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Confederation Commercial

Our latest unit in Humanities was all about the lead-up to the country of Canada being established via confederation. I love history so this project was right up my alley and was quite a fun one. The unit started off… Continue Reading →

Like Terms

Over the past while in Scimatics we have been working with Polynomials, which are a special type of algebra that doesn’t work with either square roots or division. After lots of worksheets and a few tests we were given our… Continue Reading →

mPol 2020

Every year in PLP we have to do an mPol, which is an abbreviation for Mid-year presentation of learning. In these presentations we have to reflect on the first part of the year and speak about what we have done… Continue Reading →

Expressing Nationalism Through… Memes!?

So for the past few weeks we have been working on a project where we have studied Nationalism and its effects. Our driving question was how can we use modern day memes to connect on the historical significance of nationalism…. Continue Reading →

The Story Strikes Back

For the Winter Exhibition we completed a project called the Story Strikes Back which involved both Humanities and Maker and revolved around Star Wars. I’ll be going over each side of the project separately, with the Humanities side first followed… Continue Reading →

Chemistry Stories

So recently in Scimatics we’ve been learning about chemistry and had to make an animation showing off what we learned by using Polyatomic Ions, Covalent Bonds, and Multivalent Metals. The big idea for this project is The Electron Arrangement of… Continue Reading →

Return Of The Jedi Review

No doubt about it the original three Star Wars movies are classics, but they face a problem that all pieces of media will face eventually. They are dated. This is especially apparent in the final movie of the original trilogy… Continue Reading →

Term 1 Maker Reflection

After many months of school we are getting close to the end of term 1. It’s been a long and stressful few months with all the work it our classes, and as I start to see the christmas lights at… Continue Reading →

SBC 2019 W8| Reflection

Well this is the last week of the student blogging challenge. Hooray! So this week is about reflecting on the challenge over the past 2 months. There are 3 steps to this piece of the challenge, the survey to fill… Continue Reading →

And We’re Live (Somewhat)

Hey everyone welcome to another Maker post. This post is about a video that we were tasked to make on a live event. These events could be almost anything from a concert to a kids piano recital, as long as… Continue Reading →

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