Chemistry coding blog post

Hello everybody this blog post Is going to be about the project we did last week. We started this project at the very start of this semester but there was a little twist to the project.

What I did

So this project was very weird for me because i was in lockdown because one of my friends had COVID-19 so I had to stay inside of my room the whole day for 2 weeks  so it was very hard to keep up with all the homework but. Luckily i got the basic instructions when i was there for like i week and a half. So we had to make a game or a simulator with atoms and stuff like that, I  chose to do a game. It started out hard because I really did not now what to do i thing i started out with a shooter game but that was way to hard to code because its very hard to code then I decided to make a maze which was a great choice because it was not that hard and it was very fun and interesting idea.


The project

so this section is about the whole project and what i did befor the coding stages and all of that. I started with doing a bunch of weird book sheet that were very confusing and hard but luckily we only had to do like 5 pages and not like 10 so that was good. We also did mini experiment like doing some rocks to I don’t noooo  what that Is but we did that . The website we had to use in scratch I might have said that already but whatever, the website you probably used because elementary schools are very in to scratch because its pretty darn good for little kids to know how to code. Anyway this is it because I cant really right much because I was in my room for the whole time.



thank you for reading  another blog post see ya

Laser law blog post

Science blog post final

Welcome to the final blog post of Science/Math this project was about the laser laws and the Pythagorean theorem. Are plan was supposed to be very detailed and about Star Wars I will get more in detail when i tell you about the actual project and not just the the intro. 


Project plan📖  

 So the plan for the project was that we were going to to make the inside f the Death Star, you know the seen where all the x-wings are going in the Death Star and there trying to destroy it by going in to the line thingy so  we went with it. We where going to start with just a normal triangle that’s pretty boring then David said we should do something that’s would be more eye pleasing also harder then just making a triangle. 

Building knowledge🤓

We did lot of milestones over this project i think we did over 6 milestones and those where about the Pythagorean theorem and like how it works and all of that. So when we finished the project we started to realize that create ping the laser and putting them in the right place was very hard but also quite fun. I find that if its more hard and enthusiastic and heart renching it will come out to be and more fun because you have a bond with your teammates. Example, i am in French for my other class this term and we had to this final project and we wanted to do it all in one take and it was very nerve-racking but we got it done and it was very fun as well. 


So when we started the Death Star thing and i had no idea what was going on because David had the whole idea of the Death Star thing because he is an Star Wars nerd. He even made a stop motion movie with lego Star Wars. Then when we started to go i finally got it and we did pretty well I think. We started and we were kind of confused and a lot were very distracted but me Davis and Judah where locked in. When Judah was gone he was supposed to bring the tape but he was sick so all we had was hot glue and a dream.

Develop and critique 


When we finished the project are a little critique as you can see in the bottom right. What is basically saying is that we need was to focus better and make the Pythagorean theorem better so basically better. Hear on some things I can improve on, I can improve on helping my team better and understanding the the whole project better and also not be so lazing and do my freaking work!!!!!!!!! My team was a pretty good for work wise but i would say that we needed some motivation 😂 

Present and reflect

So we did not really present are project it was basically just a display but everyone was looking at are thing 😆 ( maybe because it was the first one) . Even if we did present i think we would do pretty well but we didn’t so nobody know’s. The reflecting part so I guess that i am I’m doing it right now so i don’t think know if i am doing good right now so you can feel free to comment and see how am doing, that will be much appreciated. 


Thank you for reading my last blog post of science 🧪 i really liked this term because it was very interesting and well as the projects where very fun some times the homework was very had but mr.gross was super chill about it and a got through it. 

 Thank you Mr.gross

Science blog post

Tectonic chances blog post 

Hello again, I finished my projects lessgo!!!!!! Well not really I still have to present are project, but that’s going to be very fun because think are game can actually go far if we had a little more time well and more money. The best thing about  finishing the project is that winter heckling break is right around the corner actually its like i am at the corner right now.


So on the right or top or left wherever it is that is the finished product. We have 36 playing cards, 40 -+ tokens and one dice. So we were thinking from the start to do this idea with two other people Gwen and Luca but then Mr. gross told us its going to be are desk partner so we were kind of disappointed that we could not work together because I  would stay we had pretty good chemistry. So the first couple milestones where just science textbook then there was a stepping stones that was pretty good here is a picture, its the bottom one, what the stepping stone is is you put all the things you new in this brain storming thing but for me it was quite fun, it was kind of confusing at first 

Because I had no idea ho do do more lines but at the end it was good because I learned how to make the lines easy to more and just press the one line button so it was quite easy. The fished project was really good everyone that played are game said it was pretty good the only thing that was problem was i feel like are game we went into to many minus points so we really did not game the game really going. Anyway the game was very fast pace and fun we adding on more tokens because there was not enough f0r sure 

Thing I learned 

So i have learned that tectonic plates are very important to the world because they can destroy the world, how you ask, if a big plates slippers or slides they can cause an earthquake or a tsunami and if they are big enough they can destroy the whole hecking world 🤯. So they are pretty important.

PS. Thanks Dana for being a good partner 


Screen time project (Science)

Science and Math

Hey there again, this blog is for science and math and what we have done in the past 2 weeks or so. Are project that we have been doing Is counting how much screen time we use in one week with all of are devices even TV who uses those  things. 

So the first part we had to do is just practice the fractions math, we did this work sheets to practice for the numbers doc and really just knowing how to do fractions again, because the last time I did it was in grade 6 maybe I cant even remember that’s how long ago it was. 

Now Mr. Gross told us about the Numbers doc and how to add all the numbers and also told us how to make the doc basically do your math for you it was pretty cool how it does the math for you, One because you don’t have to do math and second you don’t have to do math 😂. 

So the milestones are pretty fun because it does not take so long to do the work and also we experience my first quiz in high school but I bet there is going to be a lot more to come. I feel like the quizzes where easy but I did get mess up quite a bit on the testes but luckily they where not towards markets on the project.

Final project 

So as you can see at the top right of your screen there is a very colourful table the table is about my weekly screen time. The table is all the numbers and all of the screen time categories as in IPad, IPhone, Tv but nobody uses that, computer, sports and sleeping. My total screen time for my whole week is 56.75 Hours😳. Most of my hours is from my computer which literally has no productivity so I got to work on that. So that is my recap on my project tank for sticking around.