Halfway through the year we have done so much in school, this is the time where we have our mid year presentation of learning. The driving question for this project is “What is your learning goal that you want to reach by the end of this school year, and how will you meet it?”. My learning goal is to not be stressed with work. I will meet this goal by doing my work spread out instead of all at once at the last minute and to be able to do this consistently. With the first projects in PLP I quickly learned that I wasn’t going to have as much free time as before. Our Humanities Project, Maker Project and Scimatics Project were more than I have done in school at one time ever up to this point.

In Humanities we so far have completed two projects the first being The Medium is the Message project and our Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door project. Starting with the Medium is the Message project where it was all about advertising. In this project I failed multiple times. On my ads that I made for my businesses I revised many times but this lead to a very well made and refined advertisement. I found out early on that PLP work is very sophisticated and I realized that it would take a lot longer for me to develop skills to meet the expectations for all projects. As for the Knockin’ on Heavens Door project I found this quite boring because it was very repetitive in my opinion. A thing that I did like about this was the physical aspect of actually going to temples and getting to see in person what a religion is like. In this class I am striving to improve my create competency.

The class i’ll talk about is Maker, so far we have done the Big Life Journal Project, the Power of A Pencil project and our Star Wars Mini Blue Sky project. In the Big Life journal project I think that it has helped me with my mindset and goals and also giving me more confidence by opening up my creativity and generating ideas so this project taught me some valuable life lessons and I think that this project was appropriate at the start of the year. The Power of A Pencil project was quite fun and some of the artwork that I saw from my classmates blew me away. I think I could have done better at this in terms of the quality of my work. People were very into this project and so I saw that those people were the ones that succeeded and so that is what I want to incorporate into my learning. The latest project the we finished was the Star Wars Mini Blue Sky Project and this project was stressful. I found that it was a lot harder to work on than other projects because we were basically making our own project inside of another project. In this class I am striving to improve my empowered learner competency.

The next course is Scimatics, in this class we have done our fractions of your time project, tectonics book project and our mazer tag project. In the fractions of your time project I could say that I struggled a bit but I was still grasping the concept of PLP and doing math on an iPad. The second project is something that I really think I could have done better and that is the tectonics book. This also is connects to the evaluating competency which is to demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of evidence. The mazer tag project was the latest Scimatics project we completed and I enjoyed this project. I think I had a good understanding of the concept of lasers and enjoyed the project.

The final course is PGP (Personal Growth Plan), this is the course I am going to be particularly striving to better myself at. A huge part of this course was our oregon trip which we were assessed on by four competencies persisting which was persevering in task through to completion, remaining focused. Looking for ways to reach your goal when stuck. Not giving up. The next was Thinking before acting; remaining calm, thoughtful and deliberative. Thinking about Thinking (Metacognition), Being aware of your own thoughts, strategies, feelings and actions and their effects on others. The third was Questioning and Posing Problems which is having a questioning attitude, knowing what data are needed and developing questioning strategies to produce those data. Finding problems to solve. The final one was Thinking Interdependently which is being able to work in and learn from others in reciprocal situations. Team work. The big ones that I think I need to work on is Thinking interdependently and Questioning and posing problems.