Chemistry coding blog post

Hello everybody this blog post Is going to be about the project we did last week. We started this project at the very start of this semester but there was a little twist to the project.

What I did

So this project was very weird for me because i was in lockdown because one of my friends had COVID-19 so I had to stay inside of my room the whole day for 2 weeks  so it was very hard to keep up with all the homework but. Luckily i got the basic instructions when i was there for like i week and a half. So we had to make a game or a simulator with atoms and stuff like that, I  chose to do a game. It started out hard because I really did not now what to do i thing i started out with a shooter game but that was way to hard to code because its very hard to code then I decided to make a maze which was a great choice because it was not that hard and it was very fun and interesting idea.


The project

so this section is about the whole project and what i did befor the coding stages and all of that. I started with doing a bunch of weird book sheet that were very confusing and hard but luckily we only had to do like 5 pages and not like 10 so that was good. We also did mini experiment like doing some rocks to I don’t noooo  what that Is but we did that . The website we had to use in scratch I might have said that already but whatever, the website you probably used because elementary schools are very in to scratch because its pretty darn good for little kids to know how to code. Anyway this is it because I cant really right much because I was in my room for the whole time.



thank you for reading  another blog post see ya

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