Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

Hello, this is my second year at seycove so it is my fourth presentation of learning, and you would think that by the fourth time it gets easier right? No, no it doesn’t, over the past year we have done many many projects and school trips, but I thought that these few were the ones that I felt I learnt the most.

This year our T-POLs are laid out a little bit differently. We were given a form to fill out with different categories, such as agency, self-regulation, preparation, and more. We were given prompts and had to check ourselves off in which we thought we were achieving either consistently, sometimes, or rarely. I think this was actually kind of cool because it gave me a perspective into how other people might look at my learning. Once we filled out the boxes, we were told to pick one in the agency category and two others in anything else. These approaches to learning would have to be included in our T-POL, so this is what the next section of my T-POL will be.

For agency I wanted to talk about Accepting Feedback, I felt that this was something I wanted to mention because in the graph I marked it as sometimes because I can tend to have an issue with revisions. By the time I see the revision I’m usually at home and I procrastinate until my teacher gives me a ghost and this is something that I specifically want to work on this since it can become a genuine issue in grade 10. Since I have always had an issue with this I really want to learn from my mistakes and use some skills to improve my learning in this area.

For communication and collaboration I chose with peers as consistently because every time I am in a group project I am able to give feedback and contribute evenly with the group. This is a strong suit for me because I feel that I work better with a group because I can collaborate really well with everyone and can get feedback from them as well as provide feedback to them. Recently for DI I was able to contribute to the group very well and we ended up first. I think that I have shown my experience with group projects this year not only in DI but also in the thrill us project even though that we had one group member that contributed nothing and that’s also something I have been able to adapt to well when someone bails I am able to improvise and try to fix the situation like I have done before.

For Engagement I chose enthusiasm as consistently because whenever we are told about a project we will be doing I try to make it as exiting and creative as possible even if the project seems very boring, with lots of projects I try to use my creative ideas and my ingenuity to make the project more exiting to me and it helps for me to connect to my work on another level. Lie for  our most recent project in humanities we made a comic book about a canadian story from WW1, I got the Halifax explosion and I was able to make a 20 minute event feel like a suspenseful tale about a young soldier aboard the Mont Blanc SS.

Something that was introduced to us this year was Destination Imagination, DI is basically a big convention for kids to present certain machines or just presentations that they had worked on for months, now my experience was similar but still very different. It was back in December when we first got our groups, my group had 4 grade 9s and 2 grade 10s, when we began to brainstorm, the grad 10s took the lead and were much more sure of what we were doing since they had done it before the previous year. Our group had to build a machine that could launch a bean bag consistently the same distance each time, and along with that we had to make a skit to go along with it. We would work on our machine once a week and also work on the script and our props. Fast forward 2 months and we had 2 day before the exhibition and we had only rehearsed our presentation twice. By the day of our presentation we were ready to present except for the fact that 2 of our group members had bailed on us, both grade 10s had decided to leave the group but that didn’t stop us, we had to change the dialogue by a lot and rehearse with twice the amount of lines, after a while of fixing our machine watching other peoples groups present it was finally our turn to show what we had been working on for the past few months. The presentation was a little shaky since we ended up having more time to fill that we thought we had, but we were able to improvise very well. After our presentation we did our instant challenge and this was specifically interesting since we had to create a scenario including animals which was fun and interesting especially for school. It was a really fun experience in the end since we got first place in both our launch presentation and our instant challenge, I was shocked because of seeing all of the private school kids with their massive perfectly painted machines but we still won. It goes to show that presentation beats fancy machines. I thought that DI was a very important learning for me since it was my first year eperienceand was brand new to me, And I learnt a lot of skills throughout this experience and I hope that I can use these skills throughout the next school year.

Another project that I thought was a good learning experience was our WW1 project in humanities. Over the past few weeks we learnt about WW1 through a comic book, we then learnt about Canada’s significance in the war, and I was really surprised to learn how much Canada did in the war. After we learnt about Canada and important Canadian battles, we got to choose a battle to make a comic about. My top three were Vimy Ridge, The Halifax explosion and the Battle of Ypres, I ended up getting The Halifax Explosion, which is the largest man made bomb in history (non-nucular) at first I thought that it was an attack on the ship because they knew how many explosives they were carrying but I later realized that it was an accident by a smaller ship pulling out of the harbour at the same time, it was ahead of the Mont-Blanc SS but the bigger ship was too stubborn to let it go ahead of it, the two ships ended up colliding and knocking over benzine barrels which caused a fire which caused the explosion. We first wrote out what we wanted our comic to look like to get an idea of what we should focus on and how we would tell the story and I thought that it was much easier to make the whole comic after the story board, it felt much more simple, like I just have to draw that one but better, the end product was 6 pages and 21 panels, I was happy with my final product even though some of the drawings are a little tough around the edges.  

Overall I thought that this was a great year for me throughout my ups and downs I really like being in PLP for another year, I think that I have shown my learning through my projects and school trips. And even though I have my strengths and even more weaknesses I feel that it has been a good year for me, thank you for listening to my presentation of learning.