Breathing Fire: Facing the Career Dragons

Have you ever watched Dragons’ Den? It’s that TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to wealthy investors. In our latest Careers project, we did something similar—but instead of pitching products, we pitched ourselves to a panel of “dragons.” This journey of self-discovery required us to dig deep, uncover our unique qualities, and learn […]

Soaring To New Heights

D.I. Wow! What an experience! A lot of learners dread Destination Imagination here in PLP. I used to be one of them myself. It causes a lot of stress, and frustration and takes up precious hours of your time. But amidst the challenges lie invaluable lessons and incredible opportunities for personal growth.   Let’s rewind […]

Here’s To The Crazy Ones 🥂

Hello lovely readers! Have you ever been called “crazy”? How did you react? Did you take it as an insult or as a compliment? Historically the term “crazy” has had a lot of definitions, most of them negative and often used to marginalize those who dared to think and act differently. Whether it was for […]

On The Burj Of Greatness

D.I. allowed us to take Deep Cove Rap to new heights! 🎤 Rap featured prominently in our set, rhyming and stealing the hearts of the judges. Inspired by the towering grandeur of the Burj Khalifa, these daring individuals embarked on a quest that would redefine the limits of their imagination. But before we delve into […]

Think Different. Go Crazy!

🤪🌀🌎🌿💰🏙️🎨💡🛩️🎸 Hey y’all, welcome back to my blog! Did you know that some of the most significant advancements in our society were driven by individuals deemed ‘crazy’ by conventional standards? Yet it’s these people who end up changing our world: they are the ones who see a need in society that others don’t see and […]


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That is the question we are asked as kids. What I’ve learned now is that we don’t just become something at some point in life and that’s it. According to Michelle Obama, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. It’s a forward […]

A Treacherous Journey To Justice

Hello, dear readers! Imagine a land where the echoes of history resonate through time, revealing tales of discrimination and resilience. That’s precisely where our journey takes us today. Buckle up as we navigate through the labyrinthine alleys of British Columbia’s overlooked legacy in our recent Humanities project, the Ology of Apology. As we explored our […]

Striving For Balance ⚖️

Balance. Balance is something I struggle with a lot. Navigating the delicate art of balance has become my personal odyssey. I’m often overwhelmed with the amount of PLP work due to personal commitments, hindering my quest for balance in my life. This project was called New Year, New Me, and was our first project in […]

Canada’s Role In World War 2

Hello world! Welcome back to my blog! Our most recent humanities project called Save Juno Beach has come to an end, and so it’s time to reflect. In this project we questioned: “why is it so important to learn about Canada’s involvement in WWII?”. Our final product was an argumentative essay answering our driving question.  […]