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T-POLS – Year 10

“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

This blog post isnt going to be like any other blog post, this blog post is a a T-POL blogpost. A T-POL is your transitional presentation of learning. The driving question for a T-POL is: Why do I feel I am ready to advance to the next grade? In short, I’d say that I’m ready to move onto Grade 11 because I feel I’m ready for bigger learning goals and I feel like I’ve learnt all I could from Grade 10 and am ready to use all those skills into creating and learning new ones, but to stretch this out to 7 minutes I’m going to show you some of my work in an attempt to show you why I’m ready to advance into Grade 11.

To start off why don’t we re-visit my Learning Plan? I’m proud that I think I was able to reach almost every one of my chosen year-end competencies for each subject. I think that by having my learning plan to look back on throughout the year and esspecially at the end of the year when I could think of the projects that had helped me reach the goals I set at the begining of the year. This has definitly boosted my sense of accomplishment for this year. Some of the goals that I think I have completed from my Learning Plan are:


For Maker my growth goal was:

  • This year I would like to try and grow my presentation skills: In my blog posts and in person presentations for things like exhibitions and DI. I think that this would help me bring a more creative and in-depth element to my work.

Even though we didn’t have DI this year (yay) – I felt like I really accomplished this goal during our podcast project, specifically when we presented business cards for our podcast at the spring exhibition, and also just the design aspect of our podcast project I feel truly pushed me towards reaching this goal!

Along with this project I think my personal business card for PGP I feel it helped me reach my goal of growing my presentation skills this was also presented at the spring exhibition this year. While it was for PGP, I think that it added to my goal in Maker of improving my presentation skills.




For Humanities this year my growth goal was:

  • I’d like to find a new work ethic: I think this would help enhance my learning and projects. I think that this would really help me in school and in the future.

I think that I kind of accomplished this. This year I’ve definitely tried to use different materials and different ways of creating and accomplishing projects. I think that a great example of this would be our Lies and Incongruencies project, specifically the collage & Keystone 2. For the collage we had to opportunity to either create a digital or physical work creation, I created a physical piece. For keystone 2 we created 3 different pieces of text that talked about different art pieces we found that correlated with an issue we chose that fit the topic. The topics were: Civl issue, Contemporary issue, and Cultural issue. I think that this project helped me find a solid work ethic because during it I experimented with different ways of studying and getting work done – as well as learning different skills to create and develop a physical piece of work.


My growth goal for PGP this year was:

  • I definitely think that my work could have more depth and detail to it.

I know the statement is pretty small but at the beginning of this year I didn’t really know what PGP was about. Because of this, The goal I created is pretty vague. However, even though it was vague I think I sort of ended up doing this. Specifically with my personal business cards and resume. During the creation of my business cards and resume I asked my peers and teacher to look at it the tweaks and to see what I could add and created multiple different drafts in different themes to figure out which one suited me best.

Where have I had a FAIL (First Attempt at Learning)?

I think a project where I had a major fail this year was the 5 trend videos, even though I’m proud of what I created in the end I did have to improvise a couple of the video because I either forgot to film and was to wrapped up in getting film for our documentary or there was an issue with when/what I was going to film that made it so I couldn’t. I feel like my planning wasn’t that good either and my and I definitely could have spent more time on them and a bit less time on gathering b-roll for our documentary. For the future in scenarios like this I think I’m going to have a something like a checklist to make sure I get everything I need to get done, done.

My favourite project this year?

Even though I just mentioned it as FAIL the 5 trend videos were definitely my favourite project from this year. My favourite one would have to be my Troy and Abed in the morning video I did with Gwen as well as Florida in photos video. It was a really fun experience to make and sort of captured the trip with I loved as well. It’s also I project I got a good grade on and I’m still really proud of that grade even though I felt it was a FAIL of mine.

(The link might show up wrong but if you click the link it should work!)

Thank you for listening & looking at my TPOL!

See you next year,


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