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Who Cares and Why Bother? – Humanities 11

Why can’t you let a politician on a plane? Because he’ll keep trying to destroy the other wing. The thing that makes PLP courses different from the rest, is the fact that we always learn about new topics and never… Continue Reading →

Becoming A Master Debater

The thing I love so much about PLP, is how it’s constantly pushing me further, and further out of my comfort zone with every project. But this one, may have been the project with the highest level of discomfort that… Continue Reading →

Grade 8 Paragraph

As a senior in high school, I find myself in a unique position to offer valuable assistance and guidance to the incoming grade 8 students. Drawing from my own experiences and maturity, I can help ease their transition into high… Continue Reading →

Canadian History VS Condos

Out of all the enemy leaders during World War II, who could run with the most speed? Mussolini, because he was the fascist  



Can’t believe we went to Disney world

Why did Mickey Mouse become an astronaut? So he could visit Pluto  Power of Imagination (Humanities project) One thing that was different with this project than others was that we didn’t know the name for it until a week in…. Continue Reading →

TikTok = School Project

What’s captain hook’s least favourite app? TikTok I remember in grade 8 I walked into class once and I saw a big TikTok logo on top of one of the doors. After that moment I thought PLP would be really… Continue Reading →

Romeo and Juliet has a lot of adaptations

What were Romeo and Juliets favourite fruit? Cantelope The last project we did this semester was about Romeo and Juliet (Romeo Romeo, why are we still talking about Romeo and Juliet). I had heard that we were going to do… Continue Reading →

Ology of winter exhibits 🤷‍♂️

What do you call an apology written in dots and lines? A Re-Morse Code Part 1: ology of apology This project was introduced to us in a weird way. By that, I mean that the first thing Alexis Pitches said… Continue Reading →

Loot Lake vol.2

A friend of mine used to live in a lake filled with ducks but he moved out when he got fed up with all the bills. We went to Loon Lake last year as a PLP 9 group and it… Continue Reading →

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