Student blogging challenge: let’s reflect

When I started the student blogging challenge It was pretty easy and I had a good time with it, it didn’t get in the way of my other school work and it felt like they were basically just mini assignments. But the started getting harder and I had these other main school assignments and I am horrible with focussing on homework so it started going downhill for me. AND THEN I GOT SICK so then I kept looking at Showbie and there were so many blogging challenge assignments that weren’t handed in and I was trying to do them and I think I did like 1-3 assignments but I just wasn’t caught up.

The student blogging challenge is a GREAT idea. I think its a good idea because if we aren’t doing blogs a lot with just reflections on assignments but having a whole challenge is a very good way to get your blogging skills up and running. Personally I do not know if I have gotten better at blogging because of the student blogging challenge, but I think its a great thing to do because its quite fun at some points and I think I have gotten a bit better at blogging because of the student blogging challenge.

In conclusion I think it would be great to keep doing this in PLP, I like it, some other kids probably like it, and it boosts your skills and writing and blogging.

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