Hi everyone,

We just completed a project about learning to use our Apple Pencil on our iPads. We learned many things over the project. Including different sketching techniques, ideas on how to make better sketch notes and many other things. When we started this project I was like “Oh no” because I didn’t have that much with art and sketching in the past. I kept a growth mindset and realized that sketching isn’t so bad and there are even types of sketching which I like! Our driving question for this project was “how can we use our pencils to enhance our learning?” The competency we were working was empowered learner.

Every single thing we did worked on this competency as we were using our iPads and Apple Pencils to make and achieve excellent drawings, sketches and logos. I feel like I did quite well on this competency I displayed this in all the things we did. I felt empowered when I realized that I was better at sketching and graphic design then I previously thought. The reason I did so much better in this project is because I used technology to my advantage and kept a growth mindset!

Our first milestone was Word Art. We had to draw our names in interesting and creative ways, using the techniques we were shown in class. I liked this assignment and I think I did an ok job at it. The parts which I liked were how we could use the fill tool to make cool patterns inside the letters and experimenting with different tools, especially the airbrush.

The second milestone we did was sketch noting. In this we watched a video about the power of a growth mindset. Taking sketch notes from this video we demonstrated our skills with connectors and symbols. I made some creative connectors but didn’t use them because they were to complicated to do quickly. Overall I prefer note taking in text but I can see why sketch noting is useful. 

For this third milestone we had to trace and draw an image of ourselves. This one was very difficult and took me around 4-5 hours but in the end I persevered and created a good self portrait. I felt I did very well on this although I did not love this. The reason so, is because I don’t love tracing and colouring large areas in, I wanted to use the fill tool but it wasn’t working. 

In our fourth milestone we had to sketch a fruit bowl and use the lighting techniques we learned in class. I did not do the best on this milestone as I didn’t use the lighting technique well enough and probably could’ve spent about 20 more minutes on this. I got the feedback that I didn’t use the light source technique which we learned in class. In my opinion this was my worst milestone.

This was my favourite milestone. We had to make logos for some companies we made up. I did 3 different companies. Alpine Ski co. A ski shop. PNW pics a photography company and Moxy Skis a ski brand. I used Keynote, Canva and, Sketches Pro. Sometimes a mix of all three. I think I did really well on this milestone and I overall really like it.

  • This is one of my favourite logos for alpine ski co.

  • This is probably my favourite logo for Alpine Ski co.

  • I liked this colour scheme and I think it was interesting and different compared to the normal blues.

  • This is pretty much the grey one but blue, I don’t like this one quite as much as the grey one but It’s pretty good.

  • This is my first draft, I like the colours but I quickly realized that the text shouldn’t be over the image.

  • This is my first and possibly my favourite logo for PNW PICS.

  • This is my other favourite logo for PNW PICS I can’t really decide if I like this one or the camera one first.

  • This is my final logo, and in my opinion my best one!


  • This is one of my other logos, I decided I would experiment with putting the text inside the logos.

  • This was my first logo I did for Moxy Skis in my opinion it is a little bit to complicated but I still like it.

All in all, this was a great project. I ran into some difficulties with sketching but I kept a growth mindset and created some amazing work. I feel this really improved my skills with an Apple Pencil.