Reflection post

Hello, in this blog post I will be talking about the consequences of colonization project that we did in my humanities class. In this project we looked at the slave trade, the scrounge for resources and how the aboriginal people were affected by it. Because the Europeans had tried to travel all over the world they were probably surprised by what they found. When we first began this project I thought that it would be a lot more about communism but since this class is also part history I was still confused on what it would be about. When we were first informed of what the project would actually be it was sort of fitting since we have been kind of circling this topic. On our first keystone we got to choose our first image that would really give our entire rest of the project meaning. The image I chose was The Battle of Ticonderoga, a famous battle between the French and the British a quick summary of the story is that the French abandoned the land a while ago then the British claim to take it but the British wanted to take it back, anyway the battle took place on indigenous land but my original image included no aboriginal features but in the chart that’s we were asked to fill out, it asks you about the aboriginal features in the image but my image had none so I had to improvise it with just explaining and giving a bit more explanation for the European side.

After this keystone we started working on our images, the task was to trace or draw your image then reinterpret it with the aboriginal perspective. For my image it was just a battle scene at first and since I couldn’t really make out anything else to begin with I thought that the aboriginal perspective would be good for the “new view”. Once I had finally finished tracing I erase part of the corner and then replaced it with the aboriginal person being killed in the crossfire, when I looked at it afterward I thought that it looked good with a new idea and proper truth.

When we finished that keystone we started working on something called an AR Maker video, the first time I heard those words I was confused out of my mind and felt like I was doomed but after a little explaining I kinda got the hang of it. When I first started planning out my video I thought of how the video could be self explanatory but not too goofy so I decided to just record both my images and then talk through the video by adding an audio. Once I had finished my script I handed it in not realizing how long it was and how much I would have to cut it for it to actually fit in the video and after recording I was about 27 seconds over, so I did in fact learn from my mistake.

Ever since we began this project the same key villain was put into place and it was almost always the Europeans  and I think that throughout all of the years with all of these people across the world all anyone wants is power and even though that might not be the case today with some of the other countries it still comes to greed and power. I think that no matter what we do or what happens in the past we as humans will never change and always revolve around the same goal we’ve had for ages. Still with the Europeans and aboriginal peopes there are even still huge damages done from all that has happened back then and there are still lots of things to fix.

Overall this project was definitely one of the more interesting ones and I have to say it was probably the most historically exiting. And even though I didn’t love the entire project I still found it quite surprising. Between the wars and trading and all of the colonialism involved it was like an invasion war back then. I am very glad I got to do this project and I am very glad I have the o port unity to learn in a society like this today because even though we are still evolved we are not yet done with our evolution.