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Confeder-WHAT, Confederation!

Welcome to… Confederation! This project was solely focused on Canadian history, specifically the creation and acceptance of confederation in Canada. Our driving question was “How and why did Canada develop into a nation?” In my post today I will be… Continue Reading →


Hi everybody and welcome back to the blog. As the title says this is my final blog challenge. This is NOT however, my final post. I will be posting some other blogs about my future projects, and challenges so, please… Continue Reading →

Polynomial Project

Welcome to my post about my Polynomial Math Project! Today I will talk about our steps in making the process, the end product, and my learning. Step #1: Learning about polynomials Brief explanation of what polynomials are: Polynomials are a… Continue Reading →

My mPOL Blog Post!

Welcome teacher and my dad. This is my MPOL blog post where, I will go over topics related to my driving question: What is your learning goal(s) that you want to reach by the end of the school year, and… Continue Reading →

Memes… yes memes.

The day has come upon us! The day that we learn about memes in school. This however is not just memes. Like all schools, there needs to actually be some learning involved. So while we looked at memes, we also… Continue Reading →

My Exhibition Post

Felix Labistour Jan 16th 2020 Winter Exhibition PLP Welcome to my blog post! The PLP winter exhibition is a very big deal for us. We have people coming from all over the North Shore, along with their parents. This is… Continue Reading →

Ionic and Atomic Animations

Welcome to my science blog post. This post is about the animation that we did for chemistry. For our animation, we were given three items. Number one, Polyatomic Bohr Model, number two, Multivalent Metal, number three, Covalent Compound. With those… Continue Reading →

“Solo” Movie Critique.

Solo, A Star Wars Story Review, By: Felix Labistour Amateur Film Critic The start of “Solo” is very interesting and different compared to its predecessors. It has no scroll title, and it feels like the movie assumes you know most… Continue Reading →

Take Your Kid To Work Day

This was one of the best experience I’ve have, EVER. Take your kid to work day was something I’ve never really taken seriously before. It turns out that TYKTWD (Take Your Kid To Work Day) is something that our high… Continue Reading →

Live Event Video

The live event project was actually pretty fun. Guitar practice is something that I find fun and it helps me progress forward as a guitar player and a singer. When making the video I was also very hesitant to include… Continue Reading →

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