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tPOL 2020

Hello and welcome to my second and final tPol. First off, it goes without saying that this has been a very interesting and eventful year, more so than we could have ever imagined. The first half of the school year… Continue Reading →

Time Is Money

The most recent project we have done in Scimatics was called time is money and involved graphs and money. First we had to identify a job we had, or a service we could perform and chart how much money that… Continue Reading →

Witness To History

With the Corona virus currently the worlds #1 problem, and quarantine in full effect, we have had to move our classes after spring break to the online space and do our work from home. Because of everything happening in the… Continue Reading →

DI But Online

After the outbreak and worldwide trauma caused by the novel Coronavirus, or more specifically the strain known as COVID-19 the Destination Imagination provincial tournament was understandably cancelled. Our team thought we had seen the last of DI for the year,… Continue Reading →

Metaphor Machines

Our last project in Scimatics before Spring break was called metaphor machines. In this project we would be creating a Rube-Goldberg machine to use as a metaphor for the scientific method that would also take advantage of electric circuits. To… Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Riel

So our most recent project in Humanities was about looking back at historical events, and seeing the rights and wrongs of the situations.  To start the project we looked at the current events going on within Canada, which at the… Continue Reading →

Regionals 2020

So recently we took part in the 2020 Destination Imagination regional competition that took place at my school at the beginning of March. After weeks of buildup and hard work with my group we performed and managed to take first… Continue Reading →

Confederation Commercial

Our latest unit in Humanities was all about the lead-up to the country of Canada being established via confederation. I love history so this project was right up my alley and was quite a fun one. The unit started off… Continue Reading →

Like Terms

Over the past while in Scimatics we have been working with Polynomials, which are a special type of algebra that doesn’t work with either square roots or division. After lots of worksheets and a few tests we were given our… Continue Reading →

mPol 2020

Every year in PLP we have to do an mPol, which is an abbreviation for Mid-year presentation of learning. In these presentations we have to reflect on the first part of the year and speak about what we have done… Continue Reading →

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