My portrait techniques post.

During the last few weeks I started learning about photography. There are a lot of tips and techniques that make really amazing photos, but today I am going to share some of the portrait photos from techniques I have learned.

The first thing about portraits that I have learned is how to shoot different angles of the subject for the most interesting photo. It turns out that the angle of the photo really matters. Taking a photo with a good angle can really change how the image turns out.

The second tip that I learned is that shadows and colour can really change the mood of the picture. So photos that have darker background usually look more gloomy than pictures with bright backgrounds and vivid colours.

Here are some examples of these techniques.




Some of the really cool editing can be done right in your camera roll. All you have to is hit the “edit” button in the top right corner of the photo, and there you will be able to do so much with just that button. 

The next interesting photo I created was my silhouette picture. To make this picture all I had to do was take a photo of myself in a bright light so that I could darken the photo to craft an amazing silhouette.

My silhouette actually was not perfect, the light in my picture was not quite enough to give me a perfect silhouette. I found the hard part about creating this silhouette was darkening my hair because it sticks straight up, so it was very difficult to outline all of my hair to make it darker. 







The last activity I have to share is my photo from the past. In this challenge we were to create a photo from the past using either one of our own photos or a famous picture from the past. I used an app called Arts and Culture which in my personal opinion is super fun to use and really cool if you love art. I used the app to take a selfie, then the app compared me to other famous works of art. Some of them looked nothing like me and made me laugh, and others looked almost too much like me. So I used this app to create my own portrait from the past.







By the way I would totally recommend going and checking out the app.

I think this was a really exciting task and I really enjoyed it. I showed all these techniques through many of these photos and included some of my own creativity into them as well. Although I think that I did a good job competing these tasks, I could always have done better by going over and redoing and re-editing my photos to give them the best look possible. Over all I think there is always work that can be done on completed tasks, but I have done these tasks throughly and created interesting photos. Some examples of these mistakes are on the picture from the past, because as you might have told not only was the editing hard, my hair was also parted on the wrong side.







I hoped you enjoyed these pictures.

Thats all for now.

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