Celebration time (come on)

Well folks, christmas is right around the corner! Well, maybe a few blocks down the corner. In this blogpost I won’t just be talking about christmas, I’ll be talking about the whooooole preparation leading up to christmas. And believe me it is a pretty big schtick in my family. And at the end of my post there is a fun wintery themed quiz. Honestly the winter is one of my favourite seasons.


I chose this photo to represent christmas to me. It was a long time ago but I remember my whole family being there for christmas and it was great.


First of all, I don’t celebrate christmas as a religious affair. Christmas is just a family holiday. I get to spend time with my family. But what exactly do we do on christmas?

  1. We often go to Kelowna. My grandparents live in Kelowna, plus it actually snows there.
  2. We get the tree. Was struggler to get it onto the car. It fell off once.
  3. We proceed to not decorate the bottom of the tree because the dogs eat the ornaments if you hang them two low.
  4. We drink a HUGE amount of eggnog (with nutmeg)
  5. My gran and I make cookies, I make some pretty wicked molasses cookies. Also gingerbread houses are a must.
  6. A big christmas eve dinner with much turkey.
  7. My brother and I are forced to stay in our beds even though I cab tell you that we are absolutely dying to see whatever is under the tree. (Hopefully not something  edible, we learnt the hard way that the dogs managed to break into the boxes).
  8. And then we lie around all day recovering from last nights turkey over dose. Maybe possibly go outside, only maybe.

Well thats it for what I do on christmas. i hope you enjoyed reading about it. Here’s the winter themed quiz:




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  1. Miss W at |

    G’day Gabriella,
    What a fantastic celebration post! Personally I enjoy Christmas Day and Boxing Day especially but I don’t like the run up to Christmas. All those advertisements on TV, all the goods for sale in mid-November. At least here in Australia we don’t get snow for Christmas. I don’t think I could cope with that at all.

  2. Kathleen Morris at |

    Hi Gabby,

    What an outstanding blog post! It was fun to look at your photos and the polls also made this post interactive! I’m going to share your post in the week 9 STUBC post which will be published tomorrow.

    Here in Australia we definitely won’t have snow at Christmas time. We don’t have snow in the winter either unless we travel to some mountains a few hours away.

    Eggnog is super yummy but I’ve only tried it cold! Do you drink it warm?

    It’s funny you say your dogs take the ornaments off the Christmas tree. I had that problem for a few years when my children were babies/toddlers. We used to have to put the tree in a play pen!

    Keep up your great work, Gabby. You are very talented!

    Best wishes,
    Kathleen Morris

  3. Levi smith at |

    Hello Gabby i’m levi and I love christmas as well! I love getting presents and seeing all my family! And I also strucle to decorate the tree due to my dog. I might use your idea of putting a play pen up to stop her from messing with the ornaments. When you get some time I would love for you to come check out my blog 2024Lcs.edublogs.org!

  4. Grayden at |

    Hello Gabby, my names Grayden in my opinion christmas is the best no holiday can top it. Just last night my dog accidentally broke an ornament but luckily it was one of the expensive ones. I don’t like eggnog but i did when i was little i used to drink it all the time but now it tastes like medicine to me. Sadly on christmas i don’t get to see all my family for christmas some live very far away and i can’t see them that often. But christmas is still fun for me because i get a lot of presents. I would love it if you could come visit me at my blog at 2024gjs.edublogs.org.


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