About me

About Me

1. I like to ski

2. I like hamburgers

3. I have a brother

4. I have a dog

5. I live in vancouver

Hi my name is josh and i live in canada i have a brother a dog and a lot of cousins. My favourite sport/hobbie is mountain biking and skiing. My favourite place is England and my favourite food is hamburgers. The place i want to visit is South Africa and i hope to visit it some day.


My family is from England and i have a bunch of English clothing. My favourite treat is Cadbury’s.

my avatar is a buy doing a iron cross on ski’s in mid air. My favourite brand of clothing is FOX because its comfortable, its in a descent price range and they come in great colours.


3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. I really like how your post is in all blue and then you have black that is easy to see over it. I works really well!!!

  2. Hi Josh! I think that you did a good job on explaining what you like to do I feel that I know you a little better keep up the good work

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