape vibe with all the objects built into the background of the picture  her is the link to the final presentation you can also find me at Cole D that is my YouTube 

How I made the AR maker thing? I made it by using this app called AR maker who would of guessed it. Well first I actually had to make a story kind of thing for Prince Henry The Navigator with a story sheet that helped me. So after that a stared to make the background because everything ha to be draw-in or traced I did not know that at the start so i just got stuff from safari but then at the last day to do this I had to basically redo everything and trace everything. But as you saw up there it was not horrible but there was like the black lines there its because when I took a screenshot of the picture then cropped it, it just didn’t work so I had to use the scissors tool but it was super hard because the background was already black so I had to basically just guess were to crop the black lines. 


After we were all done that we started to watch or DI projects first before are AR one. So we are done with the Di things and we go for lunch after lunch we got a hecking pirate pack because are project is “Argh matey” get it hehe, if you don’t then i don’t know what to say. Then we actually were not done the DI videos so we watched those then we gosh dang did not have time to watch are AR videos. Not going to cap I did not want to show my project anyway because to be far it was not the best but it worked.

Well thank y’all again for reading this and bye. 

DI Blog Post (Destination Imagination)

Hello everyone this blog post is about DI or also know as Destination Imagination. Its where kids go into a tournament and make a video and a thing called a instant challenge, an instant challenge is were you get a challenge and you have to recreate the thing that you were assigned. It’s basically like a 3 min practice for the real event are ever to was something like a building thing thats all i can say because its private info.


so this project was basically a bigger thing then the instant challenge, my group was Art we had to maybe make a little slide show the key word the “  MAYBE” you now want sucks thats all i can say about the actual project but i can tell you the beside the Scenes.

So my group was Art as you know if you have common  sense the how project was about what? I will spoil ART holy man. Anyway you could say that the project was not really art like like it was not a drawing thing i guess it was not filming or painting it was like a story that it guys yes more spoiling

Don’t get me wrong i would love to tell y’all what it is but I can’t i have not even seen my results for the competition. Let me tell you the other art group’s project was insane the production was so good.

Well thank you for reading wish i could tell you everything but bye bye



oh and here are some pictures of DI







and the link to the videos because now I can show you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!