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Week Five… EMOJIS

For week five, we have a very familier challenge. This is a repeating challenge that we had last year. I remember my last artwork that I did. Click HERE to see my previous artwork. Challenge #1: Emoji Titles I have… Continue Reading →

“Take Your Kid To Work” Post

This was one of the best experience I’ve have, EVER. Take your kid to work day was something I’ve never really taken seriously before. It turns out that TYKTWD (Take Your Kid To Work Day) is something that our high… Continue Reading →

Week #5 Challenge!

HI! I am very happy about this new challenge. Week 5 is all about music. I have a MAJOR love for most music genres and I always will. I play guitar and sing in my free time, and you will… Continue Reading →

Correlation VS Causation Project!

This is my correlation vs causation project. We had to start this for our scimatics class (Science and Math). For this post I will talk about three core competencies, my mind map and my presentation and findings. This is my… Continue Reading →

Run Portfolio Post!

HI! This year in my class, our focus is on video skills. One of our assignments has been to do a remake to a video called RUN. The RUN video is a short video about a jogger going through the… Continue Reading →

Week #4 Challenge

Our week #4 challenge is a free topic. You get to talk about anything you want. So, for you guys today I’m going to talk about mountain biking and mountain bikes. I am a mountain biker and I have a… Continue Reading →

Week Three Challenges!

For the start of challenge #3, we had to help people understand a topic. I choose the topic of copyright photos. To help people understand, I did a very quick explanation of what it is. I wanted to keep it… Continue Reading →

The Power Of Place!

Japan is crazy. From the insanely busy tourist destinations to the intestine-serving restaurants, Japan feels very different from home. Along with being unusual, Japan has offered up some interesting experiences too. The ones I’m going to talk about are their… Continue Reading →


Welcome to my blog post. Today we’ll talk about our spring exhibition for our school.  We will start with our blue sky project. This was the main focus of our exhibition. The blue sky project was a project where we… Continue Reading →

Colonization Blog Post!

Hi and welcome back to blog! Today we will talk about my experience with Shakespeare’s The Tempest. In our version with this play we had to answer the driving question: How can we use Shakespeare’s The Tempest and the history… Continue Reading →

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