Women of history

Hey guys, Up until recently, I realized I’d been using the term “classic” wrong. Whenever reading a book or watching a really good movie, I would think to myself, “Wow, […]

The Taming Of The Shrew, No Longer A Classic  By. Robbie Wharton PLP Humanities 12 Petra Willemse September 26 The Taming Of The Shrew, written by William Shakespeare, is widely […]

Creative Conceptual Art

Alright everyone, it’s finally time. Exams are over, we just finished our June exhibition and now it’s time for another blog post, the last one of the school year. This […]

It’s that time again, Tpols. Time to go Stand infront of my teacher’s and parents to tell them what I’ve learned this year. Now, my goal isn’t to show you […]

Super Splendid Sixties

Hey there everyone! Before I get too far into this post, I’d first like to warn you that we’re going to be dealing with some pretty heavy topics like segregation […]

Radically Awesome Civil Rights

Civil Rights. This is a phrase generally associated with the set of rights that are designed to protect individuals from unfair treatment; they are the rights of individuals to receive […]

Stupendous Speeches

This blog post is going to be a little bit different then my other posts  (I’ll explain that later). In my PLP class, we were given the task of finding […]