All about Louis Riel.

The controversy of Louis riel. Was he a hero or was he a crazy man?

Over the past few weeks we learnt about Louis Riel and how he is controversial, and I thought that this was a very interesting  topic because of how little I know of him. While we were learning we seemed to notice how lots of people see him negatively even today. This project had a very interesting topic because other classes would normally learn about Louis Riel himself and granted we did do that, we also learnt about why he was seen as a controversial person. I thought that even though this seemed like it could be a very smart topic for generations to come because even thought lots of people see some to be a great person there will always be people who don’t agree with that. One specific thing that stuck with me is that why did louis Riel return to red river if he knew that he would very likely get arrested and hung, was he sick of hiding and wanted to accept his fate, or was he just  simply hopeful that the government would have forgotten about the man who nearly took them down.

This project was really interesting because of how the teachers set it up for us because since they knew that we didn’t know who riel was they let us figure out how we see him showing how he might be controversial. We also started learning how to write these paragraphs in a more unique manner, we made these worksheets for verbs and even though it was a simple exercise I thought that it was a really good way to remind ourselves of this basic skill. And we would switch between these two groups of either learning about Riel or learning how to write our paragraphs, this was a very beneficial way to learn because we were keeping that same ideology of the writing and using those skills to almost immediately write our paragraphs. While this was a really helpful way to learn there was always drag because sometimes I think that this was a little repetitive or just boring, but that’s school.

In the end I thought that this project was a really interesting way to interpret Riel’s story and I thought that it was a much more effective way to teach history.

Here’s my Multi-Paragraph: