Hey guys! It’s Malaika. I love it when you guys write and post  comments on my posts and I hope you continue to keep writing them. Here are some ways to be mindful of what your writing and if its okay to post that comment on my blog.

First, please try not to be negative. Being negative or mean doesn’t help me improve or make my blog better, it just puts me down. Also be mindful that you aren’t being mean to anyone else that posts comments on my blog.

Second, talk to me! Start a conversation with me! Feel free to ask questions about my post or about my blog in general! On this site I want everyone to have fun and smile and be friendly to everyone! Whatever you have a question about, I will try my best to answer, remember there are no bad questions.

Lastly, everyone here is a part of the family and I want everyone to feel like this is a safe place to talk, so please refrain from using profanity or any inappropriate content, that includes memes or gifs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, being conscious of what comments you are posting and thinking twice before you post!