I Become A PLP Learner

Becoming a plp learner

This is my first plp project using keynote heres the link to the video My name is cole webb i am 13 and i go to seycove secondary : https://youtu.be/YvX_lwYr_KQ?feature=sharedI first heard about plp from jack heres a link to his blog blog44.ca/jacks Then i ask my mom and here i am 

PUMPKIN My first thing was the pumpkin it was really fun to make it i had a lot of fun making it i hope u like it His name is lil pump He loves fortnite


WORD PACK My second thing was the iam word pack its a fish I put alot of work in to it i hope u like it He loves fish and skiing his name is lil fitfish My word pack has alot of stuff i love or i love to do like skiing ive been skiing since i was two and last season i learned how to do a back flip 



USER MANUAL My favourite one had to be the user manual i love the way i made it it took me a while to make it if you want to see it just go to my blog at blog44.ca/colew It has 3 settings i dont have a favourite setting besides skier u just go sking all day and all night with your best friends and your best ski gear on your favourite mountain    


NIKE SHOE Then theres my shoe it took me awhile to do because it was really hard to do but i eventually did and it looks good its based of the jordon 1s Chicagos

My reflection I’ve learned that all of the stuff you can find in keynote can help make a good presentation. It took me a little while to get to know keynote and how how to use it for my learning. If I couldn’t find how to do something Ill ask my friend how to do 

Seven Fascinating Facts About Baseball


This is my first blog about baseball its my favourite after skiing baseball is the best sport because its awesome to hit big home run and strike people out ive been playing the game since i was 5

Here are some facts

    1. Rich History: Baseball has a long and storied history, with origins dating back to the 18th century. It’s often referred to as “America’s pastime.”

Base ball


2. Unique Terminology: Baseball has a unique and colorful language, with terms like “home run,” “strikeout,” and “grand slam” that add to its charm.

3. Ballparks: Baseball stadiums vary in design and atmosphere, and each one has its own unique character and traditions.






4. Statistics: Baseball enthusiasts love diving into stats, and the sport has a rich statistical history, with records and data that offer deep insights into player performance.



5. Pitching Duels: Baseball features intense one-on-one battles between pitchers and batters, leading to exciting moments when a pitcher tries to outwit a batter with a variety of pitches.

These are all of the different types of pitches that you can throw

4-seam fastball
  • This pitch is the hardest of the fastballs, it rotates backwards keeping the ball straight with not much movement.
2-seam fastball (sinker)
  • The 2-seamer or the sinker is a fastball that is just gripped differently than the 4-seamer. It is held with the seams rather than across.
  • This pitch moves arm side of the pitcher and down.
  • This movement is a result of the seams catching the air in a way that pushes the ball down and in to righties from a right handed pitcher.
  • 1-3 mph slower than the 4-seamer.
2-seam fastball (runs)
  • This is the same pitch as the sinker, but some pitchers have trouble making the ball dive towards the ground.
  • If the ball moves to the pitchers arm side (inside to a righty from a right handed pitcher) and doesn’t have any depth, than the ball runs.
  • 1-3 mph slower than the 4-seamer.
Cut fastball
  • This one is still in the fastball family and moves the opposite way of the 2-seamer.
  • Out of the hand it looks a little like a cement mixer slider. With spin that that is looser than a slider, it can be tough to pick up the rotation early, because there is no red dot in the middle of the baseball.
  • Has similar action to the slider, just less movement. Also it has more velocity than the slider (5-8 mph slower than 4-seamer).
  • This pitch moves only a few inches to the pitchers glove side and doesn’t usually have much depth.
  • This pitch slides at an angle towards the pitchers glove side with depth.
  • Its usually 9-12 mph slower than the 4-seam fastball.
  • You will see tight spin with a red dot (seams converging and spinning) to help you identify the slider.
  • Usually has a break of 3-6 inches.
    • Has significantly more depth than the slider.
    • Usually has a 12-6 break (as if looking at a clock).
    • Spin is straight over the top, and the ball will look like it has a hump coming out of the pitchers hand.

  • A knuckle curve ball has the same movement as a regular curve ball, the only difference is the grip.
  • Usually at least 15 mph slower than the fastball. Every now and then a pitcher will throw it harder, but still not as hard as the slider.
  • Mixture of the slider and curve ball.
  • Usually big and loopy but its break angle is more of a 10-4 or11-5 if looking at a clock, pitched from a right hander.
  • Closer to the curveball speed than the slider speed.
  • The slurve is more common than a true curveball.
  • Is supposed to have the same spin as a fastball.
  • 8-15 mph slower than the fastball.
  • Depending on the pitcher, some will throw a change-up that has a little depth, and some just float it in there and rely on the change in speed, and the similar spin for effectiveness.
Split finger
  • Can be thrown hard or softer to act like a change-up.
  • Regardless of the velocity it is thrown, the action is the same.
  • There is a tumbling down action to the baseball, which can be seen out of the pitchers hand. The baseball starts in the zone and dives straight into the ground.
  • This pitch has very late down movement which makes this pitch to lay off of.  Most times it is not thrown for a strike.
  • Is used mostly as a strikeout pitch.
Knuckle ball
  • Usually thrown very slow, and used on almost every pitch.
  • The ball comes into the zone with almost no rotation. This will make the ball flutter, having unpredictable movement which can make the pitch tough to hit and catch.
  • The old adage when hitting a knuckle ball is, “if its high, let it fly, if its low, let it go.”

6. Seventh-Inning Stretch: The tradition of the seventh-inning stretch, where fans stand up and sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” adds a communal and fun aspect to the game.



7. Famous Rivalries: Baseball boasts some of the most intense and historic rivalries in sports, such as the Yankees vs. Red Sox or the Dodgers vs. Giants, which add drama and excitement to the game.



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# dingers

Heres a baseball legend

Here are my favourite baseball teams ranked

1. Blue jays  2. Yankees 3. Damond backs 4. Rangers 5. Twins 6. Orioles 7. Red Sox 8. Marlins 9. Mariners 10. Rays 11. Dodgers 12. Phillies 13. Cubs 14. Braves 15. Rockies 16. White Sox 17. Astros 18. Mets 19. Brewers 20. Reds 21. Guardians 22. Tigers 23. Angles 24. Nationals 25. Cardinals 26. Giants 27. Pirates 28. Royals 29. Padres 30. A’s

If you want to call the Arizona Damond backs here its (602)462-6500

if u want to watch the game where the blue jays got distorted by the twins


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Before you access me u got to download ChatGPT and use ur moms credit card to download premium version. Of ChatGPT or no Cole after that he will kiss u for one minute straight🤨


Cole will be sleeping till 10:00 but u can change that in the settings app And he only dies after not skiing for a day so no Cole in Sumer or go to the Down under After the covid-200 pandemic 😷 his wife broke his heart but he has a mode called called Edmonton Oilers suck. He loves the New York Yankees and the Vancouver Canucks.After 9:00 🕘 he will enter sleep mode and he will read a bedtime story 

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Your bad at sports Try to practice 


1 make sure he got his daily ski in 

2 make sure he goes to bed at 10:30 

3 make sure blue jay win next years world series 

Hello skiers

Welcome to my brand new blog my name is cole webb

i love to ski and play baseball ⚾️

you probably want to see 7 cool fact about baseball go check it out