Adversaries to Allies

This project was based around the driving question: How can I use my voice to affect change? For this we had to choose a topic we were passionate about and convince our selected audience of our point of view.

The major steps of this project were to fist find a topic to write about; we did this through brainstorming something that we are passionate about .It is easier to argue for something that you are passionate about than something you are not. I chose to make an argument for why film photography is better than digital because photography and specifically film photography is something I am very passionate about. The next step was to find your audience; who we would try to convince. The more specific the better so we each choose a person in our audiences that we could actually talk to and measure the success of our persuasion. I choose my friend who is also a photographer to try and convince her to shoot more film. After interviewing her to get a better idea of what her thoughts of the subject were and finding out what kind of writing might best convince her the only thing left was to write. You can see the finished writing on the blog post.

I think the most important thing I learned from this project was when trying to persuade someone you need to take into consideration what they will look for in a text and what elements you can include in it to appeal to them.

After we completed writing our persuasive text we sent it to the person from our audience that we had interviewed before to get some feed back on what they thought and if we succeeded in persuading them.

Some of the criticism she had for the content was to make the topic apply to non-photographers as well. She also said that “The conclusion’s use of “you” feels slightly forced.  Perhaps using “one” could make the reader feel less intimidated.” so one thing I could do is improve the voice I use in the conclusion. I could have also explained the technical aspects of film photography more clearly especially for non film photographers.

A few of the things she liked about the text were; she said “The paragraph surrounding the relationship one has when shooting with film pushes my thinking as this is something I tend to forget in my work as it is primarily digital.” She also said she really liked the hook and the images that went along with it. As well as saying that “The section around recalling experiences made when shooting on film is a moment that I’ll remember long after I’ve finished reading”

The most enjoyable thing about this project was being able to write about something we were passionate about which I think made my argument more persuasive because I had some authority to speak on the subject.

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