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Tectonic chances blog post 

Hello again, I finished my projects lessgo!!!!!! Well not really I still have to present are project, but that’s going to be very fun because think are game can actually go far if we had a little more time well and more money. The best thing about  finishing the project is that winter heckling break is right around the corner actually its like i am at the corner right now.


So on the right or top or left wherever it is that is the finished product. We have 36 playing cards, 40 -+ tokens and one dice. So we were thinking from the start to do this idea with two other people Gwen and Luca but then Mr. gross told us its going to be are desk partner so we were kind of disappointed that we could not work together because I  would stay we had pretty good chemistry. So the first couple milestones where just science textbook then there was a stepping stones that was pretty good here is a picture, its the bottom one, what the stepping stone is is you put all the things you new in this brain storming thing but for me it was quite fun, it was kind of confusing at first 

Because I had no idea ho do do more lines but at the end it was good because I learned how to make the lines easy to more and just press the one line button so it was quite easy. The fished project was really good everyone that played are game said it was pretty good the only thing that was problem was i feel like are game we went into to many minus points so we really did not game the game really going. Anyway the game was very fast pace and fun we adding on more tokens because there was not enough f0r sure 

Thing I learned 

So i have learned that tectonic plates are very important to the world because they can destroy the world, how you ask, if a big plates slippers or slides they can cause an earthquake or a tsunami and if they are big enough they can destroy the whole hecking world 🤯. So they are pretty important.

PS. Thanks Dana for being a good partner 


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