TWIL: Callow Candidates

This week I learned that some politicians have the audacity to slut shame other candidates.

This week, a recording of a BC Liberal’s party zoom call was leaked. This zoom call exposed all of the attendees as bystanders to Jane Thornthwaite’s sexist slander against NDP candidate Bowinn Ma.

Once this recording was leaked, people responded, and were disgusted. They showed this by sharing the clip on twitter and other social media platforms. One of the main tweets that made the video blow up was by Mo Amir, a Vancouver podcast host. In this tweet, he shares the clip to hear how women feel about it.

A quote from a CTV news report reads: ”Thornthwaite and Wilkinson both apologized after the video sparked outrage”. Which only makes me think, how much of this exact thing is happening all the time, and goes un-noticed. And not only in politics but anywhere.

Below is one of Bowinn Ma’s Responses to the zoom call recording.

When extra sources are embedded into our lesson’s basecamp posts, sometimes I skip over them, and go straight to the assignment. I’m really glad I didn’t do that this time.

Before researching  this topic, the idea of politicians being this immature was very foreign to me. I thought the type of behaviour shown in the call was something that people got to escape from after high school, I guess not.




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