Why did Mickey Mouse become an astronaut? So he could visit Pluto 

Power of Imagination (Humanities project)

One thing that was different with this project than others was that we didn’t know the name for it until a week in. We just knew it as “Humanities TBD”. Another thing was that I was very confused at first as of what the final product would be. I along with all other PLP 10 students had Miss Willemse for 3 of our 4 classes everyday. So every class seemed to “Run Together”. But I digress. This project was of course about Disney, but things about Disney that you wouldn’t expect. But first we researched the beginning of the Disney corporation.

I learned some interesting facts about Walt’s upbringing. Such as how his father once chased him around his house with a hammer. Also things more “tasteful” such as how he was always interested in drawing and animation. But thats not what the focus of the project was about. We had to chose between 6 topics, research it,  then film a 10 minute long documentary about that topic while at DisneyWorld. My group decided to focus on the imagineers, the animatronics and the special effects in the parks. 

https://www.craft.do/s/xKKOl5EIAbxfWO https://www.craft.do/s/LKGI4L8pEr8W5w https://www.craft.do/s/8y8ChRznAxUEGb https://www.craft.do/s/xryTlBCbGCPq7T https://www.craft.do/s/X79LMmbKH5FA65 

At the beginning of the semester Miss Willemse made it important that we know how to “properly” take notes. We would take those notes using an app called Craft which above all else is an app you use to take notes in a sophisticated way. We took notes while watching many different videos, one of which my group took inspiration of for our documentary. This video was a short documentary talking about the future of animatronics in the Disney parks. It went over the most costly animatronics in the parks, along with some animatronics that are in the works. My group and I found the video to be very relevant with our topic, so we decided to make our documentary somewhat like it.


Just like last year when we were learning about film making in maker, we used call sheets, story boards and made scripts to make our documentary as good as it can be. Those were all approved so we waited for the first filming day to come. But there was a small setback.

The day before our plane was scheduled to take off the weather forecasted snow to come the next day. West Jet being its remarkable self cancelled our fight for the next morning. We were all pretty mad to say the least. The teachers scheduled a zoom call for the next day to talk about our options. But ultimately we were able to catch a flight 3 days after our original starting date. The following Monday was one of the weirdest school days that I’ve ever had. We weren’t even supposed to be there because we were originally leaving on the Saturday prior. So everyone that actually bothered to show up to school had a different mood than usual. The whole vibe of the day was “I’m just killing time till we leave tomorrow morning”.

To learn about the trip itself check out the post on my homepage titled “I Miss Disney World”

But after we got back to reality, it was time to edit all the clips together. This process took a while to do, solely due to the fact that some of my team members were consistently procrastinating. But the people who were working got it done and it looked just like we intended, mostly. Here you can check it out for yourself.