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The more things change🧅🦫

Hello everyone this thing I’m writing about is Humanities and the finally blog post. 

Driving Question 

The driving question was ( What did European Settlement mean for all the people involved ) this meant that we were learned about Europeans and how the settled in New France. For the Past couple of weeks we have been very into this thing called an info graphic here is a picture of one if you don’t now   Anyway my group member was Mateo he has a blog to so you can find him at he was a very good teammate.

Milestones and Practices

So we started of are whole project by doing Milestone 1 which was a deep cove reflection, we went outside to right about what are some continuities and change what I did was answer my own questions like what has deep cove changed and what not. The 2nd Milestone was Continuities and change of New France, to make sense we have been doing lectures with ms.Maxwell so we now i pretty good amount of stuff. So what we did was we had to go into a group and read or remember all thing we had on this little piece of paper one of my was conflict and war, after we were done that we had to share to other people do they could get knowledge as well. Are third Milestone was facts and graphics so kind of self explanatory we had to do a little practice graphics to get to know Canva and to learn more about Infographics. So after that we had milestone 4 which was a develop and critique of are new infographic, so basically the teachers and classmates ripping us a part lol. Well it was not like that but then told us what to add and not to add. The finally and last Milestone was Milestone 5. Which was putting up your info graphic. 


So this infographic thing we had to work on was about New France and how did France, First Nations and the British were affected by New France  i think are Infographic was very good because it is very neat and very Aesthetically pleasing. I forgot to say that we had to make a YouTube Video and tell the people watching what it meant. So hear is the big video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Thank you for reading/watching see ya

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